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Women’s & Children’s Hospital
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Out of Town
For people from outside Adelaide attending
the Women’s and Children’s Hospital
Out of Town
Public and private patients
Public patients
Private patients
Non-Medicare patients
Single rooms
What you need
to bring to hospital
How am I getting home?
Visiting someone in hospital
8 Some accommodation options
9 Accommodation for Aboriginal
patients and families
Patient Assistance
Transport Scheme (PATS)
10 Getting here
10 Getting around Adelaide
12 Adelaide Airport and
commercial flights airlines
13 Adelaide City map
Hospital map
Facilities and shops
Long-term patients
Baby care facilities
Disability access toilets
Flowers and gifts
Meals and snacks for visitors
Post box
21 Butterfly Card
21 Internet access for families
Support services
Aboriginal Health Unit
Chaplains, chapel and prayer room
Child minding centre (creche)
Access for people with disabilities
Interpreter service
School at the hospital
Patient and consumer feedback
Who can provide feedback?
How can I provide feedback?
Consumer Feedback Coordinator
What if I am not satisfied with the
response to my complaint?
Privacy and confidentiality
Consumers and community
Other useful resources
Out of Town
The Women’s and Children’s Hospital (WCH) receives many
patients from rural and remote areas. We recognise that having to
travel a long way from home for medical treatment or services can
be stressful for you and your family, especially if you or your child
has to stay at or close to the hospital for some time. It can also be
lonely if your family or your partner cannot be with you.
This booklet provides information you will need to come to the hospital and includes
information about transport, accommodation, the Patient Assistance Transport Scheme
(PATS) and other support services and facilities.
We hope this information will help make your visit to the WCH a positive experience
for you and your family.
For additional information contact:
Women’s and Children’s Hospital
72 King William Road, North Adelaide SA 5006
(08) 8161 7000
Some staff carry pagers. If their pager number is given in this book, call the
WCH switchboard on (08) 8161 7000 and ask them to page that number.
While every effort has been made to ensure the material contained in this publication is
up-to-date at the time of printing, the Women’s and Children’s Hospital accepts no
responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the material in the publication and
expressly disclaims all liability for any loss or damage arising from reliance upon any
information contained within it.
page 1
Public and private patients
You may choose to be a public or private patient at the WCH.
Public patients
Australian residents who decide to be a public patient are entitled to free treatment under
Medicare. Your treatment will be carried out by doctors nominated by the hospital, under
the direction of an appropriate specialist. After discharge your care will either be continued
in a WCH outpatient clinic or you will be referred to your local general practitioner.
Private patients
If you choose to be treated as a private patient, you will be treated by a specialist of your
choice, provided that the specialist has rights of private practice at the WCH and agrees to
treat you as a private patient. Your specialist may be either a private practising WCH specialist
or a visiting medical specialist. After discharge your care will be carried out in either a WCH
outpatient clinic or the specialist’s private rooms, or you will be referred to your local
general practitioner.
Patients may be able to choose private admission even if they do not have private health
insurance. Self-funded private patients will be liable to pay the following:
>> the difference (the ‘gap’) between the Medicare benefit and any specialist’s charge
>> the ‘gap’ for diagnostic services (e.g. medical imaging and laboratory), however some
of these services may be bulk billed to Medicare ie no ‘gap’
>> hospital accommodation fees (bed charge)
>> surgically implanted prostheses
>> dental services.
Essentially this means that you must meet all costs of the admission yourself except
those covered by Medicare.
For further information about being a private patient at the WCH please contact the
Admissions Information Coordinator via telephone (08) 8161 6753 (office hours only).
The Admissions Information Coordinator is able to discuss private admission from a
financial perspective and give advice regarding the appropriate information patients
should seek from their private health fund.
page 2
Out of Town
Non-Medicare patients
If you are an overseas patient from a country where there is no Reciprocal Health Care
Agreement, you are not eligible for Medicare benefits and you are responsible for payment
of all fees and services. Non-Medicare patients are billed for all inpatient and outpatient
services regardless if they choose public or private admission.
If you are a visitor from a country with which Australia does have a Reciprocal Health Care
Agreement, you may be eligible for treatment that is deemed immediately necessary for any
health problem or injury whilst in Australia. Reciprocal Health Care Agreements do not cover
pre-arranged or elective treatment. Overseas patients who are covered by the Reciprocal
Health Care Agreement will not be covered if they choose private admission.
Please contact the Admissions Information Coordinator via telephone (08) 8161 6753
(office hours only) for confirmation of your entitlements.
