How to select the karate uniforms

How to select the karate uniforms?
One of the most common questions for all those indulged in martial arts is the best forms of karate uniforms that
one can buy. There is kind of hate/love relationship between different karate uniforms weight and their brands
developed by people. To begin with the selection of best outfit for karate protection, it is better to first
examine the different styles available in gis.
Styles of Gi
Uniform is known as Gi in Japanese that consist of two significant parts i.e. the pants and the jacket. In front,
there are two open flaps in the jacket in cross tied pattern. These are found in the uniforms of tae kwon do and
karate while they are absent in judo and jujutsu uniforms. This is due to the presence of pulling, grappling and
twisting in jujutsu and judo in which the normal karate uniforms straps can get yanked off quickly. The pattern
of securing pants poses the other difference. Drawstring ties are there in uniforms that are more traditional in
which the pants top have threaded strap that is tied together after pulling them tightly.
Weights of Gi:
While considering karate protection, it is important to select the Gi weights properly. It is not easy to understand
the system of measuring and therefore some tips can help to get through the process:
8 ounce: These are termed as uniforms of students since dojo owners can stock them easily and they are
inexpensive as well. These are the one lightest available in weight and offer feeling closest to the natural
clothing of cotton.
10 ounce: This weight is great for day-to-day purpose. This serves best for the practitioners so that their
gi can help generate pop and snap for gaining experience.
12 ounce: Those looking for responsive gis can find this choice to be the best. This is also good to go for
those searching for something suitable for tournament competition. It offers proper and sharp look when
pressed and ironed properly.
Boxing gloves:
When it comes to the boxing gloves, wide ranges of available options are there in several styles and weights.
Myriad of options are there in prices and brands as well so that one can select from wide range of available
options. Several important points are there on which the selection depends such as size of boxing gloves, they
types etc. However, it is important that one takes care of the general guidelines must to consider while getting
boxing gloves so that maximum karate protection is there:
When the gloves are required for martial arts, the ones that are more flexible must be selected to best serve the
purpose. In case the practice includes hitting only the heavy mitts and bags then the padded thick gloves must
be selected. If the training is intended for the ring then heavier gloves must be selected. However, for ring
competition, it is better to go for the lighter gloves so that one can enjoy best grip and desired comfort as per