Private Jet Charter Flights

Business name:
Private Jet Charter Flights
55 SW 9th St unit 1701w
Miami, FL 33130
(786) 270-1744
Aircraft Rental Service, Jet charter
24 hours
Payments Types:
All cc, cash
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Private Jet Charter Flights Miami is one of the fastest growing private jet charter brokers and charter jet
aviation companies in the United States. The company offers an alternative to the high cost of whole
and fractional ownership. With Jet Charter Flights Miami there are no up–front costs for our charter
flight services, no membership acquisition or maintenance fees. Our private jet charter service employs
Each aircraft charter jet offered through Private Jet Charter Flights Miami, as well as charter flight crew
members, are subject to extensive screening. Our private jet charter business takes every precaution
with each and every one of our charter flights, pilots and passengers.
All of our planes operate under FAA regulation Part 135. In addition, the company is working closely
with TSA to administer background checks on all passengers, pilots, crew member, and maintenance
personnel for each charter flight. Not only will we fly you in luxury and convenience; we’ll fly you with
peace of mind. We are members of all outside safety and auditing firms, raising the bar of safety to new
We only choose the best charter jet aircraft that meet the highest aircraft charter safety guidelines for
our use. All of our aircraft and flight crews meet and exceed the requirements of the FAA.
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