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Manhattan Foot Specialists is a state of the art facility offering the latest and most effective treatments
in foot care to our patients.
Dr. Solomon is skilled in bunion and hammertoe corrective surgery placing importance on both
functionality and an aesthetically pleasing result with minimal to no visible scarring. Dr. Solomon
receive advanced training in England on dermal fillers in the foot at the Institute of Chiropodists and
Podiatrists and is now one of the few doctors to offer Restylane in the foot as a method of coping with
pressure related forefoot pain.
If you have heard a popping sound or crack at the time of injury, you may have a foot fracture or tendon
injury. With an acute fracture, you will also experience swelling, pain and sometimes bruising. You may
also have difficulty putting weight on your foot. Many people continue walking with foot pain, not
knowing they have a fracture. It is important to be examined by a foot doctor in NYC after initial
examination by a emergency room physician.
All symptoms should always be evaluated with a thorough consultation and examination by your
podiatrist for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan to exclude any underlying serious condition.
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