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Manhattan Foot Specialists
983 Park Avenue, Ste 1D14
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Your feet are intricate networks of tendons, nerves, bones and muscles. To an NYC podiatrist, the foot is a marvel
of human machinery that requires its very own specialty to treat. Your feet serve so many important functions —
from standing to walking, running, balancing and kicking. Your feet have to be strong enough to carry your full
weight and sensitive enough to tell you when you’ve stepped on something that could harm you. As the furthest
appendage from your heart, your feet are prone to a wide range of problems and are sometimes slower to heal.
Foot pain can have many causes. All symptoms should always be discussed with your podiatrist after a thorough
consultation and examination for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan to exclude any underlying serious
condition. Dr. Sophia Solomon is a renowned NYC podiatrist and foot surgeon in Manhattan with a focus on foot
and ankle deformities and sports related injuries. Dr. Solomon has received specialized training in arthroscopic
joint surgery from the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons and advanced training in internal fixation for
reconstructive surgery/trauma of the foot and ankle.
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