Single rooms
The WCH cannot guarantee a single room for private or public patients. Allocation of
a single room is based primarily on medical need.
page 3
What you need to bring to hospital
If you are planning to come to the WCH for treatment for yourself or your child, contact
the hospital on (08) 8161 7000 before leaving home to confirm your appointment. Make
sure your allocated appointment allows you enough time to travel from your country location.
If it is too early or too late in the day, you are welcome to ask if there are any more suitable
times when you initially make your appointment.
When you come to the hospital you will need to bring:
>> Patient Assistance Transport Scheme (PATS) form or interstate equivalent (if appropriate)
(see page nine for further information regarding PATS)
>> Referral letter from your health care provider
>> Details of appointment times and locations
>> Instructions for preparing for in-hospital tests/treatment
>> X-rays and/or test results
>> All medications (including a list of current medications and doses)
>> Previous medical history (including health care plans and baby/child’s blue book if applicable)
>> Medicare card
>> Healthcare/pensioner entitlement/concession cards
>> Private health insurance card
>> Access to money (e.g. bank or credit card).
For further information about items to bring for overnight or longer stays refer to
‘There’s No Such Thing As A Silly Question’ and/or ‘Having Your Baby At The WCH’
(See ‘Other useful resources’ on page 28).
page 4
Out of Town
The hospital pharmacy is in the Kermode Street foyer and can dispense hospital prescriptions
for patients.
If you or your child are discharged from hospital and need medication to take home,
you will need to pay for this medication. Payment can be made before leaving the
hospital or through an account allowing you to pay later. Prescription charges and quantities
of medications supplied are consistent with those in the community. As a country patient,
it is important that you inform your doctor or ward pharmacist that you may need a
greater quantity of medication to ensure that you do not have a break in supply.
The hospital pharmacy can not supply medications without prescriptions or dispense
medications for parents, siblings or carers of patients. These should be bought/dispensed
at a community pharmacy – see below for a list of community pharmacies located near
the hospital.
Medicare, concession and pension cards need to be presented when you hand in your
prescription. Pharmacy staff can also assist you with drug information and advice through
the Drug Information Centre.
Pharmacy hours
8.30am–5.00pm weekdays
9.00am–5.00pm weekends and public holidays
Telephone: (08) 8161 7350
Fax: (08) 8161 6049
Email: [email protected]
Drug Information Centre
8.30am–5.00pm weekdays
Telephone: (08) 8161 7222
Other pharmacies located near the WCH
White Chemplus Pharmacy
164 Melbourne Street,
North Adelaide 5006
Telephone: (08) 8267 1000
National Pharmacies
56 O’Connell Street,
North Adelaide 5006
Telephone: (08) 8239 0322
Jeff Ramsey Pharmacies
Shop 22, 81 O’Connell Street,
North Adelaide 5006
Telephone: (08) 8267 5457
page 5
How am I getting home?
Patient discharge before 11.00am is now available at the WCH. The aim is to meet patients
and their families needs, improve the flow of patients in the wards, emergency departments
and bed availability. In most cases you will be able to be discharged before 11.00am.
However, due to any number of reasons or circumstances, some patients may not be able
to be discharged early in the day. Please discuss any concerns you have with your health
care worker.
Please note that you are responsible for organising your transport home. If you were transported
to the WCH by the MedSTAR Kids, Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) or road ambulance
from a rural area, you may not necessarily be able to use this service to return home.
The MedSTAR Kids, RFDS and road ambulances are emergency services and can only
transport you home if medically required. Approval is required by the medical staff for use
of these services and patients are often responsible for the cost. Please plan ahead and
make private arrangements for your trip home if you are well enough to travel by car,
bus, train or commercial flight.
Some assistance is available and you may be eligible for financial reimbursement via a state
funded Patient Assisted Transport Scheme (PATS) (see page nine for further information).
Paying your account
The WCH accepts:
>> Cheques
>> Money orders
>> Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club).
Payment may be posted to the WCH or paid in person at the cashier’s office in the
Kermode Street foyer from 9.00am to 4.45pm Monday to Friday.
Credit card payments may also be made over the phone. Please call the telephone
number listed on your account.
page 6
Out of Town
Account enquiries
Due to the volume of accounts, the WCH has two patient account billing departments.
Depending on the services you have received, there may be instances when accounts are
issued by both departments.
If you have an enquiry about your account, please contact the department that has issued
the account. The department will be listed on the bottom of your invoice.
If your payment slip is directed to the Health Accounting Service contact:
Telephone: (08) 8161 6428
Fax: (08) 8161 6052
If your payment slip is directed to the cashiers contact:
Telephone: (08) 8161 7336
Fax: (08) 8161 6052
Visiting someone in hospital
Visitors are very important for people in hospital and are most welcome at the WCH.
