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How to Repair Adobe Acrobat?
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Steps To Repair Adobe Acrobat
A faulty installation or a file corruption may lead
you to trouble in adobe. Then you will have to
repair your adobe acrobat. It has a procedure to
repair installation files without re-installing from
the CD. If you are unable to run it properly and
are receiving loads of error messages then try
this repair option that will fix and restore all your
installation files to their original state:
Follow Steps To Repair Acrobat
➢ Shut all the programs that are currently running
because installation programs mostly need to access
the files that are also used by other programs. So,
shutting all the programs will help in enabling the
running of the Adobe acrobat repair without input
during 10 to 20 minutes while it completes the repair.
You may have to restart your computer when the
process of repair ends.
➢ Now for starting the repair, open your adobe acrobat.
Make sure that there are not any pdf files open as it
may risk corrupting an open file.
Follow Steps To Repair Acrobat
➢ Start the repair by clicking on help and going to Repair
acrobat installation.
➢ When the repairing process is complete and finished
then, a message will appear on your screen asking
you to reboot your system. So close all the programs
first and then reboot your system. Rebooting the
system is necessary as only this will make the
changes come into effect.
➢ When the system has started again you need to verify
installation. For doing this, you can trying opening a
few pdf files and closing them.
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