Professional Tips - How to Pack Fragile Items

Professional Tips: How to Pack Fragile Items
Moving is an exercise fraught with risks if you plan on doing it by yourself. You can get injured yourself while
lifting boxes and your prized possessions can get damaged while being transported to your new home. The
fragile items are especially in danger as they might break during packing or moving. If you want your breakable
items to survive the rigors of moving day then you should pack them as professional movers like Redcliffe
Removals. The following are some tips for packing fragile items that can be of use to you.
Separate Fragile Stuff from Non-Fragile Stuff
The breakable items need to be packed in a careful manner, so it is important that you don’t mix them with your
non-fragile stuff. So, it is a good idea to make separate piles of your items. In the first pile, place all the fragile
stuff that is breakable while keep the non-fragile stuff in the second pile. This will ensure that you don’t end up
packing the fragile items in the same manner as the non-fragile items. It will take a little extra time, but it would
help you in moving your valuables safely to your new home.
Heavy Stuff to the Bottom
The fragile stuff is usually light in weight, so it is best to pack them at the top of the boxes. Make sure that all
the heavy items occupy the bottom of the box so that they don’t end up crushing the lightweight fragile items
like cups or plates. Another advantage of packing the fragile itemson top is that they will be the last items to go
inside the box and the first to come out. So, they will spend the least amount of time in transition from the old to
the new home.
Pillow Packing
Pillow packing is a great technique for packing oddly shaped fragile items. It involves placing a blanket at the
bottom of the box and then putting the item in after wrapping it with newspaper or bubble wrap. The pillow
packing is completed by placing a pillow on the top of the item and then sealing the box. Make sure to attach a
label with the word ‘Fragile’ on all the sides of the box as well as its top and bottom. You should use pillow
packing only for those fragile items that are irreplaceable like family heirlooms.
Newspaper and Bubble Wrap
Newspaper and bubble wrap are the ideal packing materials for fragile and breakable items. Make sure that you
have plenty of them on hand when packing your family heirlooms. You should cover the fragile items you are
packing with bubble wrap and then stuff the box with as much newspaper as possible. The newspaper is going
to act as a buffer in between the items and stop them from clattering into one another while being moved. It is
also a good idea to stuff newspaper inside hollow items like vases and goblets.
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