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September, 2012
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Quote of the Month
"A grownup is a child with
layers on."
~Woody Harrelson
September is always a special month in chiropractic
offices world-wide. Chiropractic was born September 18,
1895; which makes our profession 117 years old this
month. For most chiropractors this profession founded
over a century ago is our baby. We will do whatever it
takes to protect, serve and make sure chiropractic remains
the largest natural healthcare choice in this country. If you
have children then you understand this concept of doing
Birthday Party for anything to protect and serve unconditionally.
Chiropractic's 117th So, during this month, all of us at the chiropractic center
want to assist you in protecting your child's health. We
have declared this kids' month at our Glastonbury office
and would like to offer complimentary back to school
spinal evaluations for your children. This includes the
initial evaluation, x-rays, and report of findings.
In our country, we understand the importance of periodic
dental exams and x-rays. We want our children to have the
straightest, whitest, and cavity free teeth at all costs. What
Bring the kids in for a
Birthday party visit
we fail to see is the importance of periodically evaluating
today to get to know us! our child's spines. An improperly functioning spine sets
Tues., September 18th.
Healthy Eating 101
the stage for poor spinal health/decay; which then leads
to nervous system dysfunction, a weakened immune
system, reduced performance in activities and sports,
inability to focus, poor posture and abnormal spinal
curvature such as scoliosis.
It is with our best intentions that we offer you an
opportunity for your children to be evaluated at our office.
We hope to see you during this special month.
Yours in health,
Dr. D.
Caelum Massicotte, NA GLA
Join us at the Chiropractic
Center on Sept. 27
from 7-8 PM to get
your questions about diet
and nutrition answered by
Caelum, a Healthy Eating
Specialist and employee of
Whole Foods.
Part of our Nutrition
Free Spine
screenings at the
Glastonbury Apple
Harvest Festival
More and more parents are having their children's spines and
nervous systems assessed. When you appreciate how causes of
nerve irritation (or vertebral subluxations) and their effects on the
child's health this makes sense. These irritations occur as a result of
normal every day stressors from physical, chemical and emotional
insults to their health, such as bad posture, knocks and falls, poor
food choices, dehydration, exposure to chemicals and toxins, and
stress and anxiety. Even before these lifestyle stressors have an
impact, nerve irritation can occur in the uterus from awkward
positioning, restriction of movement, and exposure to toxins, and
from birth complications such as long labors, very fast labors, or
forceps or caesarean delivery.
Ten Reasons to Bring Your Child for Chiropractic Care
1. To maximize your child's neural plasticity (brain and
nerve development).
2. To enhance your child's overall health and wellbeing.
3. To strengthen immunity and reduce the incidence of
colds, ear-aches and general illness.
4. To help with colic and Irritable Baby Syndrome.
5. To help with asthma, breathing difficulties and
To improve spinal posture.
To improve your child's ability to concentrate.
To assist with behavioral disorders and enhance
emotional wellbeing.
To help alleviate digestive problems.
To assist with bed-wetting and sleep issues.
Be well,
Dr. Jaime
Stop in and say hello to
us! October 13 & 14,
2012 from
10am - 5:00pm
Robert D. Burns, NASM
Certified Personal Trainer
Now that summer vaca/ons
are over and school has started,
many of us find ourselves
rushing around with li9le /me
to exercise. But, this is a perfect
opportunity to stay focused and
find ways to incorporate the
ac/vity. With a few, small
adjustments in your busy
schedule, there are some great
"Dr. DeFrancesco's kept me in the game and I thank him for much of my
McKenzie Hollenbaugh started Chiropractic
when she and her family first moved to
Connecticut from Ohio. When her soccer
program became more competitive
McKenzie's mother introduced her to it and
explained that chiropractic would help her
stay at 100% peak performance and would
decrease her down time should she become
injured or just feel the need for a break.
McKenzie is a graduate of Glastonbury High
School is playing soccer for Boston
"I continue to go to the chiropractor
McKenzie Hollenbaugh
because he helps me stay in alignment and
feel healthy. I feel that I can continue to
train and play at a very high level with minimal injury. Any little bump
I do get- I feel fades faster with chiropractic care. Dr. DeFrancesco's
kept me in the game and I thank him for much of my success. He's kept
me going. I wouldn't be able to compete in soccer at this high of a
level without Dr. D.
I am always full of energy normally, but when my back or my legs hurt,
I tend to fade. Dr. D puts me right back into place and I am energetic
and chippery again. I find myself able to stay with a project longer
because I don't hurt as much and heal much more quickly.
ways to make a difference. For
instance, you may find that
taking a full hour to exercise is
just not prac/cal and the /me
changes (turning the clocks
back) may interfere with your
current exercise schedule.
Studies have shown that
spliGng your /me up
throughout the day can be very
produc/ve. (See here for more
Here are a fewways to make an
impact on your ac/vity level:
I like coming to the office because the service is great and the people
are even better. They are very welcoming and friendly. It is a happy
place which makes me feel good about going there."
1. Take a 20 minute walk in the
morning and/or at lunch/me.
The autumn weather is so
refreshing so enjoy it in small
spurts! Believe it or not, this can
make a big difference.
Before We Go...
2. Consider parking your car
farther away from the store or
As your Chiropractic team we would like to say Thank You for the faith and trust you
shopping mall and get that extra place in us to assist you on your journey to better health and wellness. We value that
walk in. Again, this is a great
trust above all else.
way to get some ac/vity into
your day while taking a few
deep breathes in between.
3. Consider doing sit-­‐ups or
push-­‐ups during television
commercials. If you're a couch
potato, you can s/ll squeeze in
some ac/vity and actually make
some progress while burning a
few calories.
4. Buy or dust off your
treadmill or ellip>cal. Make a
commitment to use the
equipment at least 20 minutes a
day. If you set a goal between
4-­‐5 sessions in a week, you will
Yours in Health,
see and feel a difference!
5. Make >me for you! Pick up a
Dr. Patrick DeFrancesco
hobby like dancing, yoga, or
Dr. Jaime Ouellette
kickboxing. These ac/vi/es will
and the Team at
The Chiropractic Health Center of Glastonbury
add variety into your life and
provide a posi/ve effect on the
This month make a
commitment to stay ac/ve and
on track with your goals for the
season. It will make a difference
in all areas of your life, mentally,
physically, and emo/onally.
While exercising, it is important
to maintain regularly scheduled
chiroprac/c adjustments to help
you stay healthy, balanced, and
prevent injuries. You'll get more
posi/ve results for a longer
period of /me. (See here for
more benefits.
Enjoy the autumnal weather
and get outside to exercise!
Robert D. Burns, NASM Cer/fied
Personal Trainer
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:30-­‐12:00 and 2:30-­‐6:00
Tuesday, Thursday:
7:30-­‐12:00 and 2:30-­‐5:00