Male Organ Function - 5 Tips for Increasing Male Seed Mixture Volume

Male Organ Function: 5 Tips for Increasing
Male Seed Mixture Volume
As male organ health issues go, increasing male seed mixture volume is not
usually high one the list. The exception, of course, is when a man is trying to
conceive a child with a partner; however, in that instance, the male organ
function situation is likely to be more about increasing male seed volume,
which is not the same as male seed mixture volume. Male seed of course, is
a component of male seed mixture but male seed mixture is made up of
other elements as well. No, for most men, a desire to increase male seed
mixture volume is more for physical show – a member that releases copious
amounts of male seed mixture is seen as being more virile and impressive.
And so many men do wish to increase their male seed mixture volume.
There are several steps a person can try to help increase the amount of male
seed mixture they release. Some tips may work better for one man and some
tips may work better for another – so the serious male seed mixture
enthusiast is encouraged to sample these and see which produce the best
results for him.
 Don’t release as often. One of the simplest techniques for increasing
male seed mixture volume among frequent releasers is simply not to
release as often. Taking a longer break between releases gives the
system more time to replenish what was released; usually 1 or 2 days
is all that’s required.
 Release more often. However, going too long between releases may
actually decrease male seed mixture volume. This is because having
sensual activity (with a partner or one’s own hand) increases male
hormone levels, which in terms boost male seed mixture production.
Finding the right mix between releasing too much and too little can
therefore be a help.
 Stay hydrated. By now we know that drinking plenty of water is
good for health in general, and that includes male organ health. Not
surprisingly, a great deal of male seed mixture is made up of water, so
having plenty of water available helps to increase male seed mixture
volume. Be careful to limit fluids like alcohol and caffeinated
beverages, which can actually encourage dehydration.
 Load up on zinc. The fluid which makes up a large percentage of
male seed mixture contains a very high percentage of zinc. Up to a
point, if there is more zinc available, more will be used; if less, then
less will be used, decreasing ultimately male seed mixture volume.
Consuming a diet with healthy amounts of food rich in zinc, such as
pumpkin seeds, lamb, chickpeas, beef, yogurt, spinach, chicken and
lentils, or taking zinc supplements may be helpful in adding to the
body’s store of zinc. (As always, consult a doctor or nutritionist
before making major dietary alterations or adding supplements.)
 Get more amino acids. Amino acids are organic compounds that are
key components of proteins. Some amino acids, such as L-arginine
and L-carnitine, are present in large amounts in male seed mixture.
Fish, chicken, red meat, nuts, seeds, wheat germ, and eggs and dairy
products (milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.) are good sources for L-arginine.
The meat-based sources listed above are also good for L-carnitine.
And again, supplements can be another route for obtaining both of
these amino acids.
Proper male organ function is important for men hoping to increase male
seed mixture volume, and that means male organ health is a priority – so
daily application of a first class male organ health creme (health
professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven
mild and safe for skin) is essential. Some of the ingredients previously
mentioned, including L-arginine and L-carnitine, are found in the best of
these cremes. In addition to the advantages previously cited, L-arginine
plays a major role in producing nitric oxide which in turns helps manhood
blood vessels to open and expand as needed. And L-carnitine also contains
neuroprotective properties which help maintain a good degree of member
sensation even when the organ undergoes rough handling.