Visiting hours vary according to the ward and the needs of individual patients.
Visiting hours in the maternity section are from 1.00pm to 8.00pm daily.
To find out about visiting hours for all other patients and for details of where you can find
a patient, please telephone the hospital switchboard on (08) 8161 7000 or ask at the enquiry
desk at the entrance to the Queen Victoria Building (women patients), or the enquiry desk
near the Kermode Street entrance (for children and young people).
Space must be available at the bedside at all times to allow staff safe access to patients and
for emergency equipment. Please ensure that there are no more than three visitors at one
time. In some instances there may be further restrictions on the number of visitors allowed.
To help prevent the spread of infection we ask that people who are unwell or have any
of the following infectious illnesses do not visit:
>> Cough/cold or sore throat
>> Shingles
>> Flu like symptoms
>> Tuberculosis
>> An upset stomach
>> Impetigo (school sores)
>> Measles
>> Whooping cough
>> Mumps
>> Skin infections (e.g. head lice, scabies).
>> Chicken pox
page 7
The Women’s and Children’s Hospital (WCH) is located in North Adelaide, approximately
one kilometre from the city centre (see Adelaide City map on page 13).
For patients and visitors needing a place to stay, there are many off site accommodation
choices close to the hospital. Limited on-site accommodation is also available. Aboriginal
patients and their families may also choose from a number of Aboriginal hostels.
Some accommodation options
Ronald McDonald House
Limited accommodation is available for country families at Ronald McDonald House.
Referral to Ronald McDonald House accommodation is made by contacting the Social
Work Department on (08) 8161 7381 or (08) 8161 7580.
271 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide 5006
Greenways Apartments
Accommodation choices include studio apartments, family and three bedroom apartments.
45 King William Road, North Adelaide 5006
Telephone: (08) 8267 5903 or 1300 113 186
South Australian Visitor and Travel Centre
Other accommodation can be booked through the SA Visitor and Travel Centre,
a 15 minute walk or a short bus ride from the hospital.
18 King William Street, Adelaide 5000
Telephone: 1300 655 276
page 8
Out of Town
Accommodation for Aboriginal patients and families
Aboriginal patients and their families may wish to stay in accommodation run by
Aboriginal Hostels Ltd.
Mulganya Hostel
55 Dew Street
Thebarton SA 5031
Telephone: (08) 8234 2488
Luprina Hostel
2 Clements Street
Dudley Park SA 5008
Telephone: (08) 8269 5254
Nindee Hostel
2 Oban Street
Beulah Park SA 5067
Telephone: (08) 8332 2352
2 Clements Street
Dudley Park SA 5008
Telephone: (08) 8342 2250
Gladys Elphick
29 Second Avenue
Klemzig SA 5087
Telephone: (08) 8261 6188
Kali Hostel
155 Cross Road
Westbourne Park SA 5041
Telephone: (08) 8272 4288
Patient Assistance Transport Scheme (PATS)
PATS provides part reimbursement to assist with travel and accommodation costs for clients
who travel more than 100 kilometre (one way) from their permanent residence to the nearest
medical specialist for treatment. An escort may be eligible for travel and relevant accommodation
allowances if the need for an escort is medically endorsed.
PATS application forms are available from doctors’ surgeries, hospital social workers
and the local PATS offices.
(08) 8226 7215
(08) 8580 2400
Mount Gambier: (08) 8721 1551
Port Augusta:
Port Lincoln:
(08) 8648 5623
(08) 8683 2266
(08) 8648 8533
Website: www.countryhealthsa.sa.gov.au/Services/PatientAssistanceTransportSchemePATS.aspx
For further information on PATS and to check your eligibility call 1800 188 115 (free call).
If you are eligible for this scheme please ask your local doctor to sign your PATS form prior to
attending specialist services. A separate application form is required for each authorised
return journey and original receipts and tickets must be supplied with the claim.
Each state and territory has a similar system. If you live interstate please ask your health
care professional to guide you to the local scheme.
The WCH Social Workers and Aboriginal Liaison Officers are available to help you and
your family if you need assistance with accommodation and/or the Patient Assistance
Transport Scheme (PATS). Contact the Social Work Department on (08) 8161 7381 or
(08) 8161 7580 or the Aboriginal Liaison Officers on (08) 8161 7036 or (08) 8161 6237.
page 9
The WCH is located at 72 King William Road, North Adelaide. There are car parks and
entrances to the hospital on Kermode Street and the corner of Brougham Place and Sir
Edwin Smith Avenue.
