The Frisky Follicle Files - Options for Genital hair removal

The Frisky Follicle Files: Options for
Genital hair removal
Some men are very proud of the Palomalo’esque nature of their bush. It is
full and glorious. However, that same member mane also gets stuck in
zippers, gives your lover road rash, and an odorific eminence no fragrance
company would want to duplicate. So, what’s a man to do but manscape.
The thing is genital hair removal looks a little tricky. After all, who wants
anything sharp down there? Have no fear; the options are here.
Why Men Should Battle the Bush
It’s better to hit on the green than play though the rough, right? Here are a
few reasons why manscaping is a good idea.
1. Objects in the mirror may appear larger. It’s a fact recorded in
many a movie and TV show. Men who want to make their junk look
bigger trim the area. As they say, don’t hide your light under a basket.
Or under a Bob Ross-esque bush.
2. Easy access, baby. If it’s good enough for Easy E…A neat and tidy
member generally gets more guests, more enthusiastic guests.
Clearing a path through the brush is the best way to invite more oral
attention into your life. A study in Cosmo proclaimed that 70 percent
of women preferred a man who tended to his garden.
3. Get the Funk out. The pubes trap all sorts of biological goodies like
urine, sweat, bacteria, a man’s seed, dead skin cells, and this
morning’s lovemaking. All of these things have their own unique
scent. Buy mowing down some of the hairs; you are also clearing a lot
of those smells which is good for you and any visitors.
Now that you know the benefits of genital hair removal, it’s time to find the
best method for you. There are a couple of ways to remove pubic hair. They
all have their pros and cons, but no matter what you do, be very careful and
Genital hair removal Option #1: Clippers/Shaving
Using clippers or giving yourself a shave in the naughty bits is the most
common way men remove hair. You can shave with an electric or old school
manual. If you do, be sure to soften the hair up first with warm water for
about five minutes and then apply shaving oil. Shave over each area once
with a smooth and steady hand. When done, rinse thoroughly, and pat dry.
Apply a male organ health crème to lock in moisture and calm skin.
Genital hair removal Option #2: Waxing
Most men usually hit the spa for this service. Go to an experienced waxer for
this service. Be sure to ask the spa if they wax men because not all spas offer
bikini waxes for men, you know, because of the lack of bikini. You’ll need a
half-inch to an inch, minimum, of hair growth to get waxed in whatever
options they have. The aesthetician will clean the skin, powder you up like a
wee babe and then spread hot wax on your man parts, and once the wax
settles, will either pull the wax off alone or use a strip to pull it off. Then
you’ll get cleaned up and be on your way until six to eight weeks when you
do it all again.
Genital hair removal Option #3: Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal is ideal for men with paler skin and dark hair, but
technology gets better every day! They will remove it all if you want, or
whatever configuration you come up with. They use lasers, which sounds
cool, right, to burn the hair follicle, which slows and then eventually stops
hair growth. This is a virtually painless, though pricey process and generally
takes six treatments to take care of the area entirely. Some men will need
touch-ups now and then as well.
Manscaping: The Aftermath
After putting your private parts through the somewhat traumatic genital hair
removal rituals, it’ll need a little TLC. The nice thing to do is give your
member a specially formulated male organ health creme (health
professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically
proven safe and mild for skin) to heal and soothe the skin. The Shea butter
and vitamin E lock in moisture while calming the skin. Vitamins B and C
help skin bounce back with collagen production and cell regeneration. PostManscaping, you’ll have the most smooth and silky any man has ever had.