How to Stay Motivated When you’re Plateauing

How to Stay Motivated When you’re Plateauing
Staying motivated to continue your exercise regime is a struggle in itself. Almost on a daily basis, you need to
remind yourself that whatever you are doing is going to have a visible impact on your body. However,
remaining motivated becomes a lot harder when you hit a plateau. In such circumstances, you would find
yourself doing everything in your power without getting any results in return. It might feel as if all the hard
work you are putting in the gym is going to waste. This feeling can be a real downer and can easily demotivate
you from going back to the gym.
Focus on the Now
When you are plateauing, your mind starts to wander away from the present. You begin to think that this
plateau will become a constant and you will never get out of this phase. This kind of thinking is harmful to your
weight loss prospects. So instead, the best way to repel such thoughts is by focusing on the now and not too far
into the future. Just take each day as it comes and put in your hardest effort. If possible, start adding a few reps
to your exercise regime. These additions can help in keeping your chin up and you will soon break through the
Get a Full Night’s Sleep
Even when you have not hit a plateau, receiving proper sleep is an important component of any exercise regime.
However, when you have hit a plateau, getting a full night’s sleep becomes even more crucial. The reason for
this is that it helps keep your mind and body fresh. When you wake up in the morning after a good night’s sleep,
you have a clear head and a spring in your step. Your motivation levels remain high as you are able to think
straight and not worry too much about the stagnating results of your workout. Did you know that going without
sleep for three days straight can result in hallucinations? Therefore, in addition to exercise it is important to
maintain a good sleep regime to stay in control of your mind and body.
Try Something Else
One of the reasons people hit a plateau in their weight loss efforts is monotony. Doing the same exercises and
workout routines over and over again can become too monotonous, allowing the body and mind to get used to
it. Because of this, achieving higher results becomes all the more challenging. Trying something else can be a
good option in such circumstances to remain motivated. Going for a new workout routine or adding some cardio
to your strength-training exercises can be just what you need to break through the plateau.
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