Reform the Anti-Theft features in Norton Mobile Security-converted

Reform the Anti-Theft features in Norton
Mobile Security
Reform the Anti-Theft features in Norton
Mobile Security
The Norton is a brand that delivers the optimum and st
urdy anti-virus security to the great number of users. Yo
u can download and install its software on your Window
s and Mac device and keep your device safe and secur
e from the phishing threats. Norton also develops the a
pplication for mobiles such as Android and iOS. You ca
n install the Norton products on your Phone and let it s
ecure your data such as contacts, messages, personal
details, etc.
Reform the Anti-Theft features in Norton
Mobile Security
It also allows you to reform the settings to make it con
venient according to your comfort. You can also confi
gure Norton Mobile security to enable or disable the a
nti-theft feature on your Android device. If you don’t k
now how to do the process to reform the settings you
can contact our team for the setup process. Through,
the procedure is pretty simple but sometimes people
make it more complex, so it is better to take an expert
’s advice.
Here are the guidelines you can follow to configur
e the Anti-theft features on your Android device❑ Launch Norton Mobile Security on your android device.
❑ At the lower-bottom of the current screen, click on the Device icon and then hit
the Anti-theft link.
❑ Choose the setup option to launch the device administrator settings.
❑ Hit the “Activate” or “Activate this device admin app” to turn on the device adm
inistrator for Norton Mobile Security.
❑ If you see, location service is turned off on your device, navigate to the Anti-th
eft setup window and choose set up beside Locate.
❑ In the location, the session drags the slider to the location to turn it on.
❑ Now take an exit from the location settings.
❑ Enable the security wipe feature and drag the slider to switch it on.
❑ At last close all the processing applications.
Norton Antivirus Help Center
If you encounter any difficulties while doing these ment
ioned steps, you can contact the team for the reformati
on on your Norton account. The experts at WWW.Nort
on.Com/Setup will give you accurate solution you need
for your device to make it run appropriately. They are e
xperts in providing you the best and long-lasting solutio
n for your every hiccup persisting in your device.
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