Getting here
From the city
The WCH is a 15 minute walk from the city centre along King William Road. You can catch
any of these buses heading north along King William Road (208, 222, 251,232 and G10).
Arriving by coach
If you travel by coach from the country or interstate, you will arrive at the Adelaide Bus
Station in Franklin Street. There is a taxi rank at the bus station and it should take approximately
10 minutes to get to the hospital.
From Adelaide Airport
If you fly to Adelaide, you can catch the Skylink Airport Shuttle to the Mercure Grosvenor
Hotel on North Terrace, this is approximately a 15 minute walk away from the hospital.
There are also TransAdelaide bus services to catch from Sir Richard Williams Avenue,
within the airport.
Getting around Adelaide
Timetable information
Bus, train, tram and O-Bahn timetables are available from:
>> Adelaide Railway Station on North Terrace, just west of King William Road
(next to Adelaide Casino)
>> Passenger Transport Information Centre on the corner of King William and Currie streets
(Monday–Friday 8.00am–6.00pm, Saturday 9.00am–5.00pm and Sunday 11.00am–4.00pm)
>> Kermode Street entrance foyer, WCH.
Alternatively, for timetable information:
>> Call the Passenger Transport Infoline on 1300 311 108 between 7.00am and 8.00pm.
For the hearing impaired call (08) 8303 0844 between 7.00am–8.00pm or 1800 182 160
for regional consumer
>> Call TransAdelaide on (08) 8218 2362 or access their website at www.adelaidemetro.com.au.
page 10
Out of Town
Where to buy your bus or train ticket
Multi-trip tickets (10 trips) can be purchased at the hospital cafe. Single and multi-trip
tickets can be purchased from the Adelaide Railway Station, Passenger Transport
Information Centre, selected supermarkets, newsagencies and delicatessens. Single
trip-tickets can be bought from the bus driver. Multi-trip tickets and single-trip tickets can
be used on buses, trains, trams and the O-Bahn.
Adelaide Connector Bus
This free bus service connects North Adelaide and the city. It operates Monday to Thursday
8.00am–6.00pm, Fridays 8.00am–9.30pm and on weekends 10.00am–5.00pm. It travels
down both O’Connell and Melbourne streets with bus stops on King William Road and
Frome Road outside the WCH. Further timetable information is available from:
>> Adelaide City Council Customer Centre: Telephone (08) 8203 7203
>> City of Adelaide website at www.adelaidecitycouncil.com/visit/getting-around.html
>> Community Centre: 176 Tynte Street, North Adelaide: Telephone (08) 8267 6813.
Bus stops
Bus stops are located outside the King William Road entrance of the Good Friday Building
and on Sir Edwin Smith Avenue adjacent to the Queen Victoria Building.
There is a taxi rank outside the Kermode Street entrance of the hospital. There are free
call taxi phones in the Kermode Street and Queen Victoria Building foyers.
page 11
Adelaide Airport and commercial flights airlines
Adelaide Airport is about six kilometres west of the city and approximately 20 minutes by
car from the WCH. A taxi to the airport from the WCH will cost approximately $20.00.
When booking your flight, please notify the airline if you require a wheelchair and a medical
certificate may be required by the airline if you have had surgery.
For more information or to make your airline booking telephone:
Avalon Sharp Airlines
1300 556 694 (Business Hours)
Broken Hill REX
13 17 13
Ceduna REX
13 17 13
Cooper Pedy REX
13 17 13
Kingscote REX
13 17 13
Leigh Creek Rossair
(08) 8675 4320
Mildura REX
13 17 13
Mildura Sharp Airlines
1300 556 694 (Business Hours)
Mt Gambier REX
13 17 13
Olympic Dam QantasLink
13 13 13
Port Augusta Sharp Airlines
1300 556 694 (Business Hours)
Portland Sharp Airlines
1300 556 694 (Business Hours)
Port Lincoln REX
13 17 13
Port Lincoln QantasLink
13 13 13
Whyalla REX
13 17 13
Or visit:
page 12
Out of Town
Adelaide City map
page 13
The WCH has two public car parks, the Medical Centre Car Park which is situated in Kermode
Street and the Rogerson Car Park which is accessed from Brougham Place. See the hospital
map on page 15 for these locations.
Medical Centre Car Park (hourly rate)
Take a ticket from the ticket dispenser on the right hand entry lane near the boom gate.
Before returning to your car, you will need to pay at the automated pay station which is
situated just inside the pedestrian entry of the car park.
