When fix now link doesn’t rectify your problem in Norton

When fix now link doesn’t rectify your
problem in Norton
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Fix link doesn’t rectify your problem in Norton
If you have a Norton product installed on your
device and just encounter an error that won’t
make you able to scan the viruses and malware
or unable to perform other tasks. Continue
reading this blog and get a reliable and accurate
solution for the problem you pursuing. If you
confront an error message which says “You Are
At Risk”. Well, don’t worry this doesn’t mean
your device is infected or have any threat. The
Norton shows this message when:
Follow These Steps :
• The Auto-Protect, Firewall, or SONAR are
turned off
• When the definitions are not up to date
• When the scanning process stops in the
• Or if the subscription is expired
Fix link doesn’t rectify your problem in Norton
When this issue occurs, tap on the “Fix now” button
on your screen and perform the step to resolve the
problems. Try to run your antivirus if it the
subscription is expired, you’ll be prompted to the
renewal page.
If the browser protection is turned off and fix now
button doesn’t help to resolve the problem, do
follow the steps-
Follow These Steps
 Launch your Norton antivirus product and go to the
My Norton window and select Device Security.
 Tap to open it and double click on Security and then
tap on LiveUpdate.
 When the LiveUpdate is finished hit the OK button.
 Run LiveUpdate until you see the message, Your
Norton Product has the Latest protection update” on
your windows screen.
 After this, close all the programs on your device and
restart your computer.
If still the issue persists do follow
another method•
Download the Remove and Reinstall tool and save the
file to the desktop.
Double click on the downloaded file or press Ctrl - J in
the browser.
Click twice on the NRnR icon.
When a reader license appears tap on Agree button.
Click on Remove & Reinstall button and then press
Continue or Remove. At the end, select Restart Now to
allow the changes.
After this, do follow the on-screen instruction to install
the product or visit installNorton.Com/Setup.
Norton Helpline Australia
Hope this solution helps you to make
changes in your Norton product and
resolve the error message. To renew or
update your antivirus product, you can
WWW.Norton.com/Setup and activate
your product completely.
Call Now : 1-800-958-237
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