China Waiting Child

Waiting Child
10 months and older with special
30-55 years old, married at least 2
years. Single women eligible for the
Special Focus program.
Application to referral: 5-7 months
Referral to travel: 5-7 months
1 trip
12-14 days
The Children
China’s central adoption authority, the CCCWA, maintains a list of thousands of waiting
children. Boys and girls of all ages with mild to non -correctable special needs are
available. Some children who are older may not have any special medical needs. There
are also children who had a correctable special need and surgery or treatment has already
been preformed. Children who have been on the list for more than 60 days or have
moderate to severe special needs are considered Special Focus children. Single women
may apply to the Special Focus program. Carolina Adoption Services does not accept
families to the Non-Special Needs track in China due to a waiting list of 7+ years.
The Program
Families will complete a home study and file their dossier with the CCCWA to be eligible
for a referral. Families in the Special Focus program may be matched with a referral prior
to submitting a dossier. Because the children in the China Waiting Child program are
already on China’s registry, there is not a long wait for a referral. The length of time
until a match is found depends upon the children available and the parent’s requests.
Carolina Adoption Services utilizes China’s shared list and may also have identified
children available on the CAS Waiting Child photolisting through the agency’s one -to-one
orphanage partnership.
The Process
Referrals must be approved by the CCCWA. With the help of our staff, prospective
parents will apply for approval from China officials to proceed with their adoption.
Travel permission is typically issued about 5 -7 months after the family receives a referral.
Our staff and facilitators in China will schedule all adoption -related appointments in China
for the family and assist the family throughout the adoption trip. Families will travel to
their child’s region to pick up their child. All families end their trip in Guangzhou to
process their child’s visa. Optional trips to sightsee in Beijing or Hong Kong are available.
The adoption trip lasts 12-14 days.
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Costs at a Glance
Carolina Adoption Services Fees
Mike & Ann Marie Kennedy
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North Carolina
Craig & Sandra Mills
[email protected]
Placement Only Full-Services*
Application Fee
Home Study (or Home Study Review)
Aid & Development
Child’s Lock-In Fee & Translation
Professional Services
Country Report Deposit (refundable)
Country Reports: Admin & Translation (six reports)
Country Reports
A Federal Tax credit up to
$12,650 is available to qualified
adoptive parents. The tax credit
and other resources like grants
and low-interest loans can help
reduce the cost of expanding your
family through adoption. Please
visit and click
on Resources for Adoption Costs
for information.
Post-Adoption (three reports)
Fees Paid to Agency
* Full-Service: Home study, placement, & post-adoption (avail. NC, SC, VA)
International Fees
International Facilitator’s Fee
CCCWA Dossier Registration & Translation
CCCWA Orphanage Fee
CCCWA Provincial Government Fee
International Fees
Other Fees
CIS Application
CIS Fingerprints (per person)
Allie Hamel
China Program Coordinator
a l l i [email protected] c a ro l in a a d op t ion .o r g
3 3 6 -2 7 5 -9 6 6 0 e x t . 1 2 2
Dossier Authentication
Child’s Medical Exam
Child’s US Visa & Processing Fee
In-Country Expenses (estimated)
Airfare (per person)
In-Country Guide / Translator
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