Karaweik Palace in your Best Destination for Dinner

Karaweik Palace in your Best Destination for Dinner
It’s high time that you immerse yourself with the rich culture of Myanmar state at the Karaweik Palace. This is
the only place in Yangon where tourists can discover authentic traditional crafts, arts, performances and also
very delicious buffet dinner Yangon. You’ll expect to find very friendly staff who are always willing to all
customers without favoring anyone.
Various types of fresh foods are usually displayed every evening at their buffet dinner Yangon which is
accompanied by the most fascinating Myanmar Culture shows by talented performers of Kareweik Palace. You
can enrich your dining experience and savor the fragrant exotic flavors of Myanmar food or you can select from
various international dishes offered at this palace. This is due to the fact that staff at this palace aims to cater to
various plates. In case you’ve special requirements, then you should not worry as you can inform their staff and
they’ll cater to them.
It's a fact that the Myanmar food differs greatly from one region to another, but when you visit the Karaweik
Palace, you’ll be assured that all the dishes that you’ll be served are flavourful. Some of the best choices of
international foods are meat dishes, baked fish, pasta and sushi.
You can get a chance of eating delicious and interesting Myanmar traditional desserts, ice cream, cakes, and
fresh fruits.