Ylan ylan, sensuality and wellness oil

Ylan ylan, sensuality and wellness oil
When we think of the necessary oil of ylang ylang, the first thing we consider is its aphrodisiac facet and its
sweet, colourful and sensual smell. But the essential oil of ylang ylang is much more than this; its complex
biochemical composition gives it very diverse properties.
In the Philippines, where this tree comes from, they used to prepare an ointment by macerating the flower in
coconut oil, applied to the skin and hair, protecting them from the sun and possible infections.
In Indonesia, the term "ylang ylang" means "flower of flowers", and today the petals are still used to cover
the bed of the newlyweds.
The largest producers of ylang ylang essential oil are the island of Madagascar and Comoros. The way to
distil this essential oil differs from the others. The ylang ylang oil is the distillation of the flower made at
low pressure and with little water, only the most volatile aromatic molecules are extracted. This process is
very delicate and few producers are dedicated to it. The term "totum" is the integral distillation of the
flowers, using more water and in this way the process is less delicate.
Properties in cosmetics:
The pure ylangylang oil has a strong smell reminiscent of jasmine and neroli. It will be used in small
quantity since its fragrance can become too penetrating. This essential oil goes well to all skin types,
regulates the sebum of the skin and tones it. We can include it in our cream to achieve an anti-wrinkle and
anti-stain effect. It also suits us in the prevention of stretch marks. It favours the hair growth and gives shine
to the dull and withered hair. It is also a tonic for nails.
Mature skin: we can add 1 drop of ylang essential oil in the daily dose of our facial cream. We can
always make our own natural cosmetics and then add it in the preparation.
Striae: We are lucky to have many vegetable oils to prevent stretch marks, such as rosehip oil,
avocadoor even shea butter. We can add to a bottle of 60 ml of rosehip oil, 18 drops of ylang ylang essential
oil and 18 drops of myrrh or incense. We will apply this oil twice a day.
Hair care: for the hair we can prepare a mask, put in the water bath 20 gr. of shea butter, when it is
completely undone, we will add 20 gr. of avocado oil and 8 drops of organic ylang ylang oil. We apply it
for all the hair and leave 1 hour minimum.
Mask for oily scalp: 20 gr. of ghassoul + 25 gr. water, we will mix until we get a paste. We will add
2 gr. of jojoba oil with 2 drops of ylang ylang essential oil. We will wet the hair perfectly and apply it to the
scalp, letting it act between 5 and 10 minutes. We will wash after the usual way.