Medical Centre Car Park (long-term parking)
Weekly tickets can be purchased at the Transport Services Department Office in the Medical
Centre Car Park situated in Kermode Street. Tickets can only be purchased during office
hours (open weekdays between 8.30am–4.30pm excluding public holidays). The ticket is
valid for seven days including the date of issue. You can exit and enter as often as you
wish between 6.00am and 10.30pm Monday to Friday and 6.00am and 9.00pm Saturday
and Sunday. If the car park is full, you will be required to wait in line until a space becomes
available. You may leave your car in the car park overnight.
Rogerson Car Park (flat rate)
The Rogerson Car Park (entry from Brougham Place via the Emergency Department roadway)
is available (pay before you enter and automatic exit 24 hours) with maximum continuous
parking for two days. Hours of operation: 6.30am–11.00pm, every day.
Street parking
Fifteen minute ‘Patient Loading Areas’ are located at both the main Kermode Street and
Queen Victoria Building entrances. There are one and two hour parking spaces in the streets
around the hospital. These are inspected regularly. To avoid a fine, try to allow sufficient
time for your appointment.
Disabled parking
Disabled parking spaces are available in:
>> Kermode Street, Brougham Street, Medical Centre Car Park, Rogerson Car Park.
Emergency parking
There is an emergency drop-off parking area outside the entry to the emergency departments.
This area is for dropping off patients who require treatment from either of the emergency
departments. Vehicles may only remain in this area for 15 minutes. Parking fines apply for
vehicles that breach the conditions set down for the use of the areas.
page 14
Out of Town
Hospital map
page 15
Facilities and shops
Being comfortable in hospital does not only involve your medical care. The WCH has a
number of services on site to help ensure your stay is comfortable. See the hospital map
on page 15 for locations of these facilities, or ask a staff member for directions if you
are unsure.
Baby care facilities
The WCH has quiet areas where you can breastfeed and change your baby’s nappy.
These areas are located at:
Breastfeeding and changing areas
>> Women’s Outpatients – 1st floor, Queen Victoria Building
>> Day of Surgery Admission Unit (DOSA) – 3rd floor, Good Friday Building
>> Division of Medical Imaging – 2nd floor, Rogerson Building
>> Paediatric Emergency
>> Paediatric Outpatients
>> Queen Victoria Building foyer – ground floor baby care room
>> Kermode Street entrance – male and female toilets.
There is a Redi ATM in the Kermode Street foyer. It accepts most cards, but does not accept
deposits. Bank branches and ATMs located on O’Connell Street in North Adelaide include:
Commonwealth Bank
Other banks and credit unions are located in the city centre, a 15 minute walk
or a short bus ride south of the hospital.
page 16
Out of Town
Disability access toilets
These are located at:
Disability access toilets
>> Kermode Street foyer
>> Women’s Outpatients – 1st floor, Queen Victoria Building
>> Antenatal/Gynaecology Ward – 2nd floor, Queen Victoria Building
>> Postnatal – 4th floor, Queen Victoria Building
>> Paediatric Outpatients – 1st floor, Rogerson Building
>> Medical Imaging – 2nd floor, Rogerson Building
>> Nutrition and Food Services/Cranio Facial Unit – 1st floor, Rieger Building
>> Laboratories – 4th, 5th and 8th floors, Rieger Building
>> Paediatric Day Surgery – 3rd floor, Good Friday Building
>> Hydrotherapy Pool – ground floor, Good Friday Building
>> Finance – 1st floor, Angus Building.
Flowers and gifts
The WCH has two shops, Rainbows, located in the Kermode Street foyer and Vics Coffee
Shop, located near the Queen Victoria Building entrance. Both shops sell flowers and gifts.
There are several shops on O’Connell Street, North Adelaide that sell flowers and gifts.
Rundle Mall shopping precinct is a 15 minute walk or a short bus ride south of the hospital.
‘Do it yourself’ laundry facilities are available in the parent accommodation area in the
Samuel Way Building and in Chapel Street, North Adelaide. Same-day dry cleaning services
are also available in O’Connell Street, North Adelaide.
page 17
Meals and snacks for visitors
The Café
The Café on the second floor of the Gilbert Building serves a variety of nutritious hot and
cold meals. The Café is open 7.30am–7.30pm every day.
Hot meal service times are:
Tasty, prepared meals suitable for micro-waving include Indian, Thai, Italian, Greek
and other international dishes.
NIC NATH Café (outdoor café)
Nic Nath Cafe is located on the Playdeck and also serves a variety of nutritious hot and
cold meals. The café is open Monday to Friday 7.30am–4.00pm.
Postage stamps, phone cards, newspapers and bus/train tickets may also be purchased
from the café.
