Tips for Moving a Bed to a New House

Tips for Moving a Bed to a New House
The worst part of a move is having to pack all your possessions into boxes or stuff them into moving trucks.
While smaller items can be easily packed, it is the larger items that require a great deal of effort to be safely
moved. This includes furniture items like sofas, dining tables, cupboards and beds.
A bed, in particular, is quite heavy and because of its size can’t be stuffed inside a box. So, moving it can prove
to be really challenging. You could solve this issue by hiring a moving company and let them deal with it, or, if
you want to do it yourself then the following tips may be of use to you.
You can’t really expect to move a queen or king sized bed to the new home without dismantling its parts first.
So, first things first is disassembling your bed. You are going to need tools to get through this task (mainly an
Allen key and screwdriver). Most beds have a frame that needs to be assembled by screwing the different
sections together. Thus, when disassembling, all you really have to do is follow the same procedure but in the
reverse order. This means that you will have to first remove the bedding and the slats from the bed’s frame
before moving towards dismantling the frame itself. The screwdriver and Allen key should make the work of
unscrewing the different sections of the bed frame easy.
While you can’t pack the bed frame sections even after they have been unjoined, you can pack the screws that
had been keeping them together. You will need these again when it is time for you to assemble the bed frame
when it has been moved to your new home.
*Remember every single screw has a purpose, so keep them safely to avoid losing any of them*
Similarly, the bedding and pillows can be folded and kept in a big bag too. You have the option of stuffing them
inside a box too if you want. As for the bed frame sections, slats and headboard, they need to be tied with either
a string or rope and shipped together inside a moving truck. It is a good idea to cover them with bubble wrap to
ensure they don’t get damaged during transit. Here is an article on packing and unpacking hacks to make your
move easier.
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