Peace Reformed Church News

Peace Reformed Church News
SIOUX CITY, IA 51108 712-258-0486
Dec. 21, 2014
Scripture: Matthew
1:18-25; Isaiah 7:10-16
Sermon: Peace
Dec. 28, 2014
Scripture: Isaiah 61:10
– 62:3
Sermon: A New Name
December 16, 2014
8:45 AM
& 11:00 AM
Sunday School:
9:45 - 10:45
September to
This Week’s Participants: Worship: Praise Team; Director of Music: Amanda
Vande Zande; Organist: Minda Thompson; Sound: Chris Lewis
December 21 8:45: Jeff & Dee Ahlers, Jim & Helen Bilsland
11:00: Craig & Jodie Solomon
December 21 8:45: Upstairs: Michael & Mona Scaletta, Scott & Cindy Schubert
Downstairs: Mike & Stacia Schuur
11:00: Upstairs: Fran Sadden, Jerry & Gen Hiserote
Downstairs: Lenard & Betty Schmidt
December 21 8:45: Matt & Sarah Jongeling
9:45: No Sunday School
11:00: Autumn Fluent
Next Week’s Participants: Liturgist: Brian Moon; Director of Music: Amanda
Vande Zande; Organist: Minda Thompson; Sound: Jim Zuercher
Final Steps!
We are so close!
 Raised: $575,000
 Amount needed:
Gospel Mission:
December 28 8:45: Jeff & Dee Ahlers, Jim & Helen Bilsland
11:00: Craig & Jodie Solomon
December 28 8:45: Upstairs: Dean & Patricia Sheehan, Dave & Bee Shira
Downstairs: Stan & Kristin Simpson
11:00: Upstairs: Mitch & Susan Sorenson, John Steuenberg
Downstairs: Craig & Jodie Solomon
December 28 8:45: Jill Obbink, Sheila Willson
9:45: No Sunday School
11:00: Amanda McCauley
December 21st 11:00am
Events for this Week at Peace
Terry & Carole Johnston
 Help sing in a group
 Lead responsive
 Call to worship
 Read a poem
 Play an instrument
 Read scripture
 Relate experience of
 Or just smile.
Wednesday: Dec. 17
Choir Practice
7:00 pm
Dec. 18
Ladies Luncheon @ Panera Bread
12:00 pm
Dec. 19
Men’s Luncheon @ Pizza Ranch
11:30 am
Dec. 21
Worship Services
8:45 am & 11:00 am
Power of Prayer Team
Gospel Mission Service
MS & HS Christmas Party & Movie
8:15 am
11:00 am
5:30 pm
Dec. 22
Office Open Change for Holidays
8:30 – 12:30 pm
Dec. 23
Office Open Change for Holidays
8:30 – 12:30 pm
Marlene Hoelker
[email protected]
(Training Provided)
Amanda VandeZande
[email protected]
Choir Rehearsals: Wednesdays, 7:00 p.m. All are welcome.
Needed: instrumentalists to join the praise band
Who: NOW up to 3 students
What: Need mentors
When: One hr./wk. during
school hours
Where: Unity School
Who: Women of Peace Reformed Church
When: Tuesday afternoons @ 1:00
Where: in the lower level at Peace Church
What: If you know of someone going through a tough time (illness, hospice
care, house fire, tornado and etc.) & a handmade quilt would be an
Contact: Kathy Dekker @ 277-8248 or Marge King @ 712-378-3566.
Prayer Box:
On Welcome
Table in the
Place your
Joys & Requests
in the box.
Sunday morning and during
the week the Prayer Team will
address these joys and
Terry & Carole Johnston
712-943-9904 or
[email protected]
Note The Time Change
This Year!
Christmas Eve Service
December 24, 2014
at 6:00 p.m.
Liturgist: Thom Borchert
Sound: Corey Westra
Ushers: Tom & Eva
Richards, & Lenard & Betty
Greeters: Upstairs:
Garrett & Nancy
VanSurksum, Lenard &
Betty Schmidt;
Downstairs: Greg & Sheryl
Nursery: Steve & Diane
Nursery Volunteers Needed: Weekly volunteers are
needed for the Sunday School hour of 9:45
Katie Stansberry @ 605-940-2265;
Stacy Daschel @ 712-898-7069.
Ladies Luncheon: Dec. 18th, 12:00 p.m. @
Panera Bread in Morningside.
Men’s Luncheon: Dec. 19th 11:30 a.m. @ Pizza
Ranch on Floyd Blvd. Come when you can and
leave when you must.