Family members of long-term patients can receive a 10% discount at the cafés
by using their Butterfly Card (See page 21 for details).
Rainbows Shop
Rainbows Shop is situated in the Kermode Street foyer. The shop sells a variety of food
and drinks including sandwiches, snack foods and coffee. Flowers, gifts, magazines and
toys are also available.
Rainbows Shop is open:
>> Monday to Friday 9.00am–5.00pm
>> Weekends and some public holidays 9.30am–3.30pm.
page 18
Out of Town
Vics Coffee Shop
Vics Coffee Shop is situated in the Queen Victoria Building foyer. The shop sells a variety of
food and drinks including sandwiches, snacks and cappuccinos. It also sells flowers, toys, gifts,
magazines, toiletries, baby clothing including newborn/premmie and other items for baby.
Vics Coffee Shop is open:
>> Monday to Friday 8.30am–5.30pm.
Vending machines
There are drink and confectionary vending machines outside many of the wards and in
the Kermode Street foyer. Please note that it may not be appropriate for you to have any
food or drink prior to medical treatment. If you are not sure, you should ask a nurse or
doctor prior to purchase.
Delicatessens, hotels, cafes and restaurants
If you are looking for a meal outside the hospital, there are many delicatessens, hotels, cafes
and restaurants in North Adelaide. O’Connell Street and Melbourne Street offer a variety of
eating options and are within walking distance.
The free Adelaide Connector bus service travels along O’Connell Street and Melbourne Street.
The closest supermarket is Foodland in North Adelaide Village (O’Connell Street). There is
a seven-day supermarket a little further up O’Connell Street and another on Melbourne Street.
There are also Woolworths supermarkets in the city (Rundle Mall).
Samuel Way Building
Families staying in the Samuel Way Building can use the cooking facilities available in the
communal kitchen.
page 19
Post box
A post box is located on King William Street outside the hospital. The nearest Post Offices
are in Melbourne Street and Tynte Street (off O’Connell Street) North Adelaide.
Mobile phones
Mobile phones must not be used in some areas of the hospital because
they interfere with sensitive medical equipment. Please turn off your
mobile phone in the hospital where you see this symbol.
Pay phones
Pay phones are located:
>> Outside many of the wards
>> At The Café entrance
>> In the Paediatric (children’s) Emergency waiting area
>> In the Kermode Street foyer
>> In the Queen Victoria Building foyer
>> In the Samuel Way Building accommodation area.
Phone cards can be purchased from:
>> The Café, second floor, Gilbert Building
>> Rainbows Kiosk and Vics Coffee Shop.
Taxi phones
Taxi phones are located in the Kermode Street foyer and the Queen Victoria Building foyer.
Patient phones
Antenatal/Gynaecology Ward and Postnatal Ward beds each have a bedside phone.
There is a connection fee and local calls are charged. Calls must be paid for on discharge.
page 20
Out of Town
Televisions are available for both women and children staying at the hospital.
Women’s wards
Televisions are available for you to hire during your stay in the hospital. Payment is required
prior to connection at the women’s reception desk. You may select from standard broadcast
channels and a variety of radio stations offered through the in-house television service.
Further information may be obtained upon admission.
Children’s wards
All children staying in the wards have access to a television free of charge. Children can
choose to watch regular television channels or Fox Kids. Videos and Nintendo games may
be available.
Long-term patients
Butterfly Card
Long-term patients (both women and children) and their families can be issued with a
Butterfly Card, entitling them to 10% discount on food and drinks purchased from the
WCH cafes, and purchases from the Health Information Centre. Please note that this
does not include Rainbows and Vics Coffee Shop. Patients and families entitled to the
Butterfly Card include those who:
>> Are expected to stay for more than one week
>> Have frequent admissions, outpatient, and day patient or therapy bookings over 12 months
>> Have five or more outpatient, day patient or therapy bookings in a 30 day period.
Ask your nurse/midwife or a member of your health care team to organise a card for you.
Internet access for families
To help families stay in touch with family and friends or access information on the internet,
internet access is available through the Savings and Loans computer on level two, Queen
Victoria Building, behind the lifts.
Wireless internet is available in four hot-spots around the hospital. Prominent wi-fi stickers
are placed at all hot-spots and feature instructions on how to setup wi-fi on technology.
Wi-fi hot-spots are located at Women’s Outpatients, The Café, The Playdeck and
Paediatric Day Surgery.
page 21
Support services
We have a range of support services to help you while you are at the hospital.
Please do not hesitate to ask a member of our staff if you need assistance.
Aboriginal Health Unit
The Aboriginal Health Unit has developed partnerships with other health providers and is
an advocate for Aboriginal Health in South Australia.
