Loss of Male Organ Sensitivity May Cause Delayed Seed Release

Loss of Male Organ Sensitivity May Cause
Delayed Seed Release
At some point in their lives, most if not all men experience some male organ
function issue of some kind, which may be related to male organ health or
may be due to other factors. The most common tend to be tumescence
dysfunction or early seed release, but there are other issues that can arise that
impede sensual satisfaction. One of these is the problem of delayed seed
release, which can have several contributing factors, but which tends to
focus around a loss of male organ sensitivity.
A legitimate problem
As the name may imply, delayed seed release describes a situation in which
a man has difficulty releasing seed within what he might consider a
reasonable amount of time. Some men, especially those who experience
problems with early seed release, may scoff at calling this a problem, but to
those who experience it, it is a problem indeed. It can be extremely
frustrating, often leading to men disengaging from a sensual experience
achieving seed release (and post-release satisfaction). It can also cause issues
with partners, who may experience some feelings of inadequacy or
undesirability if the man is unable to release seed with them, or fatigue or
discomfort if he must continue to engage in sensual activity for a vastly
extended period of time before releasing seed.
Delayed seed release is somewhat different from priapism, a situation in
which a man’s member becomes “stuck” in the sensual state, maintaining
that tumescence for many hours. With priapism (which again is serious,
despite the benefits one might see in having an extremely long-lasting
tumescence), the tumescence may last long after a man has released seed to
the point of becoming painful (and also potentially causing damage to
tissue). With delayed seed release, a man may remain sensual or he may go
through “cycles” during which the manhood is softer or firmer at different
A male organ sensitivity issue
Often, a loss of male organ sensitivity can be the culprit causing delayed
seed release. As most men are aware, the nerve endings in the manhood are
designed to be enormously sensitive. That’s why it feels so good for the
member to be touched and stroked and why it reacts so positively and in
such an enhanced manner to the friction provided by penetration. But if
something damages male organ sensitivity and leads to a loss of sensation,
the manhood will be less responsive to stimuli that previously caused
delicious sensations. With diminished male organ sensitivity, a man and/or
his partners must work much harder and for a longer period of time to
achieve the same level of excitement that is needed to produce seed release
and post-release satisfaction.
Sometimes loss of male organ sensitivity and onset of delayed seed release
are due to outside causes, such as certain medications, disorders or diseases
like diabetes, spinal cord injury, or even psychological matters. But in many
cases, the loss of male organ sensitivity comes from rough handling of the
member or overuse. For example, men who use a “death grip” – an
especially tight grip on the manhood – while self-stimulating may “deaden”
some of the nerve endings, leading to delayed seed release problems.
To combat diminished male organ sensitivity due to physical handling, men
should be sure to be well lubricated during sensual activity (both partnerbased and solo), and to avoid situations in which the member is gripped too
tightly. Sometimes letting the manhood rest when it is sore can be helpful.
Another helpful way to avoid delayed seed release due to diminished male
organ sensitivity is to regularly apply a first-class male organ health oil
(health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically
proven mild and safe for skin). Look for an oil that contains L-carnitine,
which has neuroprotective properties to help maintain member sensation. In
addition, an oil with moisturizing agents like shea butter and vitamin E can
keep the skin hydrated, which can reduce friction during sensual activities.