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Time is running out for
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First look at some ‘Sturdy
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Is SDN the future of
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05/12/2014 14:06
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05/12/2014 14:06
Newsflash 12.14
Welcome to the December edition of Newsflash
With Christmas approaching all too soon, at Tech Data it is time to reflect on what has been a
challenging but positive 2014 and look ahead to a bright start to 2015. Turn to page 20 as we
talk to business leaders and visionaries from around the Tech Data Collection of Specialists
and discuss what the major trends and opportunities may be for next year.
Last month we had some great news for our Azlan division coming out on top at the recent
CRN Awards winning Storage Distributor of the Year. It was acknowledged that no other
value distributor in the channel could offer the depth and range of services on top of an
increasingly extensive product portfolio. Well done to everyone involved.
As Public Sector spending continues to build this month, many educational organisations and
establishments are preparing for the Bett Show – the biggest IT education event in Public
Sector and a crucial date in our calendar. Our Public Sector team will be in attendance as will
many of our vendor partners. For further information, please visit www.bettshow.com
Finally take a look at pages 19 and 40 for interviews with Steven Bailey from our Tech Data
Components and Accessories division and Adrian Williams from Microsoft Lumia.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
Click the picture above and Kate McIntyre will show you some
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05/12/2014 14:06
What does 2015 have in store for IT? We asked business leaders and visionaries
from around Tech Data’s Collection of Specialist businesses to give us their views on
what will be the major trends and opportunities for the year ahead.
Margin Makers
The hottest deals for the fastest return........................................................................
Industry News
A brief look back at all that’s been happening in the channel...................................
News focusing on corporate, consumer, SMB and technology markets....................
Public Sector News
CRN Public Sector Report now available to you............................................................
Time is running out
Upgrade your customers as Windows Server comes to the end..................................
Sturdy boots
The Panasonic Toughbook and Toughpads withstand rough conditions...................
Lumia from Microsoft
Adrian Williams from Microsoft discusses the challenges and achievements...........
Ten points for Promethean
Revolutionise the way teachers can inspire our children............................................
Promising even more
Acer steps up its sales drive in the commercial markets.............................................
Improving solution providers’ businesses
A success at the CompTIA’s UK Channel Community Meeting.....................................
Is SDN the future of networking?
Curt Beckmann from Brocade discusses the potential of SDN....................................
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05/12/2014 14:06
Newsflash 12.14
Industry News
Cloud predicted to dominate enterprise
spending within four years
loud services will account for half of software, server and storage spending
growth – and generate three quarters of data centre traffic, according to recent
industry research. IDC says public IT cloud services spending will reach $56.6
billion in 2014 worldwide and swell to $127 billion by 2018, generating half of all
software, server, and storage spending growth. It expects the number of new cloudbased solutions to increase ten-fold and says software as a service (SaaS) will account for
70% of spending in 2014 and continue to dominate.
Cisco meanwhile has predicted that within four years, 76% of all data centre traffic will
be cloud-based. It was generating 54% of total data centre traffic already last year. On
its latest Global Cloud Index, Cisco also predicts overall data centre traffic growth will
triple in volume, growing 23% per annum from 3.1 zettabytes a year in 2013 to 8.6
zettabytes in 2018. (A zettabyte is a trillion gigabytes.)
Connected devices Laptop sales revived by
consumer demand
to grow by 30%
Most channel
businesses in
3D printer sales doubled in 2014
artner estimate the number of connected devices
will increase 30% over the coming 12 months as
mobile, social media and cloud trends continue
to dominate. The analyst firm predicts that the number
of connected devices will rise from 3.8 billion this year to
reach 4.9 billion in 2015.
research firm Context says that Q3 saw a
revival in consumer laptop sales – and it’s
expected to continue through the holiday
season. The firm says that sales of consumer-targeted
‘clamshell’ laptops increased by 20.3% year-on-year,
while tablet sales declined. The ‘back to school’ effect was
influential in Q3 but home users are also replacing aging
systems and upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 8.1.
ompTIA’s latest State of the UK Channel Report has
found that 70% of firms are transforming their
business to meet customer demand for new kind IT
solutions. Changes to services delivery and the cloud are
major influences, with 40% of respondents saying they are
finding it hard to balance meeting existing business needs
with new areas.
ales of 3D printers are expected to double by the
end of 2014, according to analyst CCS Insight.
Worldwide shipments are expected to be 158,000, up
93% from 2013. In value terms the market is expected to
grow from $1.15 billion last year to $4.8 billion in 2018.
Industrial 3D printers will see a steady year-on-year growth
of 30% in 2014. Separately, HP says it has developed
3D-printing technology that can print 10 times faster at
considerably less expense than current devices. It plans to
launch products based on the technology in 2016.
Intel VP predicts big tech changes in 2015
ntel’s PC chip business boss, Kirk Skaugen has predicted big tech changes next year,
including wireless power supplies and charging for laptops and a concept called ‘YAP’
– ‘you are the password’, which recognises the user’s voice, fingerprint or facial features
(using 3D cameras) and will cut out the need for passwords to protect access to PCs.
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05/12/2014 14:06
Corporate News
HP Z series workstations finding
new customers in new industries
Jon Moore: Potential
for workstation sales is
spreading to more industries
’s new Z series line-up of workstations bring
potential for you to increase sales and margins
as more customers look to invest in higherperformance desktops. The desktop and mobile devices
offer more expandability, higher-speed memory and
multi-core performance than previous offerings. The HP
Z840, Z640 and Z440 desktop workstations feature the
latest Intel® Xeon® processors plus NVIDIA® and AMD
professional graphics options. The HP ZBook 15 G2 and
17 G2 Mobile Workstations come with optional Intel
quad-core processors and NVIDIA Quadro® and AMD
FirePro™ professional graphics.
demonstrations, and special bids on multiple or even on
single units with HP workstations. The higher revenues and
margins available make it well worth pursuing every
The market potential for workstations is growing, says Jon
Moore, Business Development Executive for Workstations
at Tech Data. ‘Architects, engineers, designers and media
professionals have always needed excellent graphics and
responsiveness and they remain a primary market for
workstations, but more users are now taking advantage of
lower-cost subscription models to make use of 2D and 3D
modelling, simulation and data analysis software and to
create more imaginative and dynamic content for use on
the web and in marketing. There are great opportunities in
photography, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, scientific
imaging, oil and gas exploration and many more industries.
If you would like to discuss workstation business
prospects, please email [email protected]
or call 01256 788000.
‘That’s expanding the market for workstations and the
opportunities for resellers and the new HP Z series is the
ideal platform for customers who want the very best
performance from a name they can trust. We can offer
extensive pre-sales support and assistance with
Positive response
to IBM MaaS360
zlan has seen a really positive response from VARs to MaaS360 – the
market-leading enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution from
Fiberlink, an IBM company, since launching the solution in late summer.
MaaS360 enables enterprises to fully embrace mobile technology and quickly
scale deployments and we are already seeing some very good business prospects
and positive responses to early evaluations and pilot projects.
If you have enterprise customers that are still grappling with the problem of
managing the mobile device explosion and managing policies and data, MaaS360
could provide you with the ideal solution. To find out more, please contact the
IBM software team on 0871 880 3803 or email [email protected]
It’s worth noting that with Datech acting as the exclusive
distributor for Autodesk in the UK and the cost of
AutoCAD LT 2D software now becoming much more
affordable under term based subscription licensing, and
wide format printer devices also available in our portfolio,
Tech Data can help you meet all the advanced needs of
users that require high-end imaging, graphics and drawing
Do you need help selling HP systems?
If you need help, our HP team can provide it…
Demonstrations improve success rates and we can arrange
for demonstration products via the HP Evaluation Team
to help you establish suitability for an end user or for use
in marketing events. If you are buying five or more HP PC
products for a named customer, we may be able to
help you achieve significant special bid discounts.
Just email part codes with the end user’s details to
[email protected]
Azlan named Storage
Distributor of the Year
zlan was crowned as Storage Distributor of the Year
at this year’s CRN Channel Awards. Azlan’s ability
to enhance and extend core storage offerings with
complementary technologies alongside our in-house
professional services and support, made it stand out from
other contenders.
No other value distributor is able to offer the depth and
range of services around storage that Azlan can today. Our
ability to bring together this combination of core enterprise
technologies, complementary solutions and expertise, and
deliver them with and on-behalf of VARs, systems
integrators and solutions houses, is unrivalled in the UK
today. For more information on storage solutions,
please call Azlan on 01256 864359 or email
[email protected]
Newsflash 12.10.indd 6
05/12/2014 14:06
Newsflash 12.14
Corporate News
Azlan appointed for IBM
SoftLayer IaaS cloud services
zlan has been appointed as a distributor for IBM’s
SoftLayer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) options,
providing a unique value proposition that offers
these services alongside IBM’s software and hardware
SoftLayer’s IaaS includes virtualised, public and private
options, delivered across a global cloud infrastructure that is
highly scalable and flexible. Both virtual and dedicated bare
metal servers are available on a self-service or managed
provisioning basis with rapid deployment options.
The appointment gives Azlan the unique ability to provide
support to IBM partners across the vendor’s software,
hardware and cloud services offerings. Azlan’s dedicated
managed services provider (MSP) team will be supporting
resellers on IBM SoftLayer solutions, working closely with
Azlan’s established IBM experts.
Andrew Brown, IBM Technical Practice Manager at Azlan,
stated: ‘Azlan is now unique in being able to offer the whole
range of IBM technologies. We can offer partners an
integrated approach and help them to meet the full range of
IBM customer requirements. This is a good opportunity to
help customers develop hybridised IT infrastructures. IBM
is a trusted name and Azlan has the experience and
capabilities to help VARs develop and grow with IBM’s
comprehensive set of platforms by helping customers
embrace the new IT infrastructure models.’
Our project saw more than 9,000 individual and shared
mailboxes to Microsoft’s cloud service from our onpremises, server-based infrastructure. Reza Honarmand,
Vice President Software and Cloud at Tech Data Europe
said: ‘We are delighted with this experience and we are
convinced that this is the optimal solution on the market,
giving end-customers quality and value for money. This
implementation makes it much easier for us to demonstrate
to our customers that Office 365 is the best solution out
If you’d like to transition to Office 365 yourself, we’ll be
glad to offer you help and advice. It is a great way to set an
example to customers and with the new Office 365 plans
and options, making the switch makes even more sense
now. Please get in touch with our dedicated Microsoft team
– email [email protected] or call 01256 864114.
01256 788 000
Newsflash 12.10.indd 7
software and services
For more information, please call 01256 864359 or email
offerings on IBM hardware,
[email protected]
ech Data Europe completed its internal Office 365
implementation last month, so we really are practising
what we have been preaching. Is it your turn next? By
making use of Office 365 ourselves we are taking the lead
and setting a great example to the market – and of course,
we are doing it because we understand the benefits and
we’re eager to experience them for ourselves.
is great quality and value for
Comprehensive set of
Azlan will be offering sales and marketing support to
reseller partners that commit to developing a defined
business development plan.
We’ve completed our Office 365
roll-out! Is it your turn next?
Reza Honarmand: Office 365
Andrew Brown:
HP teams achieve ISMM
training centre accreditation
zlan has completed the latest phase of the HP Sales
Excellence Programme, with 149 of its HP specialist
sales staff from across Europe completing the second
module of four of their ISMM (Institute of Sales and
Marketing Management) Level 3 Certificate in Sales and
The Azlan HP Sales Excellence Programme aims to set the
highest standards in the industry for professional sales
practice in value distribution. Azlan has also attained the
status of an ISMM Recognised Centre, enabling it to
deliver ISMM sales qualifications to its own staff and
reseller customers.
Stephen Cant, director for HP Enterprise Group, states:
‘We want to make certain that every experience that
partners have with Azlan, is a positive and progressive one
for their business. ‘We are pleased with the positive way our
teams have responded to the tailored ISMM training. We
take that as a clear sign that our investment in them will be
translated into excellent service for our customers.’
HP partners that want to find out more about Azlan’s
ISMM courses, the HP Signature programme or TD
Academy, should visit www.hp.azlan.com or contact their
local HP account management team.
05/12/2014 14:06
SMB News
Microsoft partners benefit from
Tech Data tailored support
eseller partners have given a resounding thumbs-up for
the way that Microsoft and Tech Data have been taking
Office 365 and Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform to
market, but want to see more tailored support and a greater
emphasis on selling the benefits of the solution.
Gemma Horsell: Microsoft
team is here to offer one-toone service and support
Microsoft partners that want to find out more about the
support and capabilities of the Tech Data Microsoft team,
should call 01256 864111 or email [email protected]
Tech Data and Microsoft recently brought together a group
of resellers for a round table session to discuss the developing
opportunities around the vendor’s latest offerings. A clear
message emerged that resellers want to see more emphasis
being placed on the benefits that Office 365 and other
Microsoft solutions deliver and less on the cloud concept.