Leadership Team Minutes can be read on the church web site:
Family First
Who: Everyone
What: Family First Sign-ups
When: Deadline is Dec. 28th
Where: Sign-ups located in the foyer
*Please sign-up to help us determine how much
food to prepare and how many materials to
Discipleship Volunteer Needs
 Small Group Leaders
 Vacation Bible School Organizers (2-3 people
Christmas Program
Thanks again to everyone involved in helping
make the Christmas Program a success this
past Sunday! The night was a lot of fun and the
kids did a fabulous job singing and acting.
Youth Group
 Christmas Party: The MS and HS youth will have
a white elephant gift exchange & pizza this
Sunday starting at 5:30.
Men’s Group
There is no men’s group throughout the
holidays. We will resume on January 10th.
Aaron VanDuinen
[email protected]
Small Groups
Leaders: Chris & Michelle Lewis
Where: 4301 Seger Ave., Sioux City, IA
When: Start Sun. Jan. 11, 4:00—5:00 pm
Leaders: Aaron & Emily VanDuinen
Where: 4525 Talbot Road, Sioux City, IA
When: Start Sun. Jan. 11, 1:00 —3:00 pm
(potluck style meal)
Leaders: Paul & Jan Schneider
Where: Start @ Church (T.B.D. from there)
When: Start Wed. Apr. 22, 6:00 —7:00 pm
Sunday Night Study
What: Becoming a Romans 12 Christian - Video
When: 5:30 – 6:30 pm starting Jan. 11
Where: Peace Choir Room
Upcoming Adult Sunday School Opportunities
Please check the back table in the foyer and sign-up to take
part in the winter opportunities.
 Adult Sunday School: Begins Jan. 11
 Small Groups: Begins Jan. 11
 College Group/Young Adults: Meeting Sundays
starting Jan. 11
***Deadline to sign up is December 28.***
MISSION TEAM--would like to challenge the congregation to give to a campaign we are putting together for
Unity Elementary. Hats, gloves, mittens, and coats are of great need for the children of Kids Hope. If you are
able, please bring some new or gently used items and set in the Kids Hope bucket by the announcement
table. Anything will help and no donation too small. Thank you!
General Fund Mission Support. Over the final weeks of 2014, the Leadership Team would like to fulfill more
of the financial support to mission organizations in our budget. Please prayerfully consider this need.
Snow! Snow! Help is needed for sidewalk snow removal. The months of December, January, February, &
March. 2 people per month please. Please contact Clint Vos at [email protected] or 712-253-4808.
BSF Men's Discussion Group: BSF will resume January 6th.
Congregational Meeting Report. December 7, Sunday night at our congregational meeting, reports were
heard from the Leadership Team, Aaron VanDuinen, Tom Daschel, & Pastor Bob. The following business was
voted on: Approved the Leadership Team motion to partner with Pastor Bob in applying once again for the Lilly
Endowment National Clergy Renewal Program. Approved the 2015 budget of $ 316,772. The election of
elders and deacons was held and the results were as follows: Carole Johnston and Brian Mastbergen were
elected as elders. Melanie Jacobsen and Emily Pittenger were elected as deacons. There were 87 ballots
cast. Gratitude was expressed to those who allowed their names to be on the ballot (Scott Eldridge, Wilson
Huitink, Arlen Leinart, and Nate Vander Plaats) and to those Leadership Team members who will be
completing their service in the next couple of months (Kevin Durst, Jo Hackett, Michelle Lewis, and Clint Vos).
Informational Details at Peace:
Power of Prayer Team: Sunday morning at 8:15 in the 1st floor mechanical room. Please contact
Terry/Carole Johnston @ [email protected] or 943-9904 with personal requests.
ALTAR FLOWERS: If you are interested in donating flowers, please see Phyllis DeWolf for details.
We have sent. via e-mail, a Monthly Volunteer Schedule for Nursery, Ushers, Worship Leaders,
Greeters, & Workers. If your scheduled date on the Monthly Volunteer Schedule does not work for you,
please switch with someone & let Charlotte know @ [email protected] or 712-258-0486 so the
correct name can be printed in the newsletter and bulletin.
Notice! Newsletter deadline is 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday & bulletin deadline is 10:00 am on Thursday..
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Reminder: Send mail to Peace Reformed Church @ P.O. Box 2310, Sioux City, Iowa, 51108.
Tony Hibma
Grace Pittenger, Gina Zuercher
Priscilla Peacock
Jo Hackett, Luke Wyant
December 19 Mike & Mona Scaletta