The Science Behind Muscles, Heat and Cold

The Science Behind Muscles, Heat and Cold
Exercise and taking part in sports is considered good for our health. It improves our muscle strength and helps
us in keeping ourselves fit. However, sports activities and regular exercise can result in muscle injuries and
soreness too. Such injuries can be very painful to deal with sometimes. While there are various treatments
available for them, most people and even athletes prefer heat and cold therapy for pain relief. Cold therapy or
Cryotherapy treatments are considered beneficial for minimizing muscle inflammation and shortening injury
recovery. Hot packs, on the other hand, have been found to be useful for relaxing stiff muscles and relieving
pain in aching joints. But, are these treatments backed by scientific proof? Let’s find out.
How Cold Therapy Works
Cryotherapy treatments work by rapidly cooling the temperature of the skin. Usually, a cold pack is applied to
the inflamed muscles. When confronted with extreme cold, the blood flow to the injured area of the body is
reduced. This reduced blood flow ensures that swelling doesn’t occur and also helps in curbing inflammation.
Moreover, ice works as a natural anaesthetic too and stops the nerves from sending pain signals to the brain. It
also has a numbing effect on the sore tissues. Thus, it can help in relieving pain. Cryotherapy treatments are,
therefore, not only beneficial for treating sports injuries and inflamed muscles but also for shortening the
recovery period after an intense workout.
How Heat Therapy Works
Heat therapy works in a different manner to the cryotherapy treatments. Instead of cooling the skin’s
temperature, you have to apply heat to the sore muscles and joints using a hot pack. The application of heat
dilates the blood vessels and increases the blood flow to the muscles. This increased blood flow relaxes the
muscles and minimizes stiffness. As the circulation of blood improves in the muscles, it becomes easier for the
body to eliminate lactic acid waste which builds up when certain exercises are performed. Heat has a
psychological effect on the body too. It’s reassuring and soothing nature calms the senses which further boosts
its analgesic properties.
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