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With over one hundred labs around North America, there are many dental labs in which concentrate
and offer out services in regards to Cercon Zirconia Crowns. Atlantic Dental Lab has years of experience
working with Cercon Zirconia Crowns. We service many dentists in the tri-state area. As seasoned
veterans of creating these crows you will not find better quality or service in New York City. If you’re not
a client yet, contact us today and read about us online. Let our reviews speak for themselves.
Crowns, dentures and all the elements in which make up oral care have been around for quite some
time, helping people to look and feel better, as well function properly within the daily routine of life.
Today, we are going to go over what exactly Cercon Zirconia Crowns are, how they are made and why a
person would need them.
Cercon Zirconia Crowns are beautiful metal-free bridges and crowns and are used on people to
manufacture anterior, as well posterior single units; also, generating multi-unit bridge renovations.
They are usually made out of translucent, biocompatible zirconia; which is actually the toughest and
sturdiest dental ceramic. Cercon Zirconia Crowns were established in May of 2002 and since that time,
over 100,000 of these units have been fashioned.
Cercon Zirconia Crowns are made actually, from a monolithic block of solid yttria-stabilized zirconia.
Now, this will definitely provide the strength in order to support the thin posterior single-units, as well
to long span bridges too. Another amazing fact is that the resilience of these types of crowns are
actually quite safe for antagonist teeth-less abrasive verses compared with PFM, as well the leading
lithium disilicate.