Some Causes of Male Organ Peeling and How to Fix It

Some Causes of Male Organ Peeling and
How to Fix It
What makes a man’s dick red and flaky and painful all over? Male organ
peeling! If a man is seeing skin flaking off and things just aren’t right, he
needs to keep reading. Many things can lead to skin peeling on the male
organ. Some serious, but most are easy to remedy and don’t affect a man
long-term. Let’s take a look under the hood and see what’s causing all this
male organ peeling.
Male Organ Peeling Cause #1: Allergic Reaction
An allergic reaction, or contact dermatitis for the fancy fold, is the skin’s
reaction to an irritant or allergen. All parts of the body can experience
allergic reactions, including a man’s hog. The most common allergens for a
member are latex protection, laundry detergents, soap, and shower gel. A
partner’s perfume or body lotion can also cause an allergic reaction that
causes member skin to peel.
Here are a few of the other symptoms to look for:
Dryness/Chapped skin
The Fix Is In: Wash the member thoroughly and regularly, being sure to
rinse it properly as well. Take Benadryl to reduce irritation; if it gets worse
or doesn’t seem to be getting better over a few days, head to the doctor.
Male Organ Peeling Cause #2: Feelin’ That Friction
Skin is a funny thing; it likes to be touched, but it doesn’t like to be roughly
and repeatedly rubbed. This causes male organ peeling, pain, and flaky skin.
Friction in the place where the magic happens is generally caused by either
self-gratification or intimacy without enough lubrication or wearing tight
clothing or underwear.
Using a lubricant during intimate contact and self-gratification can reduce
friction and the likelihood of member skin peeling. Choosing loose, cotton
clothing to wear around the midsection region will also reduce the
occurrence of chafing.
The Fix Is In: Wash, rinse, and moisturize the member thoroughly. Give it
air. Change out the nut-hugger pants and trade those tighty whities for
something a little looser. Also, use creme when getting busy with another or
loving alone.
Male Organ Peeling Cause #3: Balanitis Is No Ball of Fun
Balanitis is a condition that usually results from poor hygiene. It is an
inflammation of the head of the member and the prepuce. Uncut men are
more likely to have balanitis than are men who are circumcised.
Symptoms to look for:
Scaly sores
A general funk that is a sweetly sour bit of nastiness
General pain
Fluid buildup in the infected area
Pain when urinating
The Fix Is In: Wash that D! Often and thoroughly. Take ibuprofen for the
pain and be sure to give it some air.
Male Organ Peeling Cause #4: Bakin’ Bread With a Yeast Infection
A Candida infection, more commonly known as a yeast infection, is
something that can cause skin peeling on the male organ. While it is most
associated with women, men can get it as well.
Additional symptoms to look for:
An off-white, lumpy discharge that smells sour
Painful intimacy
Pain when urinating
Itching that can be mild to severe
The Fix Is In: There are OTC meds like Monistat that will save a man the
doctor’s visit, but if it’s a man’s first Candida infection, he should head to
the doc’s for a diagnosis. Also, avoid sensual contact until it’s all clear –
yeast infections are highly contagious.
Male Organ Peeling Cause #5: Midsection Herpes
You may have the herp! Midsection herpes affects 1 in 8 people in the
United States. Symptoms can be very mild, so many people don’t even know
they have it.
Other symptoms include:
Sores on the buttocks, midsection, or inner thigh
Peeling after a sore bursts
Flu-like symptoms
The Fix Is In: Head to the doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Do not be
intimate with anyone until your doctor says so, and when you do decide to
be intimate, be sure to use protection and disclose your status before getting
Male Organ Peeling Cause #6: Syphilis
Syphilis is a deadly partner-transmitted disease. It all begins with a painless
sore, a chancre, on the midsection. It may cause the skin to peel. The
chancre will then heal itself in between 3 and 6 weeks. However, a rash will
appear a few days or so later. The rash will start to spread to the rest of the
Other symptoms of syphilis include:
Midsection sores
Aching muscles
Mouth sores
Sore throat
Hair loss
It is important to seek treatment for syphilis as soon as possible. In the early
stages, medications can cure the disease. Without treatment, it can cause
severe organ damage.
The Fix Is In: Seek treatment immediately. When caught early, treatment is
a success. If you don’t get treated, it can cause organ damage, which can
lead to death – just ask Al Capone. Don’t have intimate contact until your
doc gives you the all-clear.
Take an Extra Step to Fight Male Organ Peeling
Stop peeling skin ASAP with a member health oil (health professionals
recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and
mild for skin) that hydrates and heals damaged midsection skin. It includes
skin soothers like vitamin E and shea butter to restore a man’s skin to
softness and suppleness and vitamin C for tone and elasticity. It’s a perfect
addition to treatment and something to use going forward to keep skin in
perfect form.