Do You Want to Join Merchant Navy

Do You Want to Join Merchant Navy?
Do you want to join merchant navy? If yes, then you should know that it is a unique choice of career, but then
there are some important things that you must remember before making it your career. When you will search
online, you will find that the list of why join merchant navy, is very long but with the assistance of these top
points, understanding why to choose Merchant Navy Courses In India and what to check before joining the
merchant navy would become very easy.
1. Perfect Qualification
As with some professions, the proper qualifications are required for this job too, here I am talking about you to
join best Merchant Navy Institute. Having to the particular nature of the work on board ship, it is compulsory
to have the proper skill set for this field as well. Particular streams for relevant work on board need a very
concentrated skill set to be practically applied. Thus, the Top Marine Engineering Colleges In India is even
to be taken into mind as there are some to choose from. There are different countries that have their own
academies and rules so it turns into necessary to enroll in the suitable and Best Marine Engineering Colleges
In India as needed by merchant marine laws of the nation to get the needed qualifications.
2. Select the Perfect Job
As discussed above, the best stream should be selected by an individual proportionate with their interest in
which particular area of study followed by work. If talking about merchant marine then it provides different
types of job options – from non-technical to technical professionals. Captains, radio officers, able-bodied
seamen, first mate, chefs and second mate are the type of jobs which are available to the involved people. You
are the greatest judge of your skills, thus accordingly select your stream. A few positions come along with high
accountabilities and you must be all set to deliver your best.
3. Fitness and Health
You should know that the sea tests endurance power of the human, both mentally and physically. It is crucial to
be physically fit and to have the best mental constitution to be ready for any condition onboard. You would not
be chosen in case you are not fit according to the Merchant Navy Courses. As the men of merchant navy have
to be on the water for a most part of the year, their fitness and health turns into a main concern. Fitness is an
important part that not just pertains to a person but even some others on board ship; noticing as all work on the
board is collaboration and one job directly affects another. Thus, lax performance in one particular area can put
the other regions to risk. Security being of utmost importance, it is not sensible to have unfit people on the
You should notice that physical and health fitness tests are performed at regular time intervals. They are
conducted each and every time earlier than boarding the ship and in case any type of complication arises, the
candidate wouldn’t be permitted to join the ship.