How Tantra can assist with Premature Ejaculation Zurich

How Tantra can assist with Premature Ejaculation
PE (premature ejaculation) can be a challenging situation for men
and can lead to emotional challenges trying to cope over the longer
There are many reasons why PE happens, ranging from stress,
medication as well as being ‘programmed’ at puberty, as well as
other factors.
When medication is involved a Tantra massage Zurich is less likely to
have an impact over PE that happens through the body/mind own
set of programming. It is encouraging for men to speak with their GP
to see if their medication can be reduced/changed or to find an
alternative solution.
Tantrasphere Zurich has worked with many clients that have a high
degree of sensitivity. From Bella’s experience she has discovered that
all men that had their sensitivity from a very young age were in
situations where they felt they had to self-pleasure very quickly.
There was always a fear of being caught by another family member.
This is particular in families with other siblings and little privacy in
the home. Bella believes that these men have in many ways
unconsciously taught their bodies to have a fast release. As we are
discovering now with amazing stories coming from neuroplasticity,
we have the ability to unlearn and relearn behavior. We have far
greater potential than ever to change how we react to certain
For those that have PE more closely related to stress, then other
areas of life must be taken care of, a more holistic approach is
required; looking at diet, exercise, relationships, sleep and adequate
rest in-between. Once these other areas of life come into more
balance, the PE can often disappear. However, and to be clear,
prolonged stress over the long term has the potential to cause longer
term effects here.
During the Zurich Tantric Massage, Bella uses Erotic Massage Zurich
and Zurich Sensual Massage to help the client relax and to start the
arousal of the energy.
Bella is extremely gentle and patient, she teaches clients how to
have better awareness of their body, to understand what is
happening to them physiologically as well as mentally through
thedifferent stages and states of their arousal. By making clients
more aware of their state allows them to better understand their
own reactions and allows them to better change the behavior to be
more effective in controlling their release. To be successful all the
techniques that Bella shares must be practiced regularly to avoid
reinforcing old habitual behaviors and beliefs.