The WCH has Aboriginal liaison officers who support Aboriginal inpatients and their families
with the aim of ensuring their medical, practical and cultural needs are met while in hospital.
The unit also offers a place for Aboriginal people to gather whilst visiting the WCH. Staff of
the unit aim to act as a cultural broker to staff, families and the wider community of the WCH.
Aboriginal liaison officers can assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients and
families with:
>> Food
>> Transport
>> Orientation to the hospital
>> Community contact
>> Warm clothing
>> Discharge planning.
>> Accommodation
How to access the service
Referrals can be made to the Aboriginal Health Service by:
>> WCH nursing, medical, allied health or other staff
>> Other Aboriginal health services/workers
>> Other major hospitals.
Contact details
8.30am–4.30pm weekdays
Emergency after-hours assistance is available. Please ring the hospital switchboard and
they will page the on call person.
Telephone: (08) 8161 7036 or (08) 8161 6237
Telephone: (08) 8161 7000, pager 18130
Lower ground floor, Good Friday Building.
page 22
Out of Town
Chaplains, chapel and prayer room
A team of chaplains provide pastoral and spiritual care for patients and their families. If you
would like to be visited by a chaplain, the ward staff will arrange it for you. The WCH
chaplains can contact a variety of religious traditions and support networks including Buddhist,
Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths. The Pastoral Care Department has a full time coordinating
chaplain, appointed by the Heads of Churches. The chaplain is happy to be called on in an
emergency if your own minister of religion is not available.
The hospital chapel is available for personal or group reflection, meditation and prayer.
It is also used for worship, baptisms and blessings. The chapel is currently located on the
third floor of the Gilbert Building.
Prayer room
A Masjid, or Muslim prayer room, is available for use on the fifth floor of the Samuel Way
Building in Room 503. The room is kept unlocked and members of the hospital community
are welcome to use it at any time.
There is a chaplain on call at all times. Please ring the hospital switchboard and they will
page the on call person.
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Child minding centre (creche)
The hospital has a free child minding service for:
>> Siblings of inpatients and outpatients (paediatric wards and nurseries)
>> Children whose mother is attending Women’s Outpatient clinics.
Three qualified staff members run the creche and are assisted by a team of trained volunteers.
All crèche staff and volunteers have undergone police checks.
The creche accepts children up to 10 years of age.
Please provide food and drinks, and any changes of clothing (including nappies) your child
may need. The creche can provide water, but no other food or drinks. Please clearly label
any clothes, toys and other items you intend to leave with your child.
How to access the service
The creche is a ‘drop in’ centre – no booking is necessary. Children may be left in the creche
only while parents/caregivers are in attendance at the hospital.
Monday to Friday from 8.00am–4.00pm
Children must be collected by 4.00pm
The centre is located on the ground floor of the Good Friday Building.
Telephone (08) 8161 6394
Access for people with disabilities
Many people with disabilities experience problems accessing health services. While physical
access is an obvious barrier, communication and attitudinal barriers may have an even greater
impact. The WCH is committed to the elimination of discrimination on the basis of disability.
Building accessibility
All entrances to the hospital buildings are disability friendly except for the Samuel Way
Building entrance near the supply delivery area. The closest alternative access route to the
Samuel Way Building is via the Brougham Place entrance. There are lifts throughout the
hospital that provide access to all public areas.
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Out of Town
Hearing impaired
Please ask a hospital staff member if you are hearing impaired and require the assistance
of a deaf signing service. The hospital switchboard has a teletypewriter (TTY) that
inpatients can use.
Visually impaired
Guide dogs are welcome at the WCH however there are certain areas in which guide dogs
are not allowed due to hygiene and infection control reasons. Please check with a hospital
staff member before entering wards.
Interpreter service
All hospitals use interpreting services for people when English is not their first language or
they are hearing impaired. If you require this service, please ask a hospital staff member.
School at the hospital
The hospital Schooling Service is a statewide service that is staffed and resourced by the
Department of Education and Children’s Services (DECS) and located at the WCH.
It is a school that accepts children, free of charge, from government and non-government,
interstate and overseas schools. Schooling is provided for school age children who are in
the schoolroom and on the wards, and are:
>> In hospital frequently
>> Expected to be in hospital for more than three days
>> Outpatients unable to attend their own school
>> The brothers or sisters of country inpatients.
How to register for the school
You can ask one of our staff to assist with this. Alternatively, you can telephone or visit
the school room for a referral. The school is located on the ground floor, Good Friday
Building. Just follow the signs from the Kermode Street entrance. The telephone number
for the school is (08) 8161 7262.
