Say No to Male Organ Chafing - What to Use When the Creme Runs Out

Say No to Male Organ Chafing: What to Use
When the Creme Runs Out
It’s sorta like toilet paper. Creme is, that is. Because while the bottle is still
full, or the roll is still plentiful, there are no worries. Everything is fine. But
as the depletion begins, the brain starts to pop in. “Hey, buddy – remember
to pick some creme up.” Then, of course, none is picked up. Fast-forward to
the moment of need and then, boom, what to do? Without it, a man can
count on male organ chafing. Hmmm…is that a risk worth taking?
A pins-and-needles sensation. Redness. Rash. A fiery intensity so fierce air
passing by is painful.
Nope, a chafed member is not worth any risk. But what is a guy to use when
he runs out of creme? Here’s a few things people recommend with varying
levels of safety and success.
Anti Male Organ Chafing Creme Alternative #1: Aloe Vera
The unlikely champion, but out of all of the alternatives, probably the best
one out there. It’s slippery, soothing, and often safe for sensitive skin (say
that fast five times). However, it must be 100 percent pure aloe vera. It’s
also scentless, safe for latex latex barriers, and has been shown to prevent
yeast infections.
Downside: Very little downside to this alternative. Just be sure to do a patch
test first before slathering it on the naughty bits because a small population
of people can be irritated by it. Also, if it’s not 100 percent aloe, it can
irritate lady bits.
Overall: Best household option around.
Tips: Keep some on-hand for burns and ballin.
Anti Male Organ Chafing Creme Alternative #2: Olive Oil
It may be one of the first things a man thinks to reach for to protect himself
from the burn of a chafed member. Good on a pizza and decent on a
member. It can be used for both traditional and other relations, as well as
Downside: It breaks down latex barriers. It is also thick and doesn’t dissolve
easily onto the skin, which can trap bacteria and cause infection in intimate
places. Olive oil can also stain sheets.
Overall: Works in a pinch, but only once or twice, and never in situations
where a latex barrier needs to be present.
Tips: Take a good, thorough shower after using olive oil. Clean everywhere
that oil has been.
Anti Male Organ Chafing Creme Alternative #3: Vitamin E Oil
Vitamin E is a great skin moisturizer and it can be found in many a medicine
cabinet. It has a formidable slide-factor and is pretty member safe.
Downside: It too breaks down latex barriers. It can also be an irritant to a
female partner’s secret garden.
Overall: There are worse things to use, but only use this in a pinch.
Tips: Do a patch test first to ensure there aren’t any allergens or skin
Anti Male Organ Chafing Creme Alternative #4: Coconut Oil
What can’t coconut oil be used for? This omnipresent oil is also a creme
possibility, but remember, it’s still an oil! It is usually lighter and has more
slick-appeal than other oils and sinks into the skin faster.
Downside: It breaks down latex barriers (sound like a broken record, yet?).
It can also disrupt female pH, increasing yeast infection risk for female
Overall: Probably the best oil to use if oil is the only option.
Tips: This has become a popular alternative for those in sensual
relationships who enjoy other relations without latex barriers.
Anti Male Organ Chafing Creme Alternative #5: Water and Cornstarch
Yes, it sounds hella-weird and it takes a little prep time. However, this DIY
creme sports a silky, smooth texture and is naturally hypoallergenic. It also
won’t eat away at latex latex barriers.
Downside: Making this concoction takes about 20 minutes. It can get lumpy
if it gets too chilly and it requires a fair amount of stirring and who has time
for that in the heat of the moment?
Overall: This is one of the better, safer options out there. It can even be
made ahead and stored for later use.
Tips: Add some apron-wearing role play to add foreplay and excitement to
something that can be a little ho-hum.
No matter what creme alternative is used, be sure to clean and rinse the
member thoroughly after use. Men should also use a specially formulated
member health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil,
which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to keep skin soft,
silky, and protected from irritants. While experimenting with creme
alternatives is an option when waiting for that Amazon package to come,
moisturizing and rejuvenating the member should be an everyday priority
that includes a quality member health creme.