We have launched a new Microsoft blog and
Tech Data’s almost-famous Microsoft Solutions
Architect, Sean Taylor will be regularly keeping
you up-to-date with the latest and up-coming
developments from Microsoft – and his
views on them. Anyone who knows Sean will
expect the blog to be entertaining as well as
informative, and perhaps just occasionally,
opinionated. Sean won’t be by himself though,
the blog will also be updated by Codie Gill,
Senior Office 365 Sales Specialist. It’s well
worth a book-mark or you can even ‘follow’ the
blog and be notified by email when there is an
update – read the first entries now at
Gemma Horsell, Microsoft Business Manager at Tech Data,
said: ‘We were really pleased with the feedback that we got
from the round table and what was abundantly clear is that
resellers are embracing the messages around Office 365, Azure,
OneDrive and devices, but want to see more clear emphasis
placed on the benefits these solutions bring to end-user
customers. That’s something we’ll take on board and work on
with Microsoft. It was also clear that partners wanted more
tailored support and information – and that’s something we
can deliver today. We have a dedicated group of experts in
Microsoft licensing and in the cloud solutions and they work
as a team to ensure that we provide the support and service
that individual partners need.’
SAP value proposition
just keeps getting better
igher awareness of the importance of business information has seen growing
interest in SAP’s complete range of software solutions and with this
broadening appeal and a great partner programme in place, SAP is becoming
ever-more popular.
The SAP Authorised Reseller Programme (ARP) offers a whole range of benefits,
including free training, attractive finance options and great margins. Plus as an SAP
Partner you’ll have real credibility with customers.
Get up to speed on
Microsoft Licensing in 2015
he New Year will be the perfect time to get yourself up
to speed on the very latest changes and developments
in Microsoft Licensing and we will be holding our
renowned Boot Camp sessions throughout 2015 – if you’d
like to get in early with your New Year’s resolutions, please
get in touch and reserve your place for the next courses –
email [email protected]
The SAP solutions range covers a really broad spectrum of needs. SAP Business
Objects enables you to drill into raw data to drive more informed decision making,
and Sybase SQL Anywhere, provides data management, synchronisation and
exchange capabilities that enable the rapid deployment of remote and
mobile applications. In addition, SAP offers the ever-popular Crystal
Solutions, BI OnDemand, the Sybase IQ RDBMS for big data and
analytics, and the Afaria mobile device management system.
For more information, take a look at the SAP microsite,
call 01256 864 114 or email
[email protected]
Newsflash 12.10.indd 8
05/12/2014 14:07
Newsflash 12.14
SMB News
HP vaporises virtual
infrastructure silos
ith the launch of the HP ConvergedSystem 200-HC
StoreVirtual, HP is signalling the end of virtualised
infrastructures in which the server, storage and
software were purchased separately and then brought together
as one in which the whole solution comes ready-made as a
fully integrated system.
Billed as ‘the fastest, easiest way to deploy and manage
virtual infrastructure’, the HP ConvergedSystem 200-HC
StoreVirtual can be deployed in around 15 minutes. As well
as all the core building blocks, it comes with integrated HP
OneView management software.
Aimed at businesses with up to 250 seats, at a stroke, it
expands the potential available market for virtualised solutions,
says Jonathan Kaiser, HP Solutions Architect at Azlan. ‘The
HP ConvergedSystem 200-HC is a totally and truly converged
environment that is ready to go out of the box. That makes
it easier to sell and deploy – and is more affordable. It will
be an easier decision to make for customers and will bring
many more prospects – who might have otherwise looked at
lower cost options that would not deliver the same level of
functionality – into the frame. It’s a really great opportunity.’
Azlan’s specialist HP team will be offering multi-level support
on the new HP ConvergedSystem, enabling resellers to
quickly attain the level of pre-sales support they need to win
business. With availability expected in the New Year, Azlan
will be arranging a series of workshops and demonstrations
for partners that are interested in learning more about the HP
ConvergedSystem 200-HC. A very special promotion is also
being planned for resellers that undertake training and engage
with Azlan on sales and marketing.
Jonathan Kaiser: Converged
system brings more
customers into the frame
Full details and information on the new HP ConvergedSystem
200-HC StoreVirtual can be obtained from the Azlan team –
please call 01256 864359 or email [email protected]
Use your cloud experience to build new
business with AutoCAD LT
ith major software vendors such as Adobe and
Microsoft now moving purposefully towards
a subscription-based licensing model, many
resellers are starting to get quite a good understanding of
how these programmes work and how they can be best sold
to end-user customers.
you have been talking to customers about the benefits of
Adobe Creative Cloud, for example, you’ll find it easy to
understand and articulate the benefits of AutoCAD LT
subscription licensing as well, and if you have customers
who need to create drawings or diagrams of any kind, there
is an opportunity waiting for you there.’
Autodesk – for which our Datech business unit is the
exclusive UK distributor – is also moving firmly in this
direction, actively encouraging customers to take-up
subscriptions for the excellent 2D drawing package,
AutoCAD LT in particular. Using the software under
annual subscription is much more cost-effective than
buying it outright and stakes are growing as a result.
AutoCAD LT is now available on a term-based licence.
A one-year AutoCAD LT 2015 Desktop Subscription
carries an SRP of £300 – this compares with a Perpetual
Licence SRP of £950, on top of which customers would be
expected to pay annual maintenance of £180.
Anna-Marie Constantinou, Datech Retail Business
Manager, says: ‘Under the Desktop subscription licensing
AutoCAD LT is much more affordable and customers
who previously thought that it was out of their reach are
now finding they can afford to invest. That’s growing the
market quite rapidly. A number of resellers who have not
previously sold AutoCAD LT have started marketing this
option to their existing customer base with some success.’
[email protected]
She says that the growing familiarity of resellers with
cloud-based services is helping to drive new business. ‘If
01256 788 000
Newsflash 12.10.indd 9
To find out more, please contact Anna-Marie
Constantinou, on 07920 727069 or email
Deadline looms for AutoCAD customers
AutoCAD LT customers have until 1st February 2015 to upgrade to the latest edition
and take out Desktop Subscription. After that they will lose their opportunity to take
advantage of the discounted offer. If you still have customers who are yet to make the
commitment, the time to contact them is now!
05/12/2014 14:07
Consumer News
Tech Data makes full range of IRIS
portable scanners available in UK
ech Data is now selling the full range of home,
mobile and hand-held scanners from IRIS. It’s a really
excellent line-up that has something for every kind
of user – from super-fast A4 scanners and wireless units
to the amazing IRISNotes™ Executive 2 digital pen, which
converts handwriting to digital text, as you write.
Mark Glasspool: Excited
about the prospects for IRIS
scanner range
There are devices in the range designed to scan pages
from magazines or books and as they run off built-in or
simple AAA, they can be used just about anywhere. That’s
perfect for students who need to capture pages for revision
or homework, for people doing family tree research and
anyone who wants to quickly capture and store away
images digitally. There is even a special business card
They are really easy to use and attractively priced. Mark
Glasspool, Director of Printing, PC Components and
Consumer Electronics at Tech Data UK, is expecting them
to be popular. ‘IRIS’ products are really attractive and
broad in terms of their appeal, so we are expecting to see
healthy demand for them from retailers and online sellers.
Tech Data Mobile to embrace
The Edge of Innovation theme
at Mobile World Congress 2015
he Tech Data Mobile team will be put in force at
Mobile World Congress in Barcelona between 2–5th
March 2015 and it’s a great opportunity to meet with
them and hear about our plans for 2015 and how we can
help you drive more profitable business.
Stephen Nolan: Looking
forward to welcoming
partners and customers to
Mobile Word Congress 2015
This annual gathering of the great and the good in the
mobile business is the place to get right up to speed with
trends and directions in the market, so if mobile is strategic
to you, don’t miss it. Stephen Nolan, Senior Vice President
of Tech Data Mobile Europe is really looking forward to
the event.
‘We are excited to be a part of MWC once again and
we’ll be fully embracing this year’s The Edge of Innovation
theme. MWC is a great place to catch up with customers
and suppliers and develop new relationships. We have a
lot of plans to discuss with our partners for 2015, so we’re
expecting our stand to be even busier than it was last year.’
The Tech Data Mobile team can furnish you with all the details of this year’s event and
they will be there to meet with customers and suppliers and discuss the future. If you are
interested in meeting up with the team there or would like some more information, please
call Tech Data Mobile on 01256 864 888 or email [email protected]
They demonstrate well too, so they are a great product to
show customers and something that will grab attention and
get people talking. We’re quite excited about the prospects.’
Tech Data is working with IRIS on a range of promotional
and go-to-market activities. For more information on the
IRIS range, check InTouch, talk to your sales contact on
01256 788000 or email print@[email protected]
Kingston provides
256GB SD card for
pro users
Kingston Technology
has set the bar incredibly
high with its latest 256GB
capacity SD card. The Class 10
UHS-I card is ideal for intensive
full HD video recording, 3D video,
and fast-action HD stills. Making use of the
very latest UHS-I technology, it supports
full 1080p HD video and 3D video and
provides higher sustained write speeds for
continuous burst mode and reduced stutter.
It’s compatible with SDXC and comes with
Kingston’s famed lifetime warranty and free
technical support.
For more information, please
check InTouch or email
[email protected]
You can find out more about the event at www.mobileworldcongress.com
Newsflash 12.10.indd 10
05/12/2014 14:07
Newsflash 12.14
Consumer News
Now there are no limits on
OneDrive for Office 365 users
icrosoft has announced that it is removing the
storage limits in OneDrive for Office 365 users,
making the new productivity suite an even more
attractive option for SMBs and individual workers who
want to ensure that they can always have access to all their
data, anytime, anywhere.
The move is expected to accelerate uptake of Office 365
even more. Migration has been gathering pace in recent
weeks. The free upgrade to unlimited storage will roll out
to all subscribers over the next few months – but current
subscribers can sign-up for the unlimited OneDrive storage
right away on Microsoft’s website. The previous limit on
storage was 1TB.
Dwayne Earl, Software Business Unit Manager at Tech
Data, says that it’s a significant change. ‘By offering
unlimited OneDrive storage, Microsoft is stepping up a
gear with Office 365. It’s already attracted a lot of attention
and we certainly see it accelerating sales of the Personal and
Home editions. It’s something worth shouting about and
will add to the appeal of Office 365 as an attach sale to all
Windows laptops and tablets.’
There is no limit to the number of devices that can access
OneDrive storage, but access is tied to a single Personal
subscription. Customers with a Home subscription can
have up to five separate Microsoft account holders with
their own cloud storage space. Separate OneDrive storage
subscriptions are still available as well. It’s expected that the
no-limits storage will be rolled out to business customers
next year.
For more information, please call the Microsoft team on
01256 864111 or email [email protected]
Acer gets to market first
with launch of 4K Ultra
HD laptop
cer has become the first vendor to start shipping a 4K Ultra HD laptop.
The V Nitro Black Edition has a 17.3 inch display and makes use of Intel’s
fourth-generation Core i7-4710HQ quad-core processor. It comes with
16GB of RAM, 256GB SSD plus 1TB disk and Nvidia GeForce GTX860M
graphics card inside, the Aspire VN7-791G, so it really is very powerful indeed.
There is also a Blu-ray drive (PART CODE: 3200535).
Acer has also announced the new Aspire Switch 12 hybrid tablet, which uses fanless Intel Core M processors. This makes it ‘whisper quiet’ and with five modes
and a 12.5-inch Full HD screen, this tablet has a broad appeal. Stocks should
be landing about now. Both products ship with Windows 8.1. For more, check
InTouch, call the PC Systems team on 01256 788200.
01256 788 000
Newsflash 12.10.indd 11
Dwayne Earl: Unlimited
OneDrive offer is worth
shouting about
Take advantage of the
C2G Attach programme
roviding connectors and cables for mobile devices,
notebooks, tablets, smartphones and TVs is a great
way to boost your profits this holiday season – and
it’s worth stocking up on top-selling items and taking full
advantage of the C2G Attach programme. You’ll find all
the hardware products you need on InTouch with cables
and connectivity items listed under ‘Related Items’. Start
attaching today, log onto InTouch or contact Maverick on
01256 788733.
GO Lamps hits 10K mark
Lamps – Genuine Original
replacement projector lamps – now
has lamps available for over 10,000
projectors. A leading manufacturer of genuine
original replacement projector and Rear Projection
TV (RPTV) lamps, GO Lamps offer the exact
same performance as the original. GO Lamps are
generally priced 25% to 35% more competitively,
without any compromise on the quality. And with
a 30 day money back guarantee and two-year
warranty, GO Lamps is a great choice for
your customers every time. For more
information and to order online
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visit www.hotlamps.com
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Technology News
Tech Data boosts storage
portfolio with Seagate
ech Data is now offering Seagate’s full
range of internal disk drives, giving
systems builders and resellers throughout
the UK easy access to one of the most popular
and renowned storage brands in the industry.
Adam Lee: SSHD gives you
something different to offer
This means we can now supply you with
Seagate’s reliable products for use in pre-build
desktops and laptops and in servers and NAS
boxes. As well as the complete range of disk
drives, Tech Data is stocking Seagate’s famous
and ground-breaking solid-state hybrid hard
drive (SSHD) offerings. The company has
pioneered this technology, which offers the speed of SSDs
combined with the industry’s highest storage capacities.
