Fight Dry Male Organ Skin During the Winter

Fight Dry Male Organ Skin During the
Notice that winter chill in the air? It’s hard not to in some places, but
everywhere in the northern hemisphere, winter is on its way in. There are
many things for a male member to love about winter, from coupling in front
of a roaring fire to the heat generated by two bodies interacting in sensual
bliss. But, even for a member in good male organ health, there can be some
challenges associated with winter, not least of which can be dry male organ
skin. Since dry male organ skin can present as flaky, scaly or simply
unattractive, taking care of this issue is important for a guy to stay at the top
of his game.
So what can a guy do to prevent and/or treat dry male organ skin during the
 Drink up. No, not the beer, the whiskey or the egg nog; we’re talking
good old water here. Staying well hydrated supplies the skin all over
the body - including the manhood – with more reservoirs from which
to draw so that dry male organ skin will be less likely. Plus, it’s
simply goof or one’s health to drink a sufficient amount of water – no
matter the season.
 Humidify. When it’s cold outside, people like to keep it nice and
toasty inside – and with good reason. Unfortunately, many heating
sources (such as central heating, space heaters, etc.) tend to pull
moisture out of the air, leaving less available for the skin to absorb
and benefit from. Using a humidifier can help here, adding moisture
back into the air where it can be freely used by male organ skin (and
skin elsewhere on the body.)
 Change out of damp clothes. Moisturizing is one thing, but stewing
is another. Staying in damp clothes can cause skin to crack and peel –
and that includes pants and underwear that may have gotten wet while
romping delightedly in the snow.
 Avoid hot water baths and showers. It’s true that when it’s really
cold, there’s a temptation to soak in a nice, hot bath or to go for a
quicker, but equally hot, shower. It can feel good in the moment, but
hot water actually depletes the skin of oils it needs to retain moisture.
So stick to warm but not hot water when bathing or showering.
 Long underwear? Maybe not always. There’s a place for longjohns
or thermal underwear during winter, and certainly anyone who will be
outdoors in freezing temperatures for an extended period of time
should consider wearing these underclothes. But once inside and
warmed up, it’s best to shed that extra layer of (insulated) skin. When
the member gets overheated, it sweats, which again depletes the body
of much-needed oils, resulting in that dry male organ skin situation
one wishes to avoid.
 Air it out. Assuming one’s home is warm and has a humidifier or is
otherwise filled with appropriately moist air, it pays to let the
manhood “air out” a little, especially during the winter months.
Because the manhood is kept beneath (at least) two layers of clothing,
and because the thatch of hair around it further insulates it, the sweat
that tends to accumulate even during winter can, as noted before, dry
out the skin. Letting the member air out helps it to “breathe” and also
helps dispel odors that may develop due to the heat.
One final and noteworthy tip: avoid dry male organ skin during the winter
by habitually applying a superior male organ health oil (health
professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven
mild and safe for skin). The best bet is an oil with a combination of a high
end emollient (such as shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin
E). The oil should also contain a potent antioxidant, such as alpha lipoic
acid, to fight free radicals and the oxidative damage they can cause to male
organ skin.