NOVEMBER 23, 2014
For I was hungry and you gave me
food, I was thirsty and you gave
me drink, a stranger and you
welcomed me, naked and you
clothed me, ill and you cared for me, in prison
and you visited me." Jesus insists that in
ministering to others' physical needs, we are
truly serving him. "Whatever you did for one of
the least brothers of mine, you did for me," he
tells us. And in a similar way, what we fail to do
for them, we fail to do for Christ: "What you did
not do for one of these least ones, you did not do
for me." This means that we have been given
both a gift and a task. The gift is the chance to
encounter Christ in our brothers and sisters.
The task is to be sure we don't neglect the
The corporal works of mercy provide us
with a kind of guide for how to live out this
important mission from Christ. These works
include feeding the hungry, giving drink to the
thirsty, clothing the naked, sheltering the
homeless, visiting the sick and the imprisoned,
and burying the dead. Based on the words of
Jesus in today's Gospel, it's an important part of
the Christian life to look for ways to engage in
these kinds of bodily ministries. Traditionally,
these "corporal" works are complemented by a
set of "spiritual" works. The spiritual works of
mercy ensure that we don't minister to the body
at the expense of the soul. They include
admonishing the sinner, instructing the ignorant,
counseling the doubtful, comforting the
sorrowful, bearing wrongs patiently, forgiving all
injuries, and praying for the living and the dead.
By engaging in these diverse works of mercy, we
serve others, love Jesus, and hope to "inherit
the kingdom prepared for [us] from the
foundation of the world.
THE ROSARY – The Rosary is being said thirty
minutes before each Mass. Please join us.
Save The Date: St Mary of the Purification Blood
Drive is January 4, 2015. Commit For Life! More
details to follow.
LECTORS: November 22nd & 23rd, 2014
5:00 PM Cordell Baham, Tracey Johnson, Heartha
8:30 AM Ronald Enard, Tony Brown, Erica Johnson
11:00 AM Erie Calloway, Johnnie May Roy, Mary C.
5:00 PM Robin Brown, TBD
8:30 AM Dorothy Lewis, Darril Volair, Melina Volair,
Robert Wesley, Stephanie Wesley, TBD
11:00 AM Laura Allen, Cheryl Cash, William Cash,
Erika Edmond, May Walker, Sylvester Whitmire
8:30 AM Ella Pickney, Ethel Comeaux
11:00 AM Mary Joubert, Otha Barnes
LECTORS: November 28th
7 PM Erie Calloway, Mary C. Hamilton, Johnnie Mae
7 PM Robin Brown, Nelda Davis, Margaret Riley
Living Faith: A reflection based on a Scripture passage
from the daily Mass 11/24/14 – 11/30/14
MONDAY: Rv 14:1-3, 4-5 * Ps 24:1-6 * Lk 21:1-4
She, from her poverty, has offered her whole livelihood.
TUESDAY: Rv 14:14-19 * Ps 96:10-13 * Lk 21:5-11
Say among the nations: The Lord is king.
WEDNESDAY: Rv 15:1-4 * Ps 98:1-3, 7-9 * Lk 21:12-19
You will be hated by all because of my name, but not a hair on your
head will be destroyed. By your perseverance you will secure your
THURSDAY: Sir 50:22-24 * Ps 138:1-5 * 1 Cor 1:3-9 * Lk 17:11-19
Has none but this foreigner returned to give thanks to God?
FRIDAY: Rv 20:1-4, 11--21:2 * Ps 84:3-6, 8 * Lk 21:29-33
My heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.
SATURDAY: Rv 22:1-7 * Ps 95:1-7 * Lk 21:34-36
Beware that your hearts do not become drowsy from carousing and
drunkenness and the anxieties of daily life…
SUNDAY: Is 63:16-17, 19b; 64:2-7 * Ps 80:2-3, 15-16, 18-19 * 1 Cor
1:3-9 * Mk 13:33-37
Why do you let us weather, O Lord, from your ways, and harden our
hearts so that we fear you not? Return for the sake of your servants, the
tribes of your heritage.
