Outlook Reminders Are Not Visible Or Shown On

Calendar reminder for scheduled tasks and
meetings in Microsoft Outlook is one of the
outstanding features of this email application.
If those reminders appear to you at the wrong
time or don’t show at all then, is there any
benefit of this feature? Of course, not. Well, this
problem arises when the file is corrupted or the
feature is disabled.
Follow the given steps to fix this issue:
Step 1: Start MS Outlook on your computer or
login to your account by navigating to its page
• Move to the Tools menu (2003 or 2007) and
click on Options.
• Now, select “Other” and click on the
Advanced Options button.
• Navigate to the Reminder Options and if you
have Outlook 2010 then, follow this path: File>
Options> Advanced> Reminders.
Step 2: Ensure that the “Display the Reminder”
check box is marked in Outlook 2003 or 2007.
However, in 2010 version ensure that the
“Show Reminders” check box is selected. Hit
the OK button to proceed. If there is no
checkmark in the filed then activating this box
will fix the issue. Move to the next steps if the
box is selected already.
Step 3: Exit the application. If you have
windows XP then move to the Start button and
then select Run option. Enter
“outlook/cleanreminders” into the Open box
and then click OK. If you use Windows 7 or
Vista then, move to the Start and then type the
same thing into the Search box.
Step 4: Make sure that your Outlook reminder
are working. If this is the thing then
“Outlook/Clean Reminders” should correct
this issue. If not, move to the next step.
Step 5: Go to the Windows Start button and
select Run. Type “outlook /resetfolders” into
the Open box and click Enter. For Windows 7
or Vista, move to “outlook/resetfolders” into
the Search field at the bottom of the page in the
start menu. Select the appropriate result from
the list and see if it opens with the corrupted
reminder folders.
If you need further help contact Outlook
Technical Support Number and rectify every
single issue and clear all your doubts by
discussing the same with the experts.
If You have any query regarding email make a
call at Outlook Support Australia
Helpline Number +61-283206048.
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