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Whether you’re looking for one of our American-made crowns, inlays or other types of restoratives; or are looking
for some of the most trusted products in the business like anterior BruxZir crown and 3 unit bridge, we have the
selection and customization you need. Our expert team exhibits meticulous attention to detail so your patients can
have the healthy, comfortable and natural-looking smile they deserve.
Anterior BruxZir crown and 3 unit bridge products have become fixtures of modern dentistry because of their
strength, adaptability and performance. Constructed from durable yet light zirconia, these products are a viable
resource for patients looking for partial or total dental restoration. Whether they’re looking for a few replacement
crowns or more comprehensive bridge units, DG Dental Lab provides a full range of BruxZir products for every kind
of patient.
BruxZir was originally developed to be alternative to the more invasive porcelain-fused-to-metal or cast gold
restorations. It has now become a preferred dental restoration technique due its improved customization and
shading options. Complete color penetration all the way through the restorations ensures greater shade
consistency and prevents any shade changes after occlusal adjustment.
DG Dental Lab is recognized leader in dental lab services. We proudly help dentists give their patients the highest
level of care through our full suite of superior products and digital dentistry services.
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