Women Body Shaping - Butt and Breast Surgery

Women Body Shaping – Butt and Breast Lift Surgery
A Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery is a procedure that involves grafting fat from an area of
the body on the buttocks to create buttocks with more shape. By using the patient's fat
and transferring it, the risk of rejection by the body is reduced.
The fat is removed from a body part, usually the lower back, flanks, belly or thighs, by
liposuction, and transferred into the buttocks, to give them a rounder, firmer, and fuller.
Grease is easier to shape than implants, making it easier to achieve the desired result. In
addition, the use of fat also helps to rid other parts of the body.
The patient must have enough fat to collect, so this procedure is not suitable for very thin
patients, or who cannot regain weight. In their case, implants will be a better option.
The procedure can be performed at the same time as hip augmentation surgery,
abdominoplasty, or breast augmentation.
Once the Brazilian facelift is completed, approximately 70% of the transferred fat is
retained in the buttocks, the remaining 30% being generally reabsorbed by the body.
Patients should try to maintain their stable weight after the procedure, as weight changes
may impact the shape of the buttocks and the results of the procedure.
Natural Breast Augmentation: The Technique
Breast Augmentation Houston, by lipofilling involves using your own fat and reusing it
to increase the breast. This is why lipofilling is called "natural" breast augmentation. The
fat is usually removed by liposuction in the abdomen or thighs.
Breast Augmentation With Lipofilling: Advantages And Disadvantages
Clearly, the natural increase of the breast has the advantage of reusing the own fat
without the use of breast implants. There are, however, constraints or disadvantages to
breast augmentation by lipofilling.
Generally, it is not possible to achieve the desired goal for natural breast augmentation
(switching to a larger cup) in a single procedure. The cosmetic surgeon must indeed
proceed gradually with lipofilling, to achieve the desired goal. It must also be
remembered that 30% to 50% of the natural fat that was used for natural breast
augmentation by lipofilling will naturally be absorbed by the body of the person.
Breast Lifting
Only a breast lift or mastopexy can lead to raising the chest or reassembling breasts.
Breast lift or breast lift is often offered when breasts lose their hold, often because of
events such as aging, pregnancy or weight loss. In any case, massages or pectoral
exercises have no effect.
Depending on what you expect from the breast lift, volume, and elasticity of your breasts,
the surgeon can opt for augmentation or breast reduction.
Breast Lifting And Mammary Increase
During a breast lift, the Breast Lift Surgery Houston surgeon opts for a breast
augmentation if the glandular volume has decreased if the nipple is not too low and if
there is not too much skin.
In this type of breast lift, the surgeon inserts breast prosthesis behind the mammary gland.
This procedure achieves a lifting effect and leaves very few scars.