Bonnie Henson RN BS IBCLC Miller Children’s Hospital

Bonnie Henson RN BS IBCLC
Miller Children’s Hospital
Carol Lopez Melcher MPH, BS, RN
Environments Dictate
What does BFHI require
Content vs. hours
How Can we complete this many hours
Where are you now
How much will this cost
Brazelton’s Touchpoints activity
Wake-sleep cycles
Cluster feeding
Growth spurts
Using old techniques for new training
Tracking tools
How do you train staff on new equipment?
Sample tools
Who is qualified to assess
Do you need to have an IBCLC?
Hiring an expert
Skills Mastery Documented
14: The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative
Clinical Supervision (3 hrs.) Position, latch, milk expression, BF
counseling competency
13: Baby-Friendly Communities
12: Ongoing Support
11: Expressing & Feeding Breastmilk
10: Later Breast Problems
9: Special Circumstances
8: Low Milk Production
7: Babies Who Refuse the Breast
6: Early Breast Problems
5: Evaluating a Breastfeed
4: Getting Breastfeeding Started
3: Promoting BF in pregnancy & birth
2:How Milk Gets to the Baby
1: BF & Child Survival
Date of Hire
Staff Member L/D Dept 74000
Connect with leaders
Connect with staff
Connect with families
Connect with community
Connect the dots