SSHDs typically deliver three to four times the
performance of traditional hard drives in typical PC
workloads and they are now being widely adopted by
Veeam Cloud Connect offers
simple backup options off site
eeam has announced the launch of Veeam Cloud Connect as part of Tech Data
Azlan’s new Cloud Services portfolio, giving service providers and resellers the ability
to offer customers a fully integrated, secure and efficient method of moving backups
off site without making any up-front capital investment.
For VARs and MSPs Veeam Cloud Connect is a simple and powerful platform that enables
them to deliver fast and secure backup to the cloud for Veeam customers. It is remarkably
simple to set up and service providers can offer offsite backup services to customers in less
than 10 minutes.
Veeam Cloud Connect is available as a pre-configured template with Tech Data Cloud
Provider, within Microsoft Azure as a pre-configured Certified for Virtual Machines
solution, and as a backup target within our MSP ecosystem’s clouds. With just a few clicks,
you can have a hosted solution for managing and moving backups off site into the cloud.
Part of the new Veeam Availability Suite™ v8, Veeam Cloud Connect is a great way for you
to easily and quickly expand your cloud services business.
Veeam Availability Suite v8 combines the award-winning data protection of Veeam Backup
& Replication™ v8 with the virtualisation management capabilities of Veeam ONE™ v8 for
VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V. This widely-anticipated release is packed with
new functionality, designed to close more deals and put more money in your pocket.
For more information please get in touch with Azlan by calling 0845 360 3030 or emailing
leading PC vendors and Seagate recently
shipped its 10 millionth SSD.
Adam Lee, Category Manager for PC
Components at Tech Data, said: ‘It’s great to
have Seagate on board as it’s a name all systems
integrators and builders know they can trust. It
means they can take advantage of our extensive
stock-holding and services to source Seagate
drives. Having the SSHD line within our
portfolio is brilliant, as that gives our customers
something that they can use to deliver higher
performance to customers, and a way of
differentiating their offerings.’
The full range of Seagate internal drives is now available on
InTouch – log-on to check pricing and availability. If you
have any questions about the Seagate range please email
[email protected] or call 01256 864220.
Tech Data appointed as
exclusive UK distributor
for LG Hotel TV
e’ve formed an exciting new partnership
with LG Hotel TV that will provide
new opportunities in the hospitality and
healthcare markets.
We are now offering the full LG Hotel TV range,
including the Interactive Ready, Fully Interactive and
Smart solutions. Available in sizes between 22-inch
and 60-inch, they offer a reliable and tailor made
in-room entertainment system for hotel guests using
LG’s range of Pro:Centric applications. Designed
to provide a comfortable experience for customers,
the dedicated hotel data broadcasting platform also
offers hoteliers a flexible and cost-effective service for
managing multiple in-room TV solutions.
For more information about this exciting new
partnership, contact the Maverick team on
01256 788 733.
[email protected]
Sell Veeam Availability Suite v8 now and save customers money – sell Veeam
v8 now before the prices change in January and you can save customers as much as 10%. For your Veeam Essentials customers there is also a limited time upgrade offer to Veeam
Availability Suite™ or Veeam Backup & Replication™ which you can save 50% on the
upgrade costs.
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05/12/2014 14:07
Newsflash 12.14
Technology News
HP adds thin deduplication
to 3PAR storage arrays
has strengthened the appeal of its 3PAR disk
arrays by adding advanced deduplication
capability to an already impressive range of
features. With the release of InForm OS 3.2.1 MU1, HP
has enabled the ASIC-accelerated deduplication feature on
the 3PAR StoreServ family.
Dynamic Optimisation feature. This means huge amounts
of space can be reclaimed without impacting the storage
environment. So-called ‘thin’ deduplication can reduce the physical
capacity needed to store data by a factor of ten. This means
1TB of user data could be stored in as little as 100GB of
physical space. HP’s implementation of deduplication uses
an ‘in-line’ method (so no post-processing is required) that
is hardware-accelerated by the Gen4 ASIC leaving the CPU
free for other tasks. It is also OS agnostic and requires no
client / server side drivers to be implemented.
With InForm OS 3.2.1 (GA and MU1), HP has also
announced support for ‘adaptive flash cache’ which allows
SSDs to be used as an extension to the controller cache
(DRAM) to accelerate read I/O on the array; FIPS 140.2
compliance with external secure key managers for ‘dataat-rest’ encryption; enhancements to peer persistence
(stretched Hyper-V clusters) and various updated hardware
components (cMLC SSDs and 16Gb/s FC host ports). Existing arrays can be upgraded on-line with no downtime
to the new code. Existing volumes can be converted to
thin-deduped volumes without disruption by using the
To find out more contact the HP EG Pre-Sales team at
[email protected] or call 01256 864359
The thin deduplication feature can be enabled on existing
arrays which feature Gen4 ASICs, have SSDs and are under
a valid support contract with HP.
Free three-year warranty
available on Canon
business printers
New stocks of Fujitsu’s iX100
portable scanner now arriving
he Fujitsu Scansnap iX100 is ideal for use on the move or wherever you need
to take the scanner with you – in retail, schools, surgeries and countless other
It’s ideal for capturing documents, notes, pages from books, drawings – anything
you like – at any time and any location. Its slim design makes it really easy to carry
and with wireless connectivity can be used with tablets and smartphones as well as
It scans documents of up to A4-size and at up to 300dpi – and it only takes a few
seconds to capture any document. Tech Data has new stocks of this versatile device
from Fujitsu arriving now. For more information, please check on InTouch, call
01256 864200 email print&[email protected]
01256 788 000
Newsflash 12.10.indd 13
anon is currently underlining its commitment to
the B2B market by offering a three-year warranty
on selected i-SENSYS and all MAXIFY devices. The
new i-SENSYS range of lasers comes with Canon’s Mopria
wireless printing technology, smart new designs and spacesaving features. The MAXIFY inkjets offer excellent quality,
low-cost colour output and are aimed directly at the rapidlyexpanding SoHo printing marketplace, which is expected
to grow by 116% next year. For more information, call
01256 864200 or email print&[email protected]
Get Vision’s TC2-HDBT for
uncompressed 4K HDMI
and power
ision’s new Techconnect TC2-HDBT HDMI
extender provides uncompressed 4K HDMI over a
single Cat6 cable up to 70m (230 feet) long. Using
Valens Semiconductor’s HDBaseT™ chipset and encased
in a slim, metal chassis only 15mm thick, the tried and
tested industrial design ensures stable heat management for
reliable performance at an extremely affordable price. For
more information, please visit www.visionaudiovisual.com/
techconnect/tc2-hdbt – or call Maverick on 01256 788733.
05/12/2014 14:07
Technology News
Make the most of NAS
growth with Synology
ynology is the latest prestige addition to our growing
portfolio of NAS solutions and has a strong and
growing reputation for delivering great performance
and one of the most valuable and promising yet.
With its comprehensive range of reliable, versatile, and ecofriendly solutions, Synology meets all kinds of requirements
and has been seeing rapid growth. Now that its products are
available through Tech Data, it will be easier for you to take
advantage of the firm’s growing reputation.
Paul Jacobs: Synology is a
prestige signing and big
opportunity for resellers
Paul Jacobs, General Manager of PC Components at Tech
Data, says: ‘Synology is a very exciting addition to our NAS
range and one that presents a big opportunity to resellers.
The products are excellent and address the widest spectrum
of potential – from enterprise to SMBs and even home
Synology recently added to its range by launching the
DiskStation DS415+, a powerful four-bay NAS server
designed to centralise data storage, backup, and file sharing
for SMBs and home users. It features an Intel® Atom™
2.4Ghz quad-core processor with an AES-NI hardware
encryption engine, a floating-point unit, as well as 2GB
DDR3 RAM. The four drive bays accommodate huge
amounts of storage capacity, while the USB 3.0, USB
2.0, and eSATA ports allow users to connect and access
NAS Configurator on its
way – watch this space
ech Data has been developing its own NAS Configurator and the tool will be
available very soon on our website. The NAS Configurator will enable you
to find and configure the most suitable NAS solution for your customers,
combining the chassis and storage drives that work together to come up with a setup that’s perfect for your customer’s needs.
Paul Jacobs, General Manager of PC Components at Tech Data, believes it will
be a big help to resellers at all levels. ‘We offer a lot of NAS options and choices
now and obviously it’s important to make the right choice for customers and
ensure they get the best value and ROI. The NAS Configurator is designed to
make sure resellers can select the right NAS solution for every customer – from the
large enterprises to the home user. It’s just another way of making it easier for our
customers to do business.’
The NAS Configurator will be available shortly on the Tech Data website,
under the Configurators navigation tab. If you have any questions, please email
[email protected]
various external storage devices. Dual LAN ports support
failover and link aggregation, thus improving resiliency and
potential throughput.
Another recent addition is the DiskStation DS115j, a
compact, energy-saving, and quiet single-bay NAS server that
can be used as a private cloud platform and smart network
video recorder. It consumes just 3.85 watts when hard drives
enter hibernation mode, and below 13 watts under full
operation. It is also extremely quiet compared with similar
devices, keeping the noise level to only 18.1dB(A).
Synology products are available from Tech Data now. For
More information, please call the PC Components team on
01256 864220 or email [email protected]
Solutions for meeting and
signage – it’s Simply Done
with Maverick
averick’s Simply Done initiative aims to make what
can often seem like complex solutions for meeting
room and digital signage needs, really easy to deliver.
We have consolidated all the key selling tools, training,
marketing materials and market research, providing a unique
toolkit and single point of knowledge to assist you and ensure
your meeting and signage solutions are ‘Simply Done’.
Meeting rooms and digital signage are changing and the
opportunities to upgrade both are large and profitable. The
AV market is predicted to grow 52% from 2014 to 2016,
with digital signage forecast to triple and meeting room
upgrades set to explode. Partner with us and we will support
you in delivering outstanding meeting space and signage
solutions whatever your customer’s specification – and
whatever your own level of experience. For more
information visit www.simplydone.eu/uk or
email [email protected]
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05/12/2014 14:07
Newsflash 12.14
Technology News
FLUX ruggedised education tablets
available exclusively from Tech Data
ech Data has signed an exclusive agreement to
distribute the revolutionary designed-for-education
mymaga™ FLUX tablets. Based on Intel technology,
the FLUX is a sturdy, easy-to-use learning tool designed for
use by younger children.
interface allows teachers and parents to create an unlimited
number of profiles and control when and which activities,
sites and apps are available. The FLUX
devices will retail at well under £100,
so they will be affordable for everyone.
Waterproof and dustproof, the FLUX has rounded edges
and built-in shock absorbers that mean it can withstand
a 70-cm drop test onto concrete. Its appealing all-in-one
rugged design makes it ideal for use in schools.
Adam Gay Head of Development for
Tablet and CE at Tech Data UK and
Ireland says: ‘The FLUX is exactly
what a lot of schools have been looking
for – a highly effective tablet for use
inside and outside the classroom that
does everything they need it to and
is also child’s play to use and almost
unbreakable. It’s different and exciting and it’s backed by
Intel. We see good prospects not only in schools but also
the retail and consumer market for the FLUX.’
Powered by Intel® 1.2GHz Dual Core ATOM chip with
1GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage (plus a Micro
SD slot to add up to 32GB), it also comes with Intel®
Education Software built in and a rich catalogue of learning
and creative tools are available via the Google Play Store.
Other innovative scientific tools, such as a Microlens (which
turns the rear camera into a microscope) and Thermal Probe,
make FLUX an even more intuitive and enthralling tool for
developing minds. It comes in 7-inch – the FLUXmini – and
10.1-inch variations. The HD multi-touch capacitive display
delivers great visuals and front and rear cameras mean it
can also be used for two-way video connections. There is an
HDMI port for output to a big screen and the device will
run for up to eight hours on battery.
It is secure, coming with McAfee Mobile Security for
Android devices, and the customisable mymaga Shell
Time to start thinking
about Windows 2003
upport for Windows Server 2003 ends on 14 July
2015. That will soon come around, so there is no
time to lose in alerting customers that they will
need to upgrade. The Microsoft team at Tech Data is
ready to help you discuss the options and put you in
touch with other specialists across our business, so that
you can maximise the potential of what will be a good
opportunity to upgrade customers’ server systems and
infrastructure – and perhaps introduce them to Office
365 and Azure as well.
To get you started, we can point you towards assessment
tools and other resources that will help you understand how
to broach the subject with customers and ensure both you
and they take the right steps to prepare for the switch up to
Windows Server 2012 R2.
The mymaga concept and brand has been created by JP Inspiring Knowledge (JP-IK), a Portuguese developer of
mobile systems with over 25 years experience in developing
ICT solutions for education. It is the largest OEM
worldwide for Intel-based student devices.