Approximately 175 regular volunteers support the work of the hospital in 60 wards and
departments. In addition, the 160 volunteer members of the Shops Division manage and
staff the two WCH shops, Vic’s Coffee Shop and Rainbows Kiosk. They provide an essential
service to WCH staff, patients and families.
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Patient and consumer feedback
We welcome feedback from our patients, families and visitors. While we are pleased to
hear compliments and praise, we also want to know if you have concerns about any of
our services. We rely on you to tell us when things go wrong as this will help us correct or
improve any shortcomings with our services.
Because we value your feedback we try to promote a ‘complaint friendly’ philosophy
among our staff. If you make a complaint, you will not be denied a service or have things
made hard for you.
Who can provide feedback?
We accept feedback from anyone who has used our services, as well as from people not
directly using the hospital’s services, such as visitors, community care workers or professional
groups. Regardless of your connection with the hospital, or with our consumers, we value
your constructive feedback.
You are welcome to provide feedback on behalf of a consumer if they are hesitant or feel
unable to do so for any reason. As a courtesy we ask that you first obtain their consent.
We are committed to privacy and confidentiality, so we have to seek consent from the
patient or their parent(s)/caregiver(s) before being able to respond to you.
You are welcome to provide feedback anonymously, however we may not be able to
investigate your concerns fully if we are not able to discuss them with you.
How can I provide feedback?
To ensure the fastest and most direct response we invite you to contact the unit, department
or ward concerned. They are in the best position to provide up to date information concerning
processes, waiting times or reasons for particular decisions.
We recognise that some people find it difficult directly approaching the area they wish to
complain about. We also recognise that the WCH is a large hospital, and you may have had
contact with several different areas, even on one day. You may not recall the name of a
unit, department, ward or staff member you had contact with.
If you do not wish to contact the area directly, you are welcome to contact the Consumer
Feedback Coordinator. You may provide your feedback by telephone, fax, letter or email,
whatever is easiest for you. Details are listed below.
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Out of Town
Consumer Feedback Coordinator
Telephone: (08) 8161 6710
Pager: 4550
Fax: (08) 8161 6693
Email: [email protected]
What if I am not satisfied with the response to my complaint?
If you make a complaint directly to a ward or department and do not feel it has been dealt
with appropriately, or feel you were not treated with dignity or respect, we invite you to
contact the Consumer Feedback Coordinator. Alternatively, you have the right to contact
the Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner or the Office of the
Minister for Health for further advice.
Privacy and confidentiality
The WCH respects the privacy of everyone who accesses our services and information.
We adhere to SA Health’s Code of Fair Information Practice. We will take all reasonable
steps to ensure that any information collected about our consumers:
>> Is accurate and up to date
>> Contains only details which are relevant
>> Is only available to people who need it to treat and care for our consumers or who
have responsibilities related to their treatment and care
>> Is protected from misuse and unauthorised access by other people.
Access to information
Under the Freedom of Information Act 1991 you have the right to access the personal and
health information concerning you. An application form is available from the Freedom of
Information Office or the enquiry desk at the Kermode Street entrance. We can explain the
process when you get an application form. For further information please contact the
Freedom of Information Officer during office hours on (08) 8161 6127.
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Consumers and community participation
The Children, Youth and Women’s Health Service (CYWHS), of which the WCH is part, is
committed to working in partnership with consumers and the community, and involving
them in service and program planning, implementation, delivery and evaluation.
We believe that consumer participation in health care can lead to:
>> Improved service quality and safety
>> Improved health outcomes for individuals and groups
>> Services that are responsive to the needs of consumers.
CYWHS has a Consumer and Community Advisory Committee which meets every two
months and advises the CYWHS Executive on a range of consumer issues.
If you wish to become involved in improving services at the WCH, please contact the
Manager, Community Engagement Unit on telephone (08) 8161 6835.
Other useful resources
>> There’s No Such Thing As A Silly Question: a practical guide for families living with a
child with chronic illness, disability, mental illness or a life-threatening condition
Website: www.wchfoundation.org.au
>> Having Your Baby at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, available from
Women’s Outpatients, Women’s and Children’s Hospital.
>> Before You Travel for Medical Care, Country Patient Journey Resource, 2010,
Department of Health, Government of South Australia
>> Contacts For When You Travel, Country Patient Journey Resource, 2010,
Department of Health, Government of South Australia
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Non-English speaking: for information in languages other than
English, call the interpreting and Translating Centre and ask them
to call The Department of Health. This service is available at no
cost to you, contact (08) 8226 1990.
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