Correct Way of Packing to Ensure No Damage to Your Household Goods When Moving

The Correct Way of Packing to Ensure No Damage to Your
Household Goods When Moving
Whether you are moving to a location within the city or interstate, there is a risk that your household goods
would be damaged during the move. Improper packing is mostly the reason for this. Boxes that are not packed
or labelled in the right manner run the risk of being mishandled. If the mover doesn’t know what kind of items
are in the box, they might get careless when moving it and ending up damaging the goods inside. So, packing
the correct way is the best way to ensure the safety of your household goods during a move. Let’s find out what
the correct way to pack is.
Separate Boxes for Fragile and Non-Fragile Stuff
Among the household goods, there are some items that are fragile while others that can easily withstand a little
rough usage. For instance, dishes, glasses, lamps, decoration items and any small electronic appliances fall into
the category of fragile stuff. On the other hand, clothes, books, children’s toys and bathroom accessories can be
classified as non-fragile items. Having separate boxes for both these types of items can help the movers in
knowing which boxes contain fragile stuff and need to be handled with extra care.
Making Use of Lots of Newspaper and Bubble Wrap
Professionals think it’s a good idea to make use of lots of bubble wrap when packing fragile stuff especially for
glassware and find china. Encasing each individual glass or dish in bubble wrap can ensure that they won’t
collide with each other inside the box when being moved. Moreover, it is also recommended to stuff newspaper
inside the glasses or bowls or any other object that has a hollowed centre. You should also stuff newspaper at
the base and the top of the cartons that are carrying your fragile household goods.