Reasons Your Male Organ Is Sore After Relations

Reasons Your Male Organ Is Sore After
After doing the wild thing, a man should be elated and feeling good. Why,
then, is his sausage throbbing and not feeling so good? There’s a lot of
reasons a man could have a post-coital sore member. How can that be? Little
things can add up and accidents can happen along the way to pleasure town.
Here are five of some of the most common reasons a male organ is sore after
Forget Something?
One big reason men find themselves sore after relations is because they
forgot the lubricant. The friction of relations can really irritate a man’s
private parts, especially his skin. If his partner isn’t making sufficient
lubrication, all that rubbing can wear away the upper layer of skin and
expose the nerves and other sensitive parts of the layer of skin underneath.
Solution: Buy and use a well-respected, good-quality creme. Do a skin test
to ensure you’re not allergic. Use the creme the second things go a bit dry.
Pull it out before relations to stay in the moment and just smoothly slide it
Stop Trying to Make the Guinness Book of World Records
Okay, okay, everyone wants bragging rights as it relates to their prowess.
Having relations seven time in one night or “going too hard in the paint” can
wear out the member—it’s a muscle after all! Not only is it hard on the
muscle, it’s also hard on the skin and all the connective tissue. No wonder
your male organ is sore after relations!
Solution: Take a few days off. Use some cool washcloths to relieve the
throbbing. Take some ibuprofen and give the little fella some air. Do not
engage in any sensual activity, partnered or solo, until a bit after the soreness
Stuck in the Waiting Room
Delayed emission is when it takes 30 minute or more to release. It can cause
swelling, soreness, and tenderness and can last hours after relations until the
blood fully drains from the member. Some guys are just born with it. It can
also occur as a result of anxiety or stress, medications like antidepressants,
prostate or urinary infections, hormone imbalances, and pelvic or spinal
nerve damage.
Solution: See a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.
Member Poison Ivy?
It is all too common for a man to be allergic to something, and many times
it’s a latex protection. Over 20 percent of people are allergic to rubbers. If
latex protection isn’t to blame, it could be anything from a new laundry
detergent to creme to your partner’s body lotion.
Solution: Wash it and wait it out. Rashes may fade more quickly with over
the counter (OTC) allergy medications like Benadryl.
It’s a Traumatic Situation
Male organ trauma, that is. Particularly acrobatic relations, too much sensual
activity, or sensual activity that is exceptionally hard can all cause male
organ traumas that cause a male organ to be sore after relations. Regular,
easy, or just one session can also cause male organ trauma if the member
goes in the wrong way or a partner accidentally pulls it too hard during
manual or oral enticement. Some intimate positions that have a proclivity for
causing a member injury include pretty much any standing or lifting
position, and cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, all of which are among the most
common, but these definitely are not the exclusive positions that can cause
an injury.
Solution: Carefully approach each position and be sure to communicate. If
the male organ is sore after relations and doesn’t retreat, it may be time to
see a doctor. If you notice a large bruise on the member where blood is
pooling, it could be a hematoma. Immediately head to the ER.
Relations can be rough on the man member. That’s why applying a specially
formulated member health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1
Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) is an
important part of every man’s day. This kind of crème will rejuvenate and
heal the organ. Crèmes with special ingredients like L-carnitine protect
against peripheral nerve damage and can help a man retain his sensitivity
and prevent future soreness.