Get setup a Norton product purchased from a shop-converted

Get Setup a Norton Product
Purchased From a Shop
Norton Setup
Purchase Norton Product Online
If you purchased the product from your nearest
retail shop, set-up the product and activate your
subscription before the trial periods end. If you
purchased Norton from an online store,
activation takes place automatically when you
download and install your product by signing in
to your account. However, the activation fails
due to come mirror errors that probably people
forget to configure. In that case, you can set up
your product and resolve the error by following
the below mentioned steps.
To precede the process you have to launch the
antivirus program on your device.
If you already have a Norton account, continue to sign
in. If not, then tap on “Create an Account” and fill out
the form for the sign-in process.
▪ When a welcome window appears tap on the ‘Get
Started’ button and enter your Product key to Setup
Download Norton 360.
▪ Enter the product key precisely and then tap on the
next arrow.
▪ If you see any other details such as “enter your billing
details and product key, type them accurately and
mention your 25 alphanumerical characters found on
your product card or order confirmation email.
launch the antivirus program
▪ To connect yourself in Automatic Renewal Service
for your Norton Subscription, click on Get Started
button. Or you can skip this process.
▪ Go through the license agreement and then tap on
Agree and continue button.
▪ Enter your bank details or card and then click on
the Next.
▪ Enter billing address and tap on enroll in the
automatic renewal.
launch the antivirus program
▪ If you have more than one antivirus product
installed, select a product you want to
download and hit the Next button.
▪ After this, keep following the screen
instruction to run or save the downloaded
▪ Once the file is downloaded, it will install
automatically on your device.
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