Post-Intimacy Male Organ Care - Dos and Don’ts for a Healthy Member

Post-Intimacy Male Organ Care: Dos and
Don’ts for a Healthy Member
Sure, it’s not generally part of the last rom-com you saw, but post-intimacy
washing up is an essential part of having relations. There are a lot of
misnomers out there, bad advice, and straight-up dangerous advice.
However, there are certain post-relations male organ care items a man
should attend to in order to maintain a healthy member that are easy and
practical to do and take only a few short minutes. Let’s drill down on what a
man should do once he does the nasty.
Post-Intimacy Male Organ Care: The “Why”
While some men would understand that it just makes sense, some other men
will wonder why a post-intimacy cleanup on Aisle Wang needs to happen.
Let’s break it down. The member has two kinds of skin: mucosal skin and
keratinized skin. Keratinized skin has a hard protective layer. Mucosal skin,
on the other hand, does not. Think M&M’s – hard candy coating and a softer
center. The mucosal skin produces specific acidic secretions to protect the
member (and the body) against infection. Some of these protectors can
ironically irritate the delicate male organ skin, so a man needs to clean up
immediately after.
Next up, oral relations. Oral relations, at least good head, involves an ample
amount of saliva to make the magic happen. Saliva, if third-grade health
class is to be believed, contains enzymes that break down food. These same
enzymes just lived on the member for the last one to thirty minutes. Now,
they won’t “eat it” away, but they can irritate it and make things
Okay, now the biggie: fastidious relations. Poop has tons of irritants and
bacteria in it. After all, it is waste material. Clean up needs to be even more
thorough after this type of relations because of the many possible dangers
that lay within.
Post-Intimacy Male Organ Care: Don’t Do This
Here’s a list of things a man should not do after relations to have a safe,
healthy member:
 Do not roll over and go right to sleep.
 Do not just pull the protection off and roll over and go right to sleep.
 Do not just wipe off the privates with a towel or nearby piece of
 Do not just wipe the area down with a baby wipe or antibacterial
 Do not soak the member in any foreign agent like peroxide, rubbing
alcohol, household cleaners, or other non-member products. (This will
also NOT protect against partner-transmitted infections.)
 Do not just put lotion on over the area.
Post-Intimacy Male Organ Care: Do This Instead
Here are all the doctor-approved things a man needs to complete for
adequate post-intimacy male organ care:
 First, urinate. This helps evacuate any bacteria or fluids that may have
made it into the urethra.
 Next, step into the shower and set the water temperature to warm. If a
man doesn’t want to jump in the shower, follow the same directions
for the sink.
 Using a gentle cleanser, softly wash the member. Be sure to include
the entire reproductive area and get in all the folds and wrinkles. For
an uncut man, carefully retract the prepuce and clean the area
 Rinse completely.
 Air dry or pat gently with a clean, soft towel.
 Complete the process by applying a specially formulated male organ
health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil,
which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to protect
and strengthen the member. Look for crèmes that contain numerous
vitamins and essential amino acids promoting elasticity and sensitivity
and protecting against infection-causing bacteria.
After all is said and done, head back to bed for a snuggle and see if Round
Two is in the cards now that the area is fresh and inviting for visitors again.