Achilles Tendonitis Treatment Center

Achilles Tendonitis Treatment Center
Address: 55 W. 17th Street, STE 111 New York, NY 10011
Phone: 212-401-6002
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When you start feeling foot pain from an overused or damaged Achilles tendon the pain may be
excruciating. That may be the point when you visit the best New York podiatrist for evaluation and
treatment. Your Achilles tendons play an integral role in everyday movement and early management is
highly recommended.
Degeneration and overuse of the Achilles tendons is one of the main issues that your podiatrist in New
York sees on a regular basis. The stresses of running, jumping and extensive overuse lead to the
common injury called Achilles tendinitis. Our Manhattan based foot doctor describes tendinitis as an
inflammation of tissue which is often the first stage of the Achilles tendon deteriorating, emphasizing the
importance of a prompt visit to a foot and ankle doctor.
Your foot doctor in NYC Dr Sophia Solomon likely can tell just by touching your Achilles tendons if you are
having problems there. To confirm a diagnosis of Achilles tendinitis, however, you may need to undergo
imaging tests. X-rays show any calcification or hardening of your tendons around your heel. X-rays also
help to pinpoint the origin of the hardening to determine whether you have insertional or noninsertional
tendinitis. Come see our podiatry clinic and meet renowned New York podiatrist and foot surgeon in
Manhattan Dr. Solomon. She is one of the best podiatrists in NYC and among the top foot specialists in
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