Merchant Navy career in India1

Merchant Navy career in India
Around 90% of world trade is transported by the international maritime industry that makes a
great contribution to achieve sustainable development in the world, by promoting prosperity
through trade, before this reality is necessary a professional Merchant Marine, engaiday
The Merchant Navy Courses After 12th will open the doors to become a navigator or engineer
of cargo ships, platforms, offshore vessels, gas carriers and other multiple jobs in fleets around
the world.
Because there are limited Marine Engineering Colleges, the applicants -with the exception of
those who obtained a direct pass- must take an entrance exam that will place them in an order
of precedence that will be decisive for the allocation of the established quotas.
The race lasts four years, combining academic activities, sports practices and boarding. The
study regime is external.
How to be captain of the Merchant Navy
If you are passionate about the sea and want to travel around the world, the Merchant Marine
Captain may be the most suitable profession for you. But we already anticipate that reaching
this range is not easy, it requires having the corresponding university degree from Institute
Marine Engineering India and also other official qualifications.
What is the Merchant Navy?
This is the name given to the set of vessels that are used for commercial purposes for the
transport of goods or persons by sea.
Sometimes the terms Merchant Marine and Marina Civil have been confused. Actually we can
say that Marina Civil is all that has no military purpose, so the Merchant Navy is framed as one
of the subtypes within the Civil.
What does a Captain of the Merchant Navy do?
This professional is responsible for the command of ships that are dedicated to all types of
navigation without limitation, except those established by law with respect to fishing vessels.
The title of Merchant Marine Captain enables to exercise as the first bridge officer or bridge
officer on merchant ships without any type of limitation. It also enables all activities related to
the maritime profession to be professionally exercised.
Requirements to obtain the title of Merchant Marine
Be in possession of the title of graduate or graduate in nautical and maritime transport.
Possess the professional title of first pilot or second pilot of the Merchant Navy.
Have a minimum experience of 36 months as a bridge officer or a minimum experience
of 24 months if you have worked as a captain or first bridge officer in a boarding period of at
least 12 months.
Have in effect the medical examination carried out by the Social Institute of the Navy.
The study program for Deck Cadet Course India includes very diverse subjects, among them
we can highlight:
Theory of ships.
Maritime security.
Graphic expression.
Naval hygiene and occupational risks.
Investigation of maritime accidents.
Maritime Law.
Special transports
In India if one wants to become Merchant Navy profession then can do the following courses:
Merchant Navy career after 12th
Merchant Navy Courses After 10th
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