For more information on the mymaga FLUX and how you
can get involved in taking it to market, please get in
touch with Adam Gay – call 01256 86 4169 or email
[email protected]
Atlantis leads the way on how to sell VDI
lash storage and VDI specialist, Atlantis Computing is leading the way in developing
the market and working with partners to demonstrate how the concept can be sold
Atlantis recently scored a big success in the UK with Kingston University, which has
deployed Atlantis ILIO™ flash caching software to provide remote users with virtual
desktops and achieved throughput of up to 600 input/output operations per second (IOPS)
for 1,000 users, achieving significant performance improvements. To read the full story
please visit www.techdata.co.uk/computerweekly/uk
With large organisations looking to create a higher performing and cost effective solution to
enable the best possible end-user experience and efficient use of back-end infrastructure, the
opportunity for Atlantis is growing. The company has produced some useful selling tools
with analyst, Storage Swiss. You can find them at the following links:
• The three Ps to a successful VDI deployment – Persistence, Price, Performance –
• Why users hate VDI – and why that’s a problem – www.techdata.co.uk/storageswiss/b
• How to Overcome the Four Obstacles to VDI Love –
To make a start visit http://msft.so/EB480E – or contact
the Microsoft team by calling 01256 864114 or emailing
Don’t be put off by the titles – these blogs and video resources will really help you
understand how to sell VDI effectively to customers. To find out more about Atlantis
Computing, please get in touch with the Azlan team – call on 0845 356 3030 or email
[email protected]
[email protected]
01256 788 000
Newsflash 12.10.indd 15
05/12/2014 14:07
Public Sector News
Tech Data’s regular look at stories relevant for resellers targeting the Public Sector. If you have opportunities in education,
healthcare or government, please get in touch with our Public Sector specialists to find out how we can help –
email [email protected] or go to www.techdata.co.uk/publicsector
Chrome Management Console
gives schools control as Google
gets big in education
Tom Baker: Looking for
new partners who can take
Chrome to education
he Chrome Management Console (CMC) is now
fully and exclusively available from Tech Data and
it’s a big opportunity for you to make a complete and
very convincing Chrome story into schools and colleges.
to use admin system that enables hundreds of Chrome
devices to be managed across an organisation. It’s easy to
see how desirable having that level of control would be in
a school.
Chromebook sales have been driven by education in the US
and the trend looks set to repeat itself here. Last year, 82%
of Chrome devices that were sold in North America went
to schools or colleges and the total market worldwide was
worth 5.2 million, according to Gartner. By 2017, sales are
expected to reach 14.2 million.
CMC administrators can assign devices to users and get
configuration and usage reports, pre-install and block
specific apps, create user groups and control user access.
They can also set network and proxy settings and ensure
users are protected by web filters and firewalls, and modify
user settings like bookmark and app sync across devices and
even create customised themes.
Tom Baker, Google Product Specialist at Tech Data, says:
‘We’re advising resellers to start talking to schools about
Chrome and to place evaluation units as soon as possible.
It’s a really great option for education, as data can be kept
safe but accessed from anywhere at any time, and devices
are inexpensive and easy to manage and maintain. We think
sales are really going to take off over the next few months
and we’re actively seeking new partners who can take the
proposition to market.’
The Chrome Management Console will make the Google
option even more attractive to schools. It provides an easy
Promethean extends
ActivPanel Touch range
romethean’s range of ActivPanel Touch interactive
displays now include the new 55-inch high-definition
APT-55 and the ultra-high-definition, 84-inch APT84. These new additions give customers even more choice
of large, vibrant, displays that will support multi-touch
interaction and enable up to ten students to collaborate and
learn together.
Tech Data has a good choice of Chrome mobile and
desktop devices available from top names such as Acer,
Asus, HP, LG and Toshiba – check on InTouch for all the
details. If you are interested in finding out more about
Google Chrome or any of the products mentioned above,
or becoming authorised to sell the Chrome Management
Console, you should contact Tech Data Google
Chrome team by calling 01256 788 000 or emailing
email [email protected]
CRN Public Sector
Report is now
Also available in 65- and 70-inch sizes, the ActivPanel Touch
supports a full range of learning settings, including wholeclass, individual, duo, small-team and multi-team. Stylus or touch interaction creates
exceptionally smooth, responsive and precise interactivity, whether writing or using multitouch gestures. A sleek design, superior image quality and durable construction ensure years
of captivating learning experiences. Contact your Maverick, account manager today and
begin transforming traditional classrooms to collaborative learning environments – call
01256 788733 or email [email protected]
he CRN Public Sector Report, which has
been produced by the magazine in association
with Tech Data, is now available. The
document provides an overview of the current state
of play in the market and looks at the opportunities
and challenges for the year ahead, so it’s essential
reading for resellers targeting healthcare, local
government or education. You can request a copy
by emailing [email protected]
Newsflash 12.10.indd 16
05/12/2014 14:07
Newsflash 12.14
Public Sector News
OR EMAIL [email protected]
G-Cloud advances as SMB
suppliers take more share
he government has said that G-Cloud is making
good progress and is pushing forward plans to allow
suppliers to amend the services they offer without
having to wait for new versions of the framework.
Purchases by local authorities through the G-Cloud
framework reached £1.75m in September, up 40% on
August. Cumulative sales through the framework have now
reached £18.75m. Overall, cumulative sales to the wider
public sector now total £314.2m, with 53% by value and
61% by volume awarded to SMBs.
During September, 28 councils made purchases via
G-Cloud, the largest being a £91,520 deal for website
redevelopment placed by Peterborough City Council. The
London Borough of Hounslow made the largest number
of G-Cloud purchases of any local authority in September,
awarding 51 contracts worth a total of £356,058.
Meanwhile the Government Digital Service (GDS) has been
looking at putting a more flexible system for the operation
of the framework in place, built around the EU Public
Sector Directive. It is also looking at ways in which public
sector customers can share feedback on G-Cloud suppliers.
Time to get
ready for BETT
he annual BETT Show takes place next month at
London’s Excel exhibition centre between 21 and
24 January 2015. If you want to keep you finger
on the pulse of IT in education attendance at Europe’s
biggest IT education event is obligatory, so we highly
recommend you get the date in your diary now.
Many of our vendor partners and reseller customers
are going to be there Tech Data’s own Public Sector
team will be there as well of course. We’ll be happy
to meet up with you to discuss opportunities
and the many ways in which we can help you to
succeed in the education sector. You can find more
information at www.bettshow.com; and to set
up a meeting with us at the show, please email
[email protected]
It was announced recently that the G-Cloud 6 Official
Journal of the European Union (OJEU) is expected to go
live in the first week of February 2015.
Sign up for our next Tendering Workshops
If you have cloud services to sell via the G-Cloud framework or to any area of the Public
Sector, you need to comprehend the tendering process and you’ll really benefit by
attending one of our free, one-day Public Sector Tendering Workshops.
You’ll walk away with the understanding and the confidence you need to understand the
selling process and how to get the best results when you work with the Public Sector.
We’re planning further events in January and April. For more information and to register
please email [email protected]
Anyone for an Advanced Bid and Tender
Management course? We want your opinions!
We are looking at the potential for putting on an Advanced Bid and Tender Management
course, which will take you one step further from the Tendering Workshops. We’d like
to know your views on whether this is something you’d like to see and if so, whether it
would be beneficial to have any relevant certifications or qualifications? Please let us
have your views – email [email protected]
Visit our Virtual Rooms to discover
the best technology solutions
ech Data’s Virtual Rooms enable you to explore all the
options available in the classroom, in the surgery, waiting
room, hospital ward or local government office. They are a
superb aid to selling – or simply familiarising yourself with the
technology options and opportunities available in Public Sector
settings. Go to www.techdata.co.uk and click on the Learn and
Develop tab to pull up the Virtual Environments options.
Use our free tool for delivering
targeted messages to your customers
ur free online demand generation toolkit enables you to take vendor public sector
offers, add your own messages and get them put to your customers. It’s fast, efficient,
easy and cost-effective. Just go to www.techdata.co.uk/publicsector/portal and
follow the instructions. If you need help or have questions, please email
[email protected]
01256 788 000
Newsflash 12.10.indd 17
05/12/2014 14:07
Samsung Galaxy Alpha,
Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S5 Mini
The premium range from Tech Data Mobile
The sleekest Galaxy
smartphone ever
High quality metal frame
Less than 7mm thick
4.7” Super AMOLED Display
Advanced 12MP Camera with real-time HDR
Android 4.4 KitKat
Ultra Power Saving Mode
Fingerprint sensor
PART CODE: 3165178
PART CODE: 3165177
DEALER PRICE • €492.19
Designed for you, fast & powerful
5.1” HD Super AMOLED Display
16 MP Camera
Wi-Fi Technology
Ultra Power saving Mode
Android 4.4 KitKat
Fingerprint sensor.
Compact design, big performance
Super slim at 9.1mm
4.5 “ HD Super AMOLED Display
8MP Camera
Android 4.4 KitKat
Fingerprint sensor
Ultra Power Saving Mode.
PART CODE: 3050527
DEALER PRICE • €460.01
PART CODE: 3184050
PART CODE: 3184062
PART CODE: 3165179
DEALER PRICE • €312.88
For further information on the above handsets or any other Samsung products
available from Tech Data Mobile, contact your account manager.
Newsflash 12.10.indd 18
05/12/2014 14:07
Newsflash 12.14
From the desk of…
Kate McIntyre interviews
Steve Bailey, Business
Development Manager
for Components &
Accessories Tech Data
Limited. To hear the full
interview visit
Tech Data have been talking about the benefits of their Protect, Connect,
Extend program for some time now and over the coming year that message
will resonate even more loudly as wearable technology and home automation
start to become more prevalent and the mobile device explosion continues. In
all of these areas, Tech Data is bringing new vendors on board and opening up
new opportunities for you to offer accessories and add-ons that will enhance
the capabilities of these solutions, make them more secure and ensure that
users can make use of them while they are on the move.
We talked to Steve Bailey, Business Development Manager for for Components
& Accessories at Tech Data about the new opportunities that are emerging
around lifestyle add-ons and apps, the connected home and mobility in the
consumer, public sector and commercial markets.
01256 788 000
Newsflash 12.10.indd 19
05/12/2014 14:07
Focus On
What does 2015 have in store for IT? We asked business leaders and visionaries from
around Tech Data’s Collection of Specialist businesses to give us their views on what will
be the major trends and opportunities for the year ahead
n many respects, it’s going to be more of the same in 2015 – a rapid and constantly
changing evolution rather than a sudden revolution, but with some potentially disruptive
technologies emerging as well.
The revolution, as it were, is already underway and is set to continue.
The changes now taking place in the way IT is bought and consumed
are fundamental and impact every area of the business. Mobility and the
migration to the cloud will still be the main themes.
Many customers will take more apps, productivity apps and some specific
solutions such as CRM into the cloud, but keep others on premise. The end of
support on Windows Server 2003 in July will be the moment around which
many decisions with regards to what to keep on-site and what to use in the
cloud will turn.
More mobile integration
With regards to mobility, many larger customers will seek to integrate mobile
use much more with their IT systems, so they have better control over data and usage.
Other organisations may look to the proliferation of lower cost mobile client devices and
tablets to provide easier, cheaper, anytime-anywhere access. There will certainly be no
shortage of potential with mobile devices and solutions.
The arrival of all-in-one converged reference architectures, with server, storage and
virtualisation software pre-integrated is going to have an impact and with this, storage is
likely to become a bigger area of focus. Customers who keep data on site will need more
capacity and will want faster, solid-state technology if they can have it, while service
providers will need tremendous scalability and resilience, as well as capacity.
For resellers, the challenge of transitioning to business models based largely on services and
managing the monitoring of usage and customer billing, is a considerable one. Traditional
solutions sales are not going to go away, so it’s not essential to switch focus suddenly or
completely. But the shift towards hosted and managed services can’t be ignored.
Capturing consumers
In the retail and consumer markets, mobility
is a key driver again and the new and exciting
areas of wearable-tech and home automation
look ripe for growth. It is perhaps a question
of exactly when these kinds of systems will
start to capture the imagination of the general
public. Ultra 4K HD is already a major trend
and that will continue. 3D printing is also
an exciting and enticing area – and one that
is certain to capture the imagination and
curiosity of the consumer – just as soon as
devices fall in price to a point where they become affordable to home users.
As ever, to survive and prosper VARs, systems integrators, resellers and retailers will need to
adapt to the market, embrace change, listen and respond to customers and make the best
possible use of the services and support available from their industry partners. You need to
be agile and quick on your feet, but also keep them firmly planted on the ground.
Newsflash 12.10.indd 20
05/12/2014 14:07
Newsflash 12.14
Focus On
Getting more comfortable with the cloud
‘We’ll continue to see a lot of focus on the cloud and moving customers to a subscription
model. Adobe has made a lot of progress with the Creative Cloud for Teams and VIP and
we are seeing much stronger take-up for Office 365 now as well.
Dwayne Earl
‘All this points to the end user customer becoming much more comfortable in using
hosted solutions and the use of business apps in the cloud is going to become much more
accepted and mainstream. But it’s not going to happen overnight and it is really important
to understand that on-premise software is not going to disappear. We’ll see many customers
using both consumption models for some time to come.’
Business Unit Manager,
The year of the platform
‘The end-of-support on Windows Server 2003 is going to be a major event this year. There
are conversations to be had around the data centre, around virtualisation and hosted
services. I’ve been working with Microsoft and HP on a playbook of scenarios recently and
we stopped when we got to eleven – but there are literally hundreds of different variations.
