What is a Tantra Massage

According to google, it’s a mix of massage parlors, escort websites and various other
websites that offer some form of Tantra service. Tantra has become such a buzz word
over the last few years with various celebrities boasting several hours of non-stop love
making. Sting and Trudi being some of the biggest advocates.
What is Tantra exactly? Tantra is an ancient practice that has been around for thousands
of years, and stems from several traditions, the most common and well-known region is
India. The vast majority of the practice is centered around yogic practices and
meditation. Only a very small part of the practice actually centers around a form of
intimacy between a woman and a man.
This very small part of the practice opens space for connection between the divine
feminine and masculine, to bring the polarities together in a way that nurtures the path
of enlightenment. It has little to do with sex. The practice is highly energetic, meaning it
involves the movement of the subtle energy bodies. This can also assist in good health
and overall sense of well-being and for those on that path as well as beinga way to
A Tantra practitioner is trained in the energetic side of the practice and often mixes this
Erotic Massage Zurich or Sensual Massage Zurich. This creates a space
where the client can receive a Zurich Tantra Massage experience using some of the ways
of connecting with the energetic side of the practice as well as the modern western
techniques of sensual massage.
Tantra Massage Zurich is a modern western term given to a massage that combines
the ancient practice of Tantra and massage techniques and everything in between.
When looking for a Tantra massage that is performed by a practitioner, they will
understand the practice from the polarity and energetic perspective.
Prior to booking an appointment for your Prostate Massage Zurich it is vital that you
speak with your chosen provider to understand if he or she is indeed working with and
incorporating Tantra techniques. This way you can make an informed decision and
expectations can be met from both sides to avoid any disappointments during your
Massage in Zurich.