How You can Join Merchant Navy

How You can Join Merchant Navy?
Merchant navy is a worldwide industry with a lot of opportunities in career on the fleets of merchant vessels
authorized in particular countries. Program of each country needs special knowledge and training, and the
greatest way into the field completely depends on where you are living and what your objectives are. To cover
the way to great success, you have to be conscious of the education and medical requirements for joining
Marine Engineering Colleges and the keys to ensuing in them.
Confirm all the educational needs of your country's program.
All discussed earlier each country has their own special educational programs for joining the merchant navy that
can be found online with their authorized website. Like, to turn out to be an Engineer Officer in India you must
have a Bachelor of Engineering approved by AICTE or a Bachelor of Technology course degree in the field of
Mechanical Engineering. On the other hand, you should get an average of 60% marks or more than this.
India even needs you to be minimum 28 years old and have more than 60% in 10th or 12th class. There are
different courses related to Merchant Navy Courses After 10th that you can join if you are fulfilling the above
mentioned criteria.
Institutional needs differ as per on your preferred job (junior engineer, deck cadet or trainee electrical officer).
Direct admission as a deck cadet is feasible along with the right courses completed through best Merchant
Navy Colleges. Always get in touch with the institution you plan to join to make clear all the requirements for
your preferred stream.
Choose a stream according to your interest and experience. You can also specify your stream when joining Top
Merchant Navy Colleges In India. The merchant navy provides different types of jobs in both non-technical
and technical areas. Like, chefs, radio officers, and captains. You have to be ready to do your greatest and try to
cut-down your interests and capabilities as greatly as you can.
Get ready yourself for variety—though you will possibly surround with compatible people in your chosen
stream, the merchant navy needs a good amount of openness to any other personalities and cultures. Be a part of
the merchant navy team you have to prepare for Merchant Navy After 10th Application Form.
Gather materials of your application and cross-check requirements. Requirements differ according to the
country, but normally you must have all related educational information and medical documentation. Carefully
check the special requirements for your college earlier to the process of application submission.
You can submit your application to your selected institution. When you have collected all your needed
materials, you can submit your form online at your selected institution. Possibly you will be needed to write an
essay with your application form and give complete information on the following:
Non-athletic activities (like student government)
Extracurricular activities (athletic teams)
Community service
Work experience
If you want to join merchant navy apart from the educational background and studies, you have to train
regularly to meet all the important fitness and health requirements.