‘Azure will become more prominent – and a lot of the conversations will be around the
platform choice – with Azure now, you can run just about anything, including Linux, so
you can out everything under a Microsoft platform. Most customers are likely to adopt a
hybrid approach though and make use of Azure for backup or DR and other core services.
‘CRM is going to be a real game-changer this year. Microsoft’s latest CRM has a lot of
features that were previously out of reach for small business customers and make it possible
for them to achieve so much more in their marketing, sales and customer management by
using social media and trend analysis. When customers see it, they will want it.’
Sean Taylor
Microsoft Solutions Architect
Taking more tech home
‘3D printing is going to get much more consumer-focused this
year. We are already seeing a number of businesses taking it up.
Prices are coming down and we are starting to see more users
wanting it at home. The number of things you can do with 3D
printers is increasing all the time – such as 3D full body scanning
that you are now seeing advertised – so that’s an area we are
looking at right now.
Mark Glasspool
Director of Printing, PC
Components and Consumer
‘Wearable tech is potentially a very significant opportunity and
that’s also something we are looking at as a category in its own
right. It’s a very broad term though – we see the main opportunities around smart watches
and fitness bands at the moment and possibly some visual products as well.
‘NAS is already strong and we expect to see growth in the consumer market as more users
start to store video and images at home. As with 3D printing, people are starting to take the
tech they see in the workplace, into their own homes much more.
‘Home automation has been around for a while but it is now really starting to attract a lot
more interest. Some key vendors such as Samsung are getting much more serious about it.
We have a strong line-up of products already and see some good opportunities here, for
additional products such as apps and alarms.’
01256 788 000
Newsflash 12.10.indd 21
05/12/2014 14:07
Focus On
Stepping up a gear
Paul Jacobs
‘In the consumer market it will be all about wearables, home automation and NAS. On the
back of that, as so much more will be done in the cloud, we’ll see even more demand for
faster WiFi, connectivity and storage components and accessories. As well as massive growth
in NAS we’ll see increasing sales of SSD as confidence in the technology grows along with
reliability, and prices come down. From the enthusiast market we’ll see even more hunger
for even more power as online gaming becomes more sophisticated and developed. It will
all step-up a gear and with more graphics and other functions being crammed onto the chip
and the main board now, graphics and other upgrades will be taken to a higher level.’
PC Components and
Accessories Business Unit
New generation of hybrids may prove disruptive
James Reed
Director Systems & Software
‘Tablets will continue to be the big theme in 2015 but
there are two quite distinct major trends taking place
now. First of all we are seeing customers making more
definitive choices. The wider set of options available
compels them to be more selective. Some are going back to
conventional laptops, small-footprint desktops or powerful
workstations, while others are standardising on convertible
or multi-mode devices. We’ll also see rapid growth of
simpler hybrid tablets for content consumption as the new
generation of extremely power-efficient and affordable
and devices – some running Windows 8.1 others running
Chrome – come to market. This will stir up a lot of
disruption, excitement and activity in the SoHo, education
and student markets, so it could be a really interesting
De-risking investment
‘From a technology perspective we are now beginning to see the migration to managed IaaS
and PaaS platforms that’s been talked about for so long. It seems like the right time now for
that to really start happening. That said we don’t expect to see many organisations putting
their most mission-critical apps into the cloud. But some applications – such as CRM –
lend themselves well to it.
Gary Lloyd
Director, Azlan Cisco and
EMC Business Unit
‘We see a lot of growth coming from the emergence of the converged
reference architectures in 2015. The application is what’s key here
because if you are a C-level executive all you really care about is
that the line-of-business app is running. It’s about de-risking the
investment and we’re seeing a number of developments in this
direction now. The most prominent has probably been VCE up to
now and we’re seeing things like EVO: RAIL as well and vendors
bringing their own reference architectures to market.’
Newsflash 12.10.indd 22
05/12/2014 14:07
Newsflash 12.14
Focus On
SMBs will turn to their trusted advisors
‘The cloud SMB services market has grown from £1.4bn last year to £1.9bn this year
[according to the Parallels SMB Cloud Insights™] but even so, cloud services are taking
time to develop in the channel. What we will see in 2015 is SMBs turning to their resellers
to consolidate the services they have already started to use and want to start using. Many
smaller businesses have started by sourcing services via the Internet, but as they look to
expand their usage and integrate their solutions and services, they are going to need the
help of their trusted advisor.
Joel Chimoindes
Azlan Cloud Services
‘Growth of cloud services – and especially infrastructure as a service (IaaS) – will be driven
this year by compelling events, such as the end of support on Windows Server 2003.
Hybrid will continue to be key – and the ability to offer some services on- and some offpremises and move seamlessly between the two, taking advantage of services such as Cisco
InterCloud and the VMware VCloud Network, will be vital for resellers.’
Trusted vendors make it easier to enter market
‘In 2015 more and more vendors will enter the cloud market directly. Managed Service
Providers (and ISPs before them) have long satisfied the need for hosted solutions but
recently we have seen major vendors who previously have offered traditional hardware/
software products start to introduce their own public cloud platforms. That’s significant
because it means the reseller channel can work with the same brand names, the same people
they know and trust and that will only accelerate adoption of the cloud and related services.’
David Newbould
Azlan Business Leader,
Cloud Services & MSP
MSPs come of age
‘We are very much focusing on the whole CAMS area for 2015 – on cloud, analytics,
mobility and social. There are two key trends I’d highlight – the development of the MSP
and the growth of data analytics. More resellers are now becoming managed services
providers and established MSPs are starting to find their niches in the market. We are now
facing that changing scenario with a dedicated MSP team and helping services providers to
create new revenue streams and develop their infrastructure.
Rob Tomlin
Director, Azlan IBM Unified
Comms & Cloud Business
‘The other key trend for 2015 we see is the continuing growth in big data and data
analytics. Organisations want to do more with their data now and we are working closely
with IBM to find new and intelligent ways in which customers can store, analyse and use
their data. This is going to be a very big trend for next year.’
Brave new world in the data centre
‘The development of converged systems that combine compute, storage, virtualisation
and management software into a single integrated solution is going to be a very significant
growth area for 2015. Storage and in particular advanced deduplication, is going to be a
major area of potential. We will be putting a lot of additional focus on advanced storage
solutions in 2015.
‘Another major trend will be software-defined networking. Many businesses are starting
to understand the potential benefits, so we see interest growing rapidly. We already have
our own Proof-of-Concept centre set up and we are ready to demonstrate the latest SDN
solutions and what they can deliver to customers at any time.’
01256 788 000
Newsflash 12.10.indd 23
Andy Dow
Director, Azlan HP Business
Systems Unit
05/12/2014 14:07
Focus On
IT to embrace the mobile at last
‘The big trend we see in 2015 is the integration of the mobile phone into the IT
infrastructure. With the Lumia devices that are now coming to market this really can
happen for the first time. Being able to fully integrate smartphone and phablets devices
with Windows Server for completely seamless integration of email, scheduling, unified
messaging, CRM and other functions, is going to create a whole new set of opportunities.
Peter Hubbard
Managing Director, Tech
Data Mobile UK
‘Looking at the wider market, the continuing roll-out of 4G will drive more smartphone
uptake and keep driving sales of course. Analysts are also predicting a surge in sales of
simpler, more affordable devices. Dealers need to be ready to meet the needs of both
kinds of user – those who want the very latest, most powerful and functional smartphone
available, and those who want a simple, low-cost option. They also need to ensure they
take every opportunity to sell accessories and add-ons and maximise the efficiency of their
supply chain.’
Displays to drive added value
‘Next year is going to see a lot of activity around visual displays in all sectors – and as well as
the devices themselves, there will be more connectivity and integration opportunities than
ever. In education we are still seeing the migration from interactive whiteboards to more
versatile LCD displays. That’s a major opportunity, not only to deliver the latest technology
to schools, but also to upgrade interactivity and collaboration tools as well. ‘We are now
starting to see really excellent and much more affordable Ultra HD 4K displays and curved
displays coming to market and that trend will continue throughout 2015.
Simon Fagan
Director, Maverick
‘The desire to be connected and to collaborate is very strong in both the public and
commercial sectors now, so all displays need to be fully connected to the network and the
web so the cables and connectors need to be good enough to support the full capabilities
of the displays. We also see some more affordable and accessible video conferencing and
digital signage solutions coming to market, and this will also drive display, mounting and
connectivity business for AV resellers.’
Getting heads up out of the clouds
Some of the key points raised include:
• Microsoft’s marketing of Office 365 is having an impact
and resellers are benefiting, not only from getting new
customers on board, but also from up-selling and crossselling of other services, such as Azure and InTune.
• Staging customer events on Office 365 and other
new technologies really works in terms of gaining
customer confidence and lead generation. They are
especially effective if you can enlist the help of experts in
Microsoft solutions.
• Messaging around Office 365 and other cloud-based
solutions is effective, but needs to be brought together
and more focus needs to be placed on the benefits
that are delivered to customers as a whole – not on
individual products or on the ‘cloud’ aspect itself.
• The Lumia launch has been positively received and
resellers like the idea of being able to offer a mobile
device platform for simple tasks like email that is fully
compatible and can be fully-integrated with Windowsbased systems.
• Partners need to know where to find resources – such as
those available via the SureStep programme – so they can
access them without hold-ups.
In response, Microsoft Business Manager at Tech Data UK,
Gemma Horsell, says: ‘It’s great to get some really candid
feedback from resellers. There is clearly an important role
Newsflash 12.10.indd 24
05/12/2014 14:07
Newsflash 12.14
Focus On
What do the analysts say?
Gartner predicts potential for disruption
Gartner defines a strategic technology trend as one with the potential for significant impact on organisation in
the next three years, due to high potential for disruption, the need for a major investment, or the risk of being
late to adopt.
The top 10 strategic technology trends for
2015 it has identified are:
Computing Everywhere as mobile devices proliferate,
there will be increased emphasis on serving the needs of the
mobile user
The Internet of Things suppliers will seek to leverage four
basic usage models – Manage, Monetize, Operate and
3D Printing worldwide shipments expected to grow 98%
in 2015, and double in 2016. Lower-cost device sales will
grow rapidly and industrial use will expand
Advanced, Pervasive and Invisible Analytics the desire
to use vast pools of structured and unstructured data means
every app will need to be an analytic app
Context-Rich Systems embedded intelligence combined
with pervasive analytics will drive the development of
systems that respond to their surroundings. Security will be
an early application
Smart Machines deep analytics and an understanding
of context will enable the development of smart machines
(vehicles, robots) that understand their environment, learn
for themselves, and act autonomously. Gartner predicts this
will be the most disruptive trend in the history of IT
Cloud/Client Computing the convergence of cloud
and mobile computing will drive more use of centrally
coordinated applications that can be delivered to any device
Software-Defined Applications and
Infrastructure agile programming of applications
and basic infrastructure will enable more
flexibility and dynamic configuration
Web-Scale IT a way of applying the
capabilities of large cloud service providers
(like Amazon and Google) in an enterprise
IT setting. This will evolve as cloud and
software-defined approaches become
Risk-Based Security and Self-Protection
as it becomes recognised that it is not possible
to provide a 100% secure environment,
organisations will begin to apply moresophisticated risk assessment and mitigation
tools; applications will become self-aware and
Tech Data has been taking feedback from Microsoft resellers on
Office 365 and Azure, and what they see as the priorities for 2015.
for us to play at Tech Data in bringing all the Microsoft
solutions and messages together and making resources
easily accessible and available to partners.
‘As migration to Office 365, Azure, InTune and other new
Microsoft technologies continues, there will be even more
demand for sales and marketing support, training and
technical assistance. Our job, fundamentally, is to make it
as easy as possible for partners to sell Microsoft solutions.
We’ll be stepping up our efforts in 2015 – a whole series
of training and events are already being planned for first
half of the year – to make sure we can meet more requests
from more resellers as the momentum builds, and ensure
Microsoft partners can keep on developing their business in
this direction.’
Any Microsoft Partner that wants to provide additional feedback and find out more about the support
available to them from Tech Data’s dedicated Microsoft team, can call 01256 788 000 or email
[email protected]
01256 788 000
Newsflash 12.10.indd 25
Gemma Horsell
Microsoft Business Manager
05/12/2014 14:07
Introducing our new MAXIFY range
What makes them perfect for small business?
New high density inks
High Performance
Always Connected
• High quality, detailed prints
• Marker and friction resistant
• True all-colour pigments.
• Quick First-Print.
• Wi-Fi, Ethernet and cloud enabled
• Print remotely
• Multi-device compatibility.
What’s most important to your customers?
Speed and efficiency
Businesses want a printer that’s
energy-efficient and helps them save
on paper and ink costs where possible.
Businesses need a device that can
support them and deliver the service
they need – quicky
Businesses require great
functionality while being easy to
use to make working life easier.
Connectivity and mobility
Employees working remotely need the
option to send documents straight to the
office printer or mobile devices.
Businesses want an affordable, high-quality
printer that won’t let them down and can
do everything they ask – day in, day out
Source: ‘Printers in the UK SMB Market’ by B2B international, July 2014
When buying a new printer, which factor would be most important to you?
