Types of Non-Invasive Therapy

Types of Non-Invasive Therapy
Any kind of repetitive treatment that does not involve the use of surgery is termed as non-invasive therapy. This
mode of treatment is becoming increasingly popular among people because it reduces the risk of further
complications and the recovery period is significantly less. You are allowed to get back to your daily activities
pretty soon after non-invasive therapeutic treatments, which isn’t the case even after minor surgery. Moreover,
since non-invasive treatment doesn’t involve breaking skin, it ensures that you don’t have any visible scarring
on your body. There are various types of non-invasive therapies that can help you in combating a variety of
different diseases and medical conditions.
Physiotherapy is a type of non-invasive therapy that deals with physical treatments aimed at restoring range of
movement of patients suffering from a stroke. It involves massages and exercises whose main aim is to
strengthen the muscles and ensure proper body posture. Physiotherapy is beneficial for dealing with a lot of
different ailments that involve physical debility. For instance, patients suffering from arthritis, chronic back
pain and even Parkinson’s disease can find physical therapy helpful in improving their quality of life. This
treatment method doesn’t involve any kind of surgery and is performed almost exclusively with hands or
devices that don’t break the skin.
Cryotherapy is another type of non-invasive therapy which makes use of extreme cold for pain management and
kick-starting the body’s healing process. In this treatment method, you are asked to step inside a cryochamber
which is filled with liquid nitrogen. It causes the body temperature to rapidly decrease, causing it to go into
survival mode. In this mode, the body does everything to preserve the body’s core temperature. It pulls the
blood from the extremities to the core and fuses it with nutrients and oxygen. This oxygen-rich and nutrientfilled blood gets released and once you step out of the cryochamber, your body feels rejuvenated. Just like
physiotherapy, cryotherapy doesn’t make use of any surgical instruments and is totally harmless.
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