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PRP Hair Loss & Hair Restoration
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New cutting-edge treatments like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Rejuvenation—which harnesses
the regenerative properties of your own blood cells (critical to the healing process)—and
transdermal delivery of follicle-stimulated-growth agents are allowing for a less drastic approach.
Hair Revitalization (Restoration Therapy). The newest innovation for hair loss treatment is a unique
blend of PRP (platelet rich plasma) and Fractional Mesotherapy. The powerful combination of
platelets, which harness your own body’s ability to regenerate, and scientifically derived ingredients,
helps to regrow hair in the areas where it is receding or thinning, stop hair loss and achieve
healthier, fuller and denser looking hair in both men and women. For optimal results, this treatment
is recommended in series over 9-16 weeks.
PRP is a rejuvenation therapy consisting of injections of a natural filler derived from your own blood.
Platelets are injected into the area of the face, neck or scalp to promote cellular regeneration. You
can expect to see improvement in skin tone and texture as well as hair regrowth. The results
improve over 3 to 6 weeks, with the benefits lasting as long as 12 months. For optimal results this
procedure can be repeated.
Want to find out if you’re a candidate for one of these treatments? Contact Esthetica MD today to
schedule a comprehensive hair evaluation.
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