• Overlapping paper feed and the fastest
first-print from startup of just 7 seconds
• Single pass two sided scanning and auto
two-sided print
• Can print via any mobile or desktop device
• Quality prints thanks to high density inks.
• Scan documents directly to the cloud
(Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive,
Dropbox, Evernote)
• Print via any mobile or desktop device
• Simple, full-colour touchscreen menu
• Quality prints thanks to high density inks.
PART CODE: 3222692
PART CODE: 3223645
• Will be able to print remotely via their
mobile or desktop device
• Can connect via any mobile or desktop
device thanks to versatile connectivity
• Scan and upload images direct to email,
network locations or the cloud
• Fast printing speeds at high volumes.
• Overlapping paper feed and the fastest
first-print from startup of just 7 seconds
• Single pass two sided scanning and auto
two-sided print
• Can print via any mobile or desktop device
• Quality prints thanks to high density inks.
PART CODE: 3222690
PART CODE: 3222691
For further information on warranty go to: http://canon-extended-warranty.sales-promotions.com
For further information please call your account manager
or visit InTouch at www.techdata.co.uk
All orders that you place will be subject to acceptance in accordance with Tech Data’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Supply available
on its website (www.techdata.co.uk) or available on request. All 0871 calls cost 10p per minute plus network charges.
Newsflash 12.10.indd 26
05/12/2014 14:07
Introducing our new i-SENSYS range
Canon i-SENSYS laser printers make the ideal focal point in office productivity.
PART CODE: 3222521
PART CODE: 3222520
PART CODE: 3222519
PART CODE: 3222518
They have been designed and developed
to tackle the challenges that matter to
PART CODE: 3222517
PART CODE: 3222516
customers – easy connectivity for mobile
devices, fast output, easy operation and
control over costs. There are 10 models in
the new line-up, so there’s plenty of choice
of options – all with admirable output
speeds of between 18pmm and 27ppm.
PART CODE: 3222515
PART CODE: 3222512
PART CODE: 3222514
PART CODE: 3222513
Newsflash 12.10.indd 27
05/12/2014 14:07
Logitech B100 Optical USB Mouse
A comfortable plug-and-play mouse with
built-in quality and optical precision.
PART CODE: 2663149
The Logitech USB Headset
H570e – Enterprise-quality
communication, a comfortable
fit and unmatched by the
competition. Offer
pricing only available until
31st December 2014!
Logitech RX250 Optical Mouse
With its classic renowned design, offers
consistent optical tracking performance, a
1,000dpi resolution and a tilt and zoom scroll
wheel with comfort grip for ease of use.
For further information on any of the
above Logitech offers, please contact
your account manager
PART CODE: 1379846
On Epson’s installation projector range
Available on the
EB-1900 Series and
EB-4000 Series from
Part code: 3191280
Part code: 3191451
Part code: 3191452
Part code: 3191453
Dealer prices • €1,511.11
Dealer prices • €1,770.74
Dealer prices • €1,511.11
Dealer prices • €1,914.41
Part code: 2824080
Part code: 2824076
Part code: 2824192
Part code: 2824193
Part code: 2824078
Dealer prices • €1,702.68
Dealer prices • €1,872.82
Dealer prices • €1,872.82
Dealer prices • €3,061.29
Dealer prices • €3,333.52
Offer is also available on Epson’s G Series projectors • Terms and conditions apply
For more information please contact Maverick on 01256 788 733 or email [email protected]
Newsflash 12.10.indd 28
05/12/2014 14:07
Choose Acronis for the
Windows Server 2003 migration
Unfortunately all operating systems meet their end of life. Many times it is better to
migrate to the newer operating systems sooner rather than later. When assisting your
customers to migrate, be sure that they plan, are prepared, have done their research
and are going to use the right set of tools to make the migration process as smooth and
reliable as possible.
Backup Windows Server 2003 machines: all the data, files, folders, documents and
everything else they may need.
Use tools to help you efficiently and reliably provision new machines in their
environment. Acronis Snap Deploy can help to provision new operating system
environments and software to many machines in one step.
Why choose Acronis for Windows Server 2003 Migration?
• Capture everything quickly on Windows Server 2003 machines with patented
image-based backups
• Preserve Windows Server 2003 environments with Virtualisation, even if you plan to
reuse the hardware
• Deploy new operating systems en masse to save time and resources
• Recover individual files, folders, applications or complete Server 2003 systems
• Recover to any hardware or VM.
For further information please call your account manager
or visit InTouch at www.techdata.co.uk
All orders that you place will be subject to acceptance in accordance with Tech Data’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Supply available
on its website (www.techdata.co.uk) or available on request. All 0871 calls cost 10p per minute plus network charges.
Newsflash 12.10.indd 29
05/12/2014 14:07
End of Support
Microsoft® will end extended support for Windows Small
Business Server (SBS) 2003 and Windows Server 2003 on July
14, 2015. Without support, the day-to-day operation of these
important resources and, more importantly, the day-to-day
operation of business networks could be at risk.
• Windows SBS 2003 and the workloads running on it will become more
expensive to operate.
• Exchange Server 2003 reached end of extended support on April 8, 2014,
meaning email could be at risk.
• Computers and networks could become vulnerable to malicious software
and other security issues.
• Any outdated software could create compliance issues.
Upgrading to Windows Server 2012 R2 enables businesses to modernise their
networks at a significant cost saving, gain comprehensive data protection,
and increase productivity for workforces.
to view:
We look forward to
discussing with you how
upgrading to Windows
Server 2012 R2 can help you:
Continue getting the support you need.
Save money running your network.
Get extra protection for your sensitive data
Provide access to users – across all their devices.
Contact the software team today
[email protected] or call 01256 864114
Newsflash 12.10.indd 30
05/12/2014 14:07
Newsflash 12.14
End of Support
Tech Data recommends Windows.
Following a migration process should
make the transition from Windows
Server 2003/R2 to the cloud as smooth as
Once your customers have a catalogue, you will need to assess what’s in it.
possible for your customers. That process
This means categorising and analysing the catalogued applications and
workloads based on type, criticality, complexity, and risk. After completing
the assessment, workloads and applications can be prioritised for migration.
This helps identify issues and opportunities.
will include discovering, assessing, and
targeting workloads and software before
choosing the right migration plan.
The first step is to discover and catalogue all of
the software and workloads running on Windows
Server 2003/R2.
There are several self-service tools that can
help with this process, such as the Microsoft
Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit, a free
tool that helps to collect and organise systemwide information from a single, networked
computer. Other third-party discovery offerings
include Dell ChangeBASE, Lakeside Software
SysTrack, JumpStart for Windows Server 2003
from Microsoft Services, and a number of other
options from system integrators and Microsoft
partner service providers.
Choose a migration destination for each application and workload.
Available options include Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Azure, Cloud OS
Network, and Office 365. Different workloads and applications will logically
lead to certain targets. Others could offer the possibility of migration to one
or more of these destinations. The choice will be driven by factors such as
speed, ease of migration, cost, and desired functionality.
Choosing the right migration plan may require some additional
analysis and assistance.
Several vendors offer DIY tools to assist in the decision-making process and
in the migration itself, including Dell ChangeBASE, Citrix AppDNA, AppZero,
and JumpStart for Windows Server 2003. Other migration services are also
available through system integrators, including several Microsoft partners.
Upgrade to Windows Server 2012/R2 Standard
Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard provides features that aren’t
available in Windows Server 2003 or Windows SBS 2003.
• Server consolidation. Get the most out of server hardware
investments as businesses grow.
• Disaster recovery. Make sure important data isn’t lost.
Hyper-V Replica, which is included as part of Windows Server
2012 R2, provides automated data protection and recovery
across servers.
01256 788 000
Newsflash 12.10.indd 31
• Flexible, cost-effective storage. Scale data storage quickly,
at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.
• Easy remote access. Give employees the flexibility to work
anywhere and organisations the peace of mind that comes
from knowing their data is protected.
• A consistent user experience. Provide workforces with
a consistent, well-managed experience across the many
different types of computers and mobile devices in use.
05/12/2014 14:07
Loaded with an outstanding array of enterprise-class features, ThinkServer TS140,
and TS440 Tower Systems have the performance, scalability, manageability and RAID
protection needed to meet 24/7 business-critical computing demands.
For a limited time only, Lenovo is offering end users up to £350 cash back when
they purchase the following ThinkServer Tower systems:
ThinkServer TS140
ThinkServer TS140
ThinkServer TS440
• Intel Xeon E3-1225 V3 (3.2GHz,
8MB L3 Cache, 1600MHz),
• 1x4GB DDR3-1600 uDIMM
• 500GB SATA6GB 3.5
• 4x3.5” DC SATA, RAID100
onboard (0/1/10/5)
• Gigabit Ethernet.
• Intel Xeon E3-1225 V3 (3.2GHz,
8MB L3 Cache, 1600MHz),
• 2x4GB DDR3-1600 uDIMM
• 2x500GB SATA6GB 3.5
• 4x3.5” DC SATA, RAID100
onboard (0/1/10/5)
• Gigabit Ethernet.
• Intel Xeon E3-1245 V3 (3.4GHz,
8MB L3 Cache, 1600MHz),
• 1x4GB DDR3-1600 uDIMM
• 2x500GB SATA6GB 3.5
• 4x3.5” hs SATA, RAID100
onboard (0/1/10/5)
• Gigabit Ethernet.
DEALER PRICE • €465.05
DEALER PRICE • €597.39
DEALER PRICE • €628.89
To maximise the cash back amount earned, simply attach either the specified ROK,
warranty or both for up to a massive £350 cash back in your customer’s pocket!
Email: [email protected] • Tel: 0845 356 3033 • Web: www.azlan.com
Philips IPS Monitors
This winter we’re fully stocked with promotionally priced Philips E-Line IPS
monitors for you and your customers. With promotions on 21.5”–23.8”
monitors featuring IPS and HDMI from only £79.99, you’re sure to find
something to tempt your customers in out of the cold.
21.5” 224E5QDAB
23” 234E5QDAB
PART CODE: 2974034
DEALER PRICE • €100.81
PART CODE: 2974035
DEALER PRICE • €123.50
23.8” 244E5QHSD
IPS • VGA • 2 x HDMI
PART CODE: 2946775
DEALER PRICE • €126.02
Newsflash 12.10.indd 32
05/12/2014 14:07
Versavu 360°
Rotating Case
Protection and maximum viewing
• 360° rotating case
• Slim design
• Perfect fit cradle.
BLACK • PART CODE: 3236594
GREY • PART CODE: 3236590
BLUE • PART CODE: 3236589
Click-in 360°
Rotating Case
3D Protection
Excellent all-round usability, maximum
viewing versatility
Structurally protective design with
viewing stand and typing position
• Patent pending 360° rotating design
• Slim and lightweight
• Secure fit.
• Shock absorbing
• Superior protection
• Water and dirt repellent.
BLACK • PART CODE: 3236595
RED • PART CODE: 3236599
BLACK • PART CODE: 3236598
GREY • PART CODE: 3236601
Click-in Case
Hard Cover
Excellent all-round usability, ideal for
everyday use
Extra protection and durability
• Slim fit design
• Trifold adjustable viewing stand
• Durable iPad cover BLACK • PART CODE: 3236600
RED • PART CODE: 3236596
• Hard edge front cover
• Shock resistant
• Unlimited viewing angles.
BLACK • PART CODE: 3236597
For further information please call your account manager
or visit InTouch at www.techdata.co.uk
All orders that you place will be subject to acceptance in accordance with Tech Data’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Supply available
on its website (www.techdata.co.uk) or available on request. All 0871 calls cost 10p per minute plus network charges.
Newsflash 12.10.indd 33
05/12/2014 14:07
First Look
Newsflash 12.10.indd 34
05/12/2014 14:07
Newsflash 12.14
he Panasonic Toughbook and ToughPads
are designed to withstand the toughest of
conditions. There are models designed to suit all
kinds of different environments – for construction sites,
manufacturing, the emergency services, the military and
many more. There is even a Toughpad certified for use
on oil rigs – the FZ-G1 Atex is Zone 2 compliant, see
for more details.
It is almost certain that every reseller reading this will know
of several customers who might be able to make use of a
portable PC or device that can withstand more than the
average treatment. In every case, Panasonic Toughbook and
Toughpad should be the first names on the shortlist.
Panasonic is the number-one brand in rugged notebooks
in Europe, so it’s an established and highly credible
name in this market. Panasonic Toughbook had a 66.4%
revenue share of sales of rugged and durable notebooks and
Panasonic Toughpad held a 50.4% revenue share of sales
of rugged business tablets in 2013 (VDC Research, March
Looking the part
They look fantastic too. Whilst by necessity, they have
a reinforced construction and they do appear sturdy
and dependable, they are striking and stylish too. They
reassuringly look the part and that’s a strong element
of their appeal. You would be daft venturing out onto a
muddy construction site in a pair of high heels or expensive
trainers – and it would not be practical. You’d wear a pair
of sturdy boots – they would look the part and enable you
to move about freely and comfortably and work without
Just take a look at a product like the fully-rugged 10.1”
Windows 8.1 FZ-G1 Toughpad which sets the benchmark
for outdoor viewable tablets, for example, or the hybrid
notebook tablet 11.6” Business Rugged CF-AX3
Toughbook. In the latter case, Panasonic has drawn on its
long pedigree of combining ergonomic and durable design
to create a highly mobile, lightweight and stylish Intelbased Windows 8.1 Ultrabook™ that is also really solid.
