How To Fix Trouble Installing Norton On Windows

How To Fix Trouble Installing
Norton On Windows?
Fix Trouble Installing Norton On Windows?
Sometimes when you try to install Norton
Security on your device, you can encounter
some errors that can stop you from installing
the software. Although such errors can be fixed
easily by installing the product again if the
problem persists, use the steps below to ensure
a successful installation. First of all, make sure
to remove the existing Norton files or any other
installed security from your device as it can be
corrupted and interfere with the installation.
Follow Steps
 Visit Norton official website and download your
product from there.
 You might need to sign in with your Norton account
first. Enter your Norton email address and then enter
your password.
 Select Sign In and then select Download Norton
under “Get Started” section.
 If you get a notification “Trial period expired” then
you must have installed a wrong product. Make sure
to install the accurate product with an active
Follow Steps
 In case you haven’t registered your subscription to
your Norton account yet you can select to enter a
new product key to activate your subscription.
 Once you download the product successfully,
select Run to install it.
 Select Continue in the User Account Control to
give permission for installing the product on your
 You have successfully installed and activated
Norton security.
Fix Trouble Installing Norton on Windows
If you have any existing cyber security on
your device, it can interfere with the
installation process. Make sure to remove
and uninstall any existing security product
form your device before installing another.
To uninstall any non-Symantec security
product from your device, follow the steps
mentioned below:
Follow Steps
Hit Windows + R key together to open
Run dialog box and then write appwiz.cpl
in the given field.
Press Enter and then select the
cybersecurity you want to delete from your
Now select Remove/Uninstall and then
restart your PC.
Norton Antivirus Support
In case if you still are not able to install or
configure your Norton Security on your
device, download the Norton Removal
Tool. Install and run the tool and then try
installing the product again. Contact Norton
Key Support Australia to get technical
assistance regarding your product.
Contact Norton Technical Team
Thank You
Get In Touch For Instant Support
Dial : 1-800-958-237
Visit : WWW.Norton.Com/Setup