How to follow sternal precautions after heart surgery Toronto Rehab

How to follow sternal precautions
after heart surgery
Toronto Rehab
After heart surgery you need to follow “sternal precautions.” These are rules that
help to protect your chest while it is healing.
No lifting
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anything over 5 kilograms (10 pounds)
No pushing (the weight of a bag of potatoes)
No pulling
How do I get up from a bed or chair?
To move from lying down to sitting, roll over and use elbows to push up.
To get out of bed or a chair, hold onto a pillow
To stand, use leg muscles to push up. Only use your arms for balance.
What other rules should I follow?
• Keep things close by to avoid reaching
• Avoid reaching up or twisting
• For grooming, bend your elbows and lower your head
How can my caregiver help?
• Do not grab under the armpits when helping you to stand or move in bed.
• Use a safety belt around your waist, if you need it to help you get up.
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