What is non-invasive mesotherapy

What is non-invasive mesotherapy?
In the procedure of non-invasive mesotherapy, different types of gels or active substances are launched deep
into the skin tissues via electrical pulses and laser technology. The processes have a nice relaxing effect and
post this procedure; the patient has the same experience after having a soothing massage. Non invasive
mesotherapy is considered as a very useful method for the treatment of cellulite, support wrinkle treatment and
skin firming.
Get to know about no-needle mesotherapy
The conventional mesotherapy which is commonly practiced in Europe aims problematic areas with amino
acids, minerals, vitamins, and microinjections of medicines. No-needle high frequency mesotherapy basically
targets to bring the exact results and that too without the pain related with the injections – which is a great
option for people who afraid of needle. Injection-free mesotherapy is commonly known as virtual mesotherapy,
no-needle mesotherapy or needle-free mesotherapy, to distinguish it from the intrusive and painful conventional
By mixing Ultrasonic technique on the Cyroderm system along with the unique array of mesotherapy products
such as mesococktails, patients can now get a range of completely no needle, non-invasive Mesotherapy
treatments. In general, Ultra sound works as a major delivery system for all the active substances to infuse
products into the skin’s dermal layers without using a needle.
As a result, it will provisionally let the cell membranes to turn out to be permeable and let the cells to soak up
the essential nutrients contained in each active substance. This is the technology which let the practitioners to
perform a Transdermal blend of products formulated and designed for producing a needle-free edition of
Mesotherapy. Mesotherapy needle free treatment aids with slimming, skin rejuvenation and cellulite by:
Stimulating microcirculation for detoxification, better cell nourishment, and reduced water retention
Stimulating the job of collagen cells or fibroblasts for wrinkle reduction and better skin tone
Applying an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action for an anti-ageing effect and healthy and younger
Emitting fat from fat cells (adipocytes), for a limited face sculpting effect (if you choose sculpting
option), or on the contrary, arouse the uptake of fat from fat cells or adipocytes for a plumping, filling
effect on the face (if you select plumping option).
How does needle-free mesotherapy works?
A newsworthy option of active substances is used to the focused area of the skin. These small medicinal bullets
are penetrated straight into the centre layer of skin by using Electro-osmosis and Electroportation. This highfrequency procedure infiltrates the skin at the same intensity that is required for optimum fallouts. Based on the
specifically-tailored fabrication, mesotherapy assists elastin production, collagen, fat cell disbursement,
lymphatic drainage, circulation, supports cellular activity, and fight free radicals. Hyaluronic acid or Vitamin C
is typically included to the solution for improving quality and entire skin tone. Mesotherapy is frequently
employed together with other procedures such as glycolic facial peels, Cutera laser resurfacing or rejuvenation,
and Botox for optimal results. Treatments may be performed right away after a primary discussion to decide the
number of treatment sessions needed.