And that’s essentially the appeal of Panasonic Toughbooks;
they enable people to get on with their work without
having to worry about the delicate constitution of their
stylish laptop, which may look great in the office, in
the cafe or on the train, but won’t seem to be quite as
wonderful when they are out on site and there is a storm
brewing or there is dust everywhere.
With a Toughbook, there is no need to worry. Most models
are water resistant and dustproof. They can be dropped
from a reasonable height – off a table or from a standing
First Look
height – and suffer none of the consequences you might
expect to be inflicted on other systems that were subjected
to such trauma. Officially, Panasonic says that they are drop
proof from a height of up to 180cm – around the average
height of a UK adult.
Super specs
There is no shortage of choice in terms of form factor –
there are tablet, hybrid and clamshell options and in terms
of specification, Panasonic’s devices are right up there with
the best. They can be customised to suit your client’s exact
needs as well. Even with toughened screens you get multitouch; Intel Core processors and generous heaps of RAM
and disk are all provided, along with a camera for video
They have daylight visible screens, so they can be used
outdoors at any time. Excellent graphics and long battery
life add to the practicality – a lot of the time mobile users
who need this kind of system – think construction, utilities,
military, healthcare, police – need high-resolution and
plenty of mobile time.
Docking stations are available for when mobile workers do
return to the office.
They are – as you might expect for all this added durability
– a little more expensive and a touch heavier than
conventional laptops. But not that much more expensive
and not that much heavier; and frankly, they are great value
for money. Where a customer needs the extra resilience
and defiant resistance to the elements, it is worth the extra
investment. If you really need a portable PC that won’t
break as soon as it rains or gets a bit dusty, the extra
weight is not going to be an issue.
Focused support
Fully Rugged, Semi-Rugged and Business Rugged
are the 3 levels of ruggedness on offer.
There are ‘ruggedised’ and semi-ruggedised’ models, so
you can choose the degree of durability. But they are all
very tough indeed. If you have not seen one for yourself
as yet, we recommend you get your hands on one as soon
as possible. Tech Data has a dedicated Panasonic Business
Manager, Lynne McDonnell, (contact details below) and
she is available to help you with any opportunity and can
assist with providing evaluation units.
For customers that need something that really will
withstand the elements and the day to day adversity of the
harsher outdoor working environments in which most of
today’s laptops would, quite frankly, not last more than a
few hours, the Panasonic Toughbook is a great solution and
well worth the additional investment.
For more information on stock and availability please check InTouch or
contact Lynne McDonnell on 07976 013 450 or at [email protected]
01256 788 000
Newsflash 12.10.indd 35
05/12/2014 14:07
Newsflash 12.10.indd 36
05/12/2014 14:07
DiscoverVibrant Beauty
with LG’s MP55 and MP65 Series ISPS Monitors
LG’s MP55 and MP65 Series IPS monitors
provide vibrant beauty at an affordable cost.
With an LG IPS monitor, users experience
images in rich colour and vivid detail from
virtually any angle. Discover LG monitors and
discover the many features and benefits of IPS.
Lifelike colour: MP55 and MP65 Series monitors are designed to accurately
reproduce consistently brilliant reds and blues, deep blacks and crisp whites.
Wide viewing angle: Designed to eliminate colour shift, LG IPS monitors show the
same crisp, clear images when viewed from the far left or right, as from the centre.
Built-in HDMI Receivers: Many of the LG IPS monitors have built-in HDMI, allowing
users to watch and play high resolution content without distortion or compression.
Ultra-Slim Design: Boasting stunning pictures, the MP55 and MP65 Series also
feature a spectacular sleek and slim design.
22” MP55 22MP55HQ
PART CODE: 2998247
DEALER PRICE • €102.58
22” MP65 22MP65HQ
24” MP55 24MP55HQ
PART CODE: 2998421
DEALER PRICE • €123.88
23” MP65 23MP65HQ
PART CODE: 3003551
DEALER PRICE • €113.42
27” MP65 27MP65HQ
PART CODE: 2998248
DEALER PRICE • €122.62
PART CODE: 2998423
DEALER PRICE • €206.68
For more information about LG monitors contact
your account manager or visit InTouch today.
All orders that you place will be subject to acceptance in accordance with Tech Data’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Supply available
on its website (www.techdata.co.uk) or available on request. All 0871 calls cost 10p per minute plus network charges.
Newsflash 12.10.indd 37
05/12/2014 14:07
Veriton | N series
Tiny form factor.
Lots of flexibility.
Perfect for Education.
The new expandable Acer Veriton N series
meets classroom performance expectations,
with flexibility, security and manageability in a
compact form factor.
Occupying very little space, this tiny 1-litre
desktop PC is also easy to pick up and move and
to set up. The ideal choice for the education
• Compact, expandable and flexible design
• Remarkable performance
• Secure and manageable
• Eco-saving compliance.
For further information please call your
Account Manager or visit InTouch at www.techdata.co.uk
All orders that you place will be subject to acceptance in accordance with Tech Data’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Supply available
on its website (www.techdata.co.uk) or available on request. All 0871 calls cost 10p per minute plus network charges.
Newsflash 12.10.indd 38
05/12/2014 14:07
Acer recommends Windows.
PART CODE: 3234947
DEALER PRICE • €525.54
Compact, expandable and flexible design
Featuring a compact 1 litre chassis, the Veriton N series is only
33.2 mm high and comes with a modular design that allows
various alternatives for inputs and outputs or discrete graphics
via an optional module. It can be placed in different ways: lay flat
on the desk, upright with the module base, or attached behind
the monitor.
Remarkable Performance
In Education, PCs have to suit different types of users and
applications. Acer Veriton N series provides the processing power
to run the wide range of classroom applications and comes in
two different configurations: the N4 model (N4630G) is equipped
with the latest Intel® Core™ processor family while the N2 model
(N2120G) takes advantage of the AMD Athlon and Sempron
P1510 TCO Projector
The P1510 TCO DLP, 3,500 ANSI Lumen, HDMI projector is
TCO certified to ensure picture quality and energy efficiency
are maximised, while acoustic noise and the impact on the
environment are minimised.
• TCO Certified DLP Projector
• 3,500 ANSI Lumens
• HDMI Input.
Acer Classroom Manager
In the Veriton N series you have the Acer Classroom Manager an
innovative solution that helps teachers and trainers to improve
the efficiency of ICT teaching. It promotes high standards in
teaching methodologies and adopts advanced information
technology to achieve even better results.
Secure and manageable
Security is a major concern for schools and educational
institutions. The Veriton N series provides trustworthy and robust
security features to ensure complete peace of mind. Acer’s
ProShield Security secures both the desktop and the data it
contains, while TPM-based data encryption protects sensitive
information. Acer Office Manager allows educational institutions
to deploy security policies, monitor IT assets and schedule
maintenance tasks.
Get more done with the new Windows
The new Windows brings together everything you do across all
your devices whether in the classroom, at home or on the go.
Windows allows you to create a truly one of a kind experience that
is made for the way you live and study.
PART CODE: 2700626
DEALER PRICE • €148.70
B246HL 24” B6 Series Monitor
Warranty extension programme
Ideal for use in office environments, libraries and computer
labs, B6 Series monitors deliver dynamic, energising
visuals and ergonomic comfort thanks to their high display
resolution, true-to-life colours and adjustable stand.
Acer Veriton N series desktops come with a Standard Warranty1
which can be extended up to 5 years of coverage. Users can also
choose to have on-site repair with next business day service.
• 24” LED Monitor
• Full HD 1920 x 1080 Resolution
• VGA, DVI Inputs, Speakers & Height Adjustability.
Specifications vary depending on model.
1 Consumers have legal rights under applicable national legislation governing the sale of consumer goods and this
warranty does not exclude, limit or suspend any such applicable rights.
Newsflash 12.10.indd 39
05/12/2014 14:07
A closer look…
Time to catch up with
Lumia from Microsoft
Kate McIntyre interviews
Adrian Williams, Director
Business Sales – UK &
Ireland, Microsoft. To hear
the full interview visit
Since the launch of the Lumia from Microsoft® range at Tech Data in July, the B2B sales of
Lumia phones has gone from strength to strength. For Microsoft, since the acquisition of
the Nokia business, B2B market share has increased from 15% to 21% demonstrating the
impact this range has had on partners.
Adrian Williams, Director Business Sales – UK & Ireland at Microsoft talks to us about the
challenges and achievements of the past year, Lumia’s position within the B2B market and
the plans for the year ahead with Tech Data as an integral part of their growth strategy.
With Tech Data a key distributor of Microsoft Software products, the addition of the Lumia
range further cements our position as a provider of Microsoft end-to-end solutions.
For more information visit
[email protected]
Newsflash 12.10.indd 40
05/12/2014 14:07
Toshiba Portégé Z30-A-13W
PART CODE:3002789
WAS £1050
DEALER PRICE • €1,006.99
• Powerful Intel® Core™ i5 processor – This laptop will keep up your End Users
• Windows 8.1/Windows 7 – Choose the OS which is right for your business
• Full Sized Ports Including VGA – No Dongles Needed
• Massive 12 Hour Battery Life – Live a full working day without recharging
• 13.3” HD Non Gloss Display – See clearly even in a bright office
• 128 GB SSD – Faster performance and more reliable over HDD
• Super Light at 1.2KG – More portable for End Users on the move.
• 4G – Stay connected anywhere at anytime.
Toshiba Tecra Z40-A-18T
PART CODE:3171773
WAS £899
• Powerful Intel® Core™ i5 processor – This laptop will keep up your End Users
DEALER PRICE • €913.72
• Windows 8.1/Windows 7 – Choose the OS which is right for your business
• Full Sized Ports Including VGA – No Dongles Needed
• Massive 12 Hour Battery Life – Live a full working day without recharging
• 14.1” HD Non Gloss Display – See clearly even in a bright office
• 128 GB SSD – Faster performance and more reliable over HDD
• Super Light at 1.4KG – More portable for End Users on the move
• 4G – Stay connected anywhere at anytime.
Toshiba Tecra Z50-A-106
PART CODE: 2936213
WAS £900
• Powerful Intel® Core™ i5 processor – This laptop will keep up your End Users
DEALER PRICE • €1,122.94
• Windows 8.1/Windows 7 – Choose the OS which is right for your business
• Full Sized Ports Including VGA – No Dongles Needed
• Massive 12 Hour Battery Life – Live a full working day without recharging
• 15.6” HD Non Gloss Display – See clearly even in a bright office
• 128 GB SSD – Faster performance and more reliable over HDD
• Super Light at 1.8KG – One of the lightest 15.6” Notebook in its class
• 4G – Stay connected anywhere at anytime.
SMB Resellers, claim your free
3 Year Warranty on this unit.
Trade in your
customer’s old laptop
and receive £75.00.
Your Toshiba Laptop won’t let you down. If it
breaks, you’ll get a free warranty repair and
your money back.
View Tecra, Satellite and Portégé
rewards here www.toshiba.co.uk/
For further information please call your account manager
or visit InTouch at www.techdata.co.uk
Toshiba, Satellite Pro, Tecra, Qosmio and Portégé are trademarks of Toshiba Corporation. Microsoft and Windows
are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
All orders that you place will be subject to acceptance in accordance with Tech Data’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Supply available
on its website (www.techdata.co.uk) or available on request. All 0871 calls cost 10p per minute plus network charges.
Newsflash 12.10.indd 41
05/12/2014 14:07
Cisco Live is Cisco’s premier education and training
destination for IT professionals worldwide.
Be a part of the largest gathering of Cisco customers,
experts, and partners in Europe.
Join us for more than 400 sessions,
inspiring keynotes, the new DevNet
Zone, and more than 90 of Cisco’s top
technology partners in the World of
As your network and data centre evolve and you add new business
processes, systems, and services, the consequences and cost of downtime
increase dramatically. Delays in resolving issues can bring your busincess
operations to a standstill.
Use Cisco SMARTnet to
help avoid banana skins
• Empower your IT staff
• Quickly resolve issues
• Avoid risk.
Contact us if you would like to know how
Momentum can accelerate your Cisco business!
[email protected] or call 01256 864 374
All orders that you place will be subject to acceptance in accordance with Tech Data’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Supply available
on its website (www.techdata.co.uk) or available on request. All 0871 calls cost 10p per minute plus network charges.
Newsflash 12.10.indd 42
05/12/2014 14:07
Cisco Fast Track: Pricing
Fast Track is a simple programme that helps you build and
succeed as a Cisco partner. Get the right products
at the right price, while taking advantage of:
• Solution bundles
• Individual rewards
• Instant rebates
• Deal protection
Available now until 26th January 2015
Cisco Fast Track:
Internet of Things
Get the right products at the right price,
while taking advantage of the increased
margin with regular discounts. Driving industrial
grade routing, switching and wireless networking
for the utilities, oil and gas, manufacturing and
transportation markets.
