PRP for hair loss

PRP for hair loss
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PRP hair restoration is the answer many people have been looking for. This type of treatment serves as an
alternative to hair transplants and is one that has become a popular choice. When the procedure is performed hair
less is effectively reversed, allowing patients to enjoy a full head of hair again.
From the time you walk into our modern, beautifully appointed spa, you will begin to feel relaxed and invigorated.
The modern, refined decor is meant to help put you at ease and put you in the right mind frame for relaxation and
Our polite staff is here to help and serve you in improving your health and quality of life, and will use all of our
expertise to resolve any feminine health issues that affect you.
A PRP facial like none other: Achieve a glowing result through an increased production of collagen, which leads to
firmer skin and wrinkle reduction. Improvements can usually be seen with just one plasma facial treatment and
results typically last between 9-18 months with individual results varying.
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