How to Construct an Aquarium Stand

How to Construct an Aquarium Stand?
Aquarium stands are prepared for offering a beautiful look to the aquarium. Aquarium tanks are well designed,
so you should study how to construct an aquarium stand that is designed in the same way as one which is
offered at a showroom for the huge amount of money. Here is the process to make an aquarium stand. But if
you can’t do it manually you can purchase directly from Exotic Fish Shop.
Construct the Aquarium Stand Frame
1. When you are going to get your desired fishes from Exotic Fish For Sale you have to make the frame's
structure in a shape of the rectangle. Use 2-by-4 wooden beams by making use of a circular saw, cutting the
beams so as they become big enough in width and length to fit your new tank. Add 0.5 inch (1.3 cm) to confirm
that the tank does not break off once it is placed. Then hit the beams together with the help of wood finishing
2. Cut extra 2-by-4 wooden beams to use them as cross braces at the top of the frame. Make some space
between the beams at 2-foot (.6 m) of distance, doing this will help you spread and hold the weight of the tank
and water. Cutting the beams to fix the rectangular frame, and hit them together with the help of more finishing
nails. You should try to Buy Exotic Fish that looks good in this aquarium stand.
3. Mount vertical posts for every corner and at the place of each cross support. Also make use of 2-by-4
wooden beams, cut them according to your terms, and fix them to the frame with the help of finishing nails.
Screw in wooden connections to each and every corner of the frame with the help of your power drill.
Measure the bottom of your frame which is constructed right now to purchase best and Rare Freshwater Fish
For Sale. Trace the perfect shape and measurement with the help of your pencil onto a wooden sheet of 4-by-8,
and by making use of jigsaw cut the shape which is traced by you.
Mount the panel on the bottom of the frame, and protect it by using wood glue. You can also use finishing nails
to secure the complete installation. There are many kinds of stands available in the market. 40 gallon aquarium
stand for Gulper Catfish are one of them.
Covering the Stand
Measure each part of your aquarium stand, and by using your pencil trace the shape of the stand onto a
portion of the wooden sheet. Remove out the shape obtained with the help of your jigsaw.
Stick each part to its equivalent side with the help of wood glue, and making safer the pieces with the
help of finishing nails.
Paint and give finishing to Stand
Paint and give final finishing to your stand in the color you want. Allow it to dry completely.
Connect the cabinet doors you have chosen with the help of manufacturer's director for installation.