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Our firm provides legal representation in all areas of immigration, consumer advocacy, debt collector harassment,
corporate formations, business sales, bankruptcy, commercial litigation, as well as consumer and commercial real
estate transactions. The Morgan Legal Group PC has represented individuals who have been harmed by the
conduct of others as well as corporations.
There are few individuals in the contemporary economy with wealth that rivals entertainers and athletes. Even the
minimum salaries required for an average professional athlete can create a need for a comprehensive estate plan.
Most entertainers and athletes know very little about how to structure their assets in a manner that ensures
unscrupulous actors cannot latch onto personal funds. The list of both who have lost fortunes due to bad advice
and suggestion is extensive. Basic level risk management can work for some, but the truth is that solid protection is
achieved with an overall plan that is structured against all outside entities with legal claims or business venture
When the court deems a person cannot manage their essential health and safety requirements, then they are
considered an incapacitated person or IP. In most cases, this individual cannot make responsible decisions about
their life. Additionally, they are unable to communicate appropriately about their needs or wishes. A guardian is an
advocate on their behalf. They keep the best interest of the person first.
You work hard in life, and you accumulate specific assets as a result. Perhaps you have a home, a business, jewels,
or other liquid assets you’ve acquired over the years. These assets are important to you and your family, and
they’re invaluable in your mind. That’s why an NYC asset protection lawyer might be your best option if you want
to protect what you own from creditors whether they are personal or business assets. If you owe money to anyone
and worry you might not be able to repay your debts, it’s time to protect your assets.
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