Tantra Massage - The perfect way to reduce stress

Tantra Massage Zurich, the perfect way
to reduce your stress!
Life seems to get busier and busier, with companies putting
more pressure on their employees than ever, which leaves
your schedules even more packed and less time to relax.
The ultimate way to reduce stress and enter into a deep
profound state of relaxation is a Tantric Massage!
A Tantra Massage in Zurich is a combination of Sensual
Massage Zurich and Erotic Massage Zurich. Sensual and
erotic massage are performed in a gentle and subtle way,
working on the whole body. The client is usually fully naked
so the whole body is nourished and cared for. The Tantric
elements of the massage are used as a way to work with the
energy body, to bring sexual energy up into the body, this
allows for a much longer, deeper orgasmic experience. The
feelings of rejuvenation and relaxation can last for several
TantraSphere Zurich is highly trained in Tantric and Sensual
massage. Bella brings with her a wealth of experience
working with many men from different cultural backgrounds.
Bella specializes in working with Executives, understanding
how stress and jet lag can affect the body in a negative way.
Bella has designed her massage in such a way that her clients
not only receive an extremely relaxing massage but also
experience a full body orgasm. This is completely different to
what most men have ever experienced in their lives. A full
body energy orgasm reaches the entire body; arms, hands,
legs, feet and head. It is often described as an intense
tingling sensation that often stays long after the initial
orgasm has finished. It is often described in Tantra as a bliss
Prostate Massage Zurich is an important part of the massage;
however, this is only ever done by request. It is important
that clients feel comfortable enough to have this Massage
Zurich done, otherwise it can deter from a fully relaxing
So next time you feel overly tired, stressed, run down or just
need some selfish time out, try a Tantric Massage by
TantraSphere Zurich. The ultimate way to de-stress your
mind, body and soul.