6:00 PM
6:00 PM
7:00 PM
7:30 PM
7:00 PM
10:00 AM
7:00 PM
Children Choir Practice
Shabach Choir Practice
Men’s Choir Practice
Young Adults Choir Practice
Thanksgiving Mass
Liturgical Dance Practice
AA Meeting – Rm 100
First Sunday Collection
Second Sunday Collection
Third Sunday Collection
Debt Reduction Collection
$ 9,654.00
$ 8,493.00
$ 2,534.00
Next Sunday’s Second Collection will be for our St.
Vincent De Paul Society. Please be generous.
Sat. 5:00 PM Thelma & Edward Donato by
Toni McElroy
Sun. 8:30 AM Kennedy Brown by Edith Franas
Sun. 11:00 AM People of the Parish and Bertha
Artis & Deborah Artis Oliver by
Henrietta & Hadley Hartshorn
Wed. 7:00 PM Clayton Tolliver, Josephine Jones,
Myrtle Strauss & Sidney Willis by
Sandria, Adrian, Lee & Johnathon
We are asking of donations to purchase flowers for
Advent and Christmas, to decorate the Church. If
you would like to donate, please write “Advent &
Christmas Flower Fund” on your check, or
envelope, place in the offertory plate or mail it to
the church office. Thank you in advance, for your
We will celebrate the Thanksgiving Day Holiday
with the Celebration of the Eucharist on
Wednesday, November 26th at 7:00 p.m. There will
be no 7AM Mass on Thanksgiving Day. The 7:00
a.m. Mass will resume on Friday, November 28th.
The Church Office will be closed on November 27th
and 28th in observance of Thanksgiving.
Please remember in your prayers Bishop Leonard J.
Olivier, SVD, retired Auxiliary Bishop of
Washington D.C., who died on Wednesday,
November 19th. May his soul and the souls of all
the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen.
BAZAAR 2014 NEWS: All outstanding funds
(Dance Tickets, Ads & Patrons of the Commemorative
Booklet, Raffle, Bingo, etc.) should be turned into
the Church Office immediately.
A Financial report on our 2014 Fall Festival and other
church finances is forthcoming shortly.
Religious Education News:
PreK—5th grade and Young Catechumen classes
will meet in St. Mary's Center for Religious Ed
classes on Sunday, December 7th and December
14th. Parents are asked to attend classes with their
child/children. Please visit St. Mary's website for
other assignments and announcements. Please do
the online assignments with your child/children
before Sunday's class.
Christmas Eve Nativity Scene Rehearsal Schedule:
Dec. 6th - 9am-12pm, Dec. 13th – 1pm-3:30pm, Dec.
20th – 9am-12pm, Dec. 23rd – 5:30pm-8pm, Dec. 24th
– Call @ 4pm - Mass @ 6pm.
On February 8, 2015, the Parishioners of St. Mary
of the Purification Catholic Church will celebrate
the Fiftieth Anniversary of the ordination of Fr.
Borgia Aubespin, SVD. The celebration will
begin with a Mass of Celebration at 11:00 am,
followed by a program in the Sanctuary and
reception in the Parish Hall.
The Life Teen Missionaries News:
Youth Ministry open gym night Wednesdays for
the rest of the semester. If you are in 6th-12th grade
please join them in the Center from 6-8pm.
Open House at the Robey-Holliday Youth House
on November 16th, 23rd and December 7th and 14th,
11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
On Wednesdays and Thursdays at the RobeyHolliday Youth House the missionaries offer free
math tutoring from 4-6pm.
The Missionaries and Young Adult Ministry meet
every Thursday at the Buffalo Wild Wings in
Midtown from 6:30-8pm, with a short bible study at
the beginning of the night and then just hang out,
eat, talk, and watch sports for the rest of the night.
We would love to have as many people show up as
possible to share in some faith and friendship!
If you have any questions about what is going on
with the youth ministry at St. Mary’s or would like
to just get into contact with the missionaries send
an email to [email protected]. We are looking
forward to serving with you this year! God Bless!