Cisco Fast Track:
Volume Promotion
Buy in bulk, and save with Cisco! Fast Track
Volume offer provides incremental discount
Available now until 26th January 2015
when purchasing minimum quantities for 20
or 50 of each products.
Cisco Fast Track:
School Promotion
The Fast Track School Promotion provides
additional discounts on selected SKUs from
our routing, switching, wireless and security
Available now until 17th January 2015
Cisco Fast Track: 3 Year Multi
Year Services Promotion
product ranges. The promotion is eligible for
Available on:
Small Independent Schools only.
• Smart Care
• Cisco SMARTnet Service for Cisco
Unified Computing System
• Essential Operate Services (CBS) for
TelePresence (TP)
Available now until 24th January 2015
Available now until 25th July 2015
To find out more, or if you have any questions on Cisco Fast Track
promotions, please contact programme owner Geraldine Dury on:
[email protected]
Newsflash 12.10.indd 43
05/12/2014 14:07
Leading Edge
Ten points for Promethean
With its amazing and smooth multi-touch capabilities, the new Promethean 55-inch
ActivPanel Touch can revolutionise the way teachers inspire our children
romethean is famed for the quality and pragmatic
design of its solutions in education. It is probably
fair to say that no other company has done more
to advance the understanding and use of interactive
technologies in the classroom and Promethean continues to
lead the way and set the standard which all other solutions
seek to attain.
ActivPanel Touch promotes active participation in wholeclass or small-group lessons by providing vivid interactivity
and engaging learning experiences. The latest 55-inch,
Promethean ActivPanel Touch ATP-55 display is a great
example of how Promethean
continues to set the bar higher
for excellence in education
This vibrant, high-definition
display supports ten point
multi-touch interaction,
enabling students to collaborate
and learn together. This feature
is also available on the new
84-inch version of the
ActivPanel, which will be shipping soon.
The 55-inch ActivPanel is available now – and it will be a
great product to take into schools in the New Year. The new
multi-touch capability will really help them to freshenup the classroom and add some extra zing to learning
Crisp, sharp, precise
The crisp display and sharp audio, combined with the
smooth and precise touch capability, will enhance the
interaction with a wide range of digital content and make
learning and teaching more engaging and efficient. Quite
simply, it makes both delivering and receiving a lesson more
interesting and more fun.
It is worth mentioning that the ActivPanel Touch
also comes with ActivGlide™ acid-etched glass surface
technology, which provides smooth multi-touch
interactivity (without ‘finger-burn’), and low latency
ensures near-perfect touch tracking, which means it feels
perfectly natural using the panel for cursive writing in
particular. In addition the narrow profile of the infrared
bezel that edges the display means that the point at which
For more information on the new ActivPanel Touch and the entire Promethean range,
please contact Maverick – call 01256 788733 or email [email protected]
a touch is detected is very close to the surface. The result is
that users experience highly accurate responses to touch and
pen use for precision work.
The inclusion of Promethean’s award-winning ActivInspire
software is also notable. This system is well-known and very
popular amongst teaching professionals, not least because
it gives them access to over 90,000 free lesson resources via
Promethean Planet to make lesson planning easier. That
makes a massive difference to the everyday working lives of
Practical use
It’s a really great display to use – and practical too. The
LED array backlit LCD screen is full HD 1080p and
provides consistent colour, contrast and brightness across
the whole panel surface. This is really important – a poor
display won’t hold the attention of pupils and students; one
that is clear and vivid will.
For the same reason, audio quality is important as well and
the integral 10W stereo speakers are capable of projecting
commentaries and soundtracks to the whole classroom.
The inclusion of an Open Pluggable Specification (OPS)
slot makes it possible to incorporate a fully-functioning
PC as a built-in part of the display, negating the need for
connection to external systems. This approach is often
preferred by schools. The inclusion of VESA 100 and 75
points on the rear of the panel mean it is easy to slot an
Intel® NUC or other small-footprint device onto the back
of the display. You can also plug memory sticks or external
hard drives into the USB slots provided on the ActivPanel
Touch and play audiovisual content directly.
Durable design
One final point of note is the durable construction and
reliability features of the ActivPanel Touch. The classroom
can be a testing environment at times. The casing is sturdy
and contains a temperature-activated fan system. When
the unit reaches a certain temperature, heat is dissipated to
protect the LCD panel and minimise the chance of failure.
All these features make the new ActivPanel Touch even
more attractive to schools and colleges looking to enhance
learning and improve outcomes. With the new ten-point
multi-touch, the ActivPanel Touch makes it even easier for
teachers and pupils to work together, to collaborate and to
inspire each other. It’s the ideal tool to share students’ work
and ideas and discuss them as a class, build communication
skills and practise team-based problem solving.
Newsflash 12.10.indd 44
05/12/2014 14:07
Lenovo® recommends Windows 8.
The lightest 14” Ultrabook in the world also gives you powerful performance and a fullycustomisable interactive experience, including touch, voice and gesture control. The unique
Adaptive Keyboard makes you more productive, and you’ll love the stunning WQHD display, long
battery life, broad SSD offering and much more. It’s the ultimate Ultrabook experience.
Executives looking for a
premium ultrabook with
the latest technology.
Ultra-thin and lighter-thanks to
durable carbon-fibre construction,
innovative fan design and dust-free
cooling vents.
Lightest 14” Ultrabook with
improved battery life and a variety
of options to keep you connected
anywhere, anytime.
Unique Adaptive Keyboard dynamically
transforms to suit the work you’re doing. Voice
recognition and gesture control make you
more efficient. Great for presentations.
A real performer powered by Intel Core i7
processors with vPro and up to GT3 graphics
combined with a WQHD (2560x1440) display
delivers striking visuals.
professionals who
can use the Adaptive
Keyboard, NFC, voice
and gesture control for
powerful presentations
and dynamic client
Power users who need
long battery life, stunning
displays and premium
Road warriors who want
ultimate portability,
without sacrificing
durability and
IT managers looking for
trusted technology that
protects their
For further information please call your account manager
or visit InTouch at www.techdata.co.uk
All orders that you place will be subject to acceptance in accordance with Tech Data’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Supply available
on its website (www.techdata.co.uk) or available on request. All 0871 calls cost 10p per minute plus network charges.
Newsflash 12.10.indd 45
05/12/2014 14:07
Gartner Market Share Analysis: SSDs and Solid-State Arrays, Worldwide 2013. Published June 2014
All orders that you place will be subject to acceptance in accordance with Tech Data’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Supply available
on its website (www.techdata.co.uk) or available on request. All 0871 calls cost 10p per minute plus network charges.
Newsflash 12.10.indd 46
05/12/2014 14:07
IBM Ranks #1 Worldwide
Leader in Flash
Commands 25% market share
of Solid-State Array market
278% growth in revenue
from 2012
$164 million in 2013
All-flash array market grew
to $667 million
182% year over year growth, outpacing
SSD market
IBM flash has global market
800+ clients over 2,000 systems shipped
Less than fifteen months after finalising the acquisition of TMS and
only nine months after announcing the IBM FlashSystem™
family, IBM claimed the top spot in Gartner’s Market Share
Analysis: SSDs and Solid-State Arrays, Worldwide, 2013 over the
competitors Pure Storage, Violin, EMC, and NetApp.
Gartner calls the all-flash array category, referred to as solid-state
arrays (SSA), a disruption to the enterprise disk storage market. IDC
agrees, reporting a 25% decline in high-end disk storage spending
over the same period.
Traditional storage vendors made bold claims about the flash
market position prior to the Gartner analysis and were left off the
report. However, Gartner’s finding show that all of these companies
revenues combined from SSD-retrofitted arrays barely adds up to the
IBM FlashSystem.
Azlan can help to grow
your storage business
Don’t worry if you are new to IBM Storage; Azlan’s ‘sell with’
BDMs can attend customer meetings alongside you. Azlan is fully
accredited to sell IBM’s entire storage portfolio. From ensuring the
best price and full rebates are received, to enablement and customer
demonstration capabilities, Azlan will work closely with you in the
selling process to make selling storage with Azlan simpler, quicker
and more profitable.
If you would like guidance on how to sell and where to position any products in the IBM
Storage portfolio, our Azlan IBM Specialists will be happy to discuss this with you.
Contact the IBM sales team by emailing: [email protected] or speak to your
account manager to find out more.
Newsflash 12.10.indd 47
05/12/2014 14:07
In Business
Acer promises even more
Acer is stepping up its sales drive in the commercial markets by emphasising the
great choice and value it offers with its range – and the superb investment protection
offered by the Acer Promise
If you have any
special bids or
specific questions
on Acer, please
contact the PC
Systems team on
01256 788000
f you sell PCs you’ll already know that Acer has a really
competitive line-up of systems to suit the needs of all
kinds of users, from the simplest laptop for occasional
users who just need core functionality, to the most fullyfeatured and powerful desktop replacement and multimedia
portables you’ll find anywhere.
Last year, Acer upped its game by launching the Acer Promise,
a set of commitments designed to underline the reliability
of its systems and assure customers of its commitment to
delivering the very best return on investment*. The launch of
this programme has had a positive effect and it’s something
the company now wants to build on, says Chris Bates,
Category Manager for Acer at Tech Data.
‘The Acer Promise has been received well and we’ve seen
good growth in Acer’s commercial sales across the UK over
the last few months. We’re now making more improvements
to our processes that will make it even easier for resellers
to work with Acer. That, on top of the excellent range of
business systems that Acer can offer to meet every kind of
need will make it an even more attractive proposition to our
channel partners, as well as end-user customers.’
Winning business
There are four pillars to the Acer Promise – Reliability,
Performance, Trade-Up and Promotion. Essentially what
the Acer Promise does is promise to match anything else
that’s available from our competitors. That means resellers
will always get the best chance of winning business and the
best chance of making a decent margin on business. For
customers, it means the best value and all-round investment
protection, so everyone gains.
With the TravelMate notebooks, Aspire S7 Pro, Veriton
desktops, Aspire Switch convertible and Iconia Windows
tablets, the B6 series monitors and the P5 projector series,
Acer does indeed have a comprehensive range of offerings
that are suited to every conceivable need in SMB and
education – the two key target markets for the company.
When backed with the Acer Promise (as all these products
are), they present a very appealing value proposition for
customers in these sectors. A core element of that is a
guarantee on replacement systems. If something goes wrong
with their PC in the first year, Acer will replace the system or
repair it and refund 50% of the purchase price. Additionally,
if a PC fails within a month of purchase, it promises to
replace the device next business day.
Recently implemented changes to processes here mean that
resellers and customers can be assured that any enquiries and
returns will be handled smoothly and efficiently.
The Trade-Up Promise also has a strong appeal in SMB and
education, as customers who hand over their old PC when
they buy their new Acer, can claim a cash-back payment.
Acer is also running regular promotions, offers
and incentives.
Broad appeal
In SMB it also has clear differentiation in the form of
the Acer Office Manager (AOM). This simple remote
management tool makes it easy for businesses to configure
system settings, run detailed reports and implement policies
such as usage limitations for each PC.
Similarly in education, the Acer Classroom Manager
(ACM) enables teachers to manage content sharing and
communication centrally, helping teachers to focus pupils’
attention, maximise use of learning time and monitor
activity. It also allows lesson details to be easily captured and
The broad appeal of Acer’s range, backed by the powerful
Acer Promise and some excellent tools that help you to
differentiate the offering, make Acer easier to sell and easier
to support – and with the added reassurance that the systems
and processes are firmly in place to make every customer
interaction run smoothly, it’s the perfect time to take the
Acer message to your SMB and education customers.
For more on the Acer Promise, please visit acerpromise.com
* All commercial Acer TravelMate Notebooks, Aspire S7 Pro, Veriton Desktops, Aspire Switch 2-in-1 and Iconia Windows tablets, B6 series Monitors and the P5 Projector
series are covered under Acer Promise. For full terms and conditions please visit www.acerpromise.com
Newsflash 12.10.indd 48
05/12/2014 14:07
Tech Data recommends Windows.
Support for Windows Server® 2003 is ending in July 2015. It means your customers have a fantastic opportunity
to access modern solutions built on Windows Server 2012 R2 and IBM® System x® servers with Intel Xeon®.
The ideal combination for customers who want full support, business growth and improved cost efficiency.
Why customers cannot wait
With less than 280 days until support ends,
there are many compelling reasons why business
customers cannot afford to wait to migrate from
Windows Server 2003:
• No Compliance
• No Protection
• No more application and update support.
A perfect opportunity to sell
hardware and software
44% of SMB Windows Server customers are
still running 2003. By offering solutions based
on Windows Server 2012 R2 and IBM System
x hardware, you can help them solve the above
challenges and:
• Win with the latest up to date infrastructure
• Choose the ideal server for their needs
• Add value through services and the cloud.
Upgrade easily to Windows Server 2012 with Azlan and IBM
To support the transition Azlan has IBM Tower and Rack servers, along with Microsoft ROK
products, all in stock and available now. See below for some examples:
Manu code Description
Dealer price
7914E7G Express x3550 M4, Xeon 6C E5-2620v2 80W 2.1GHz/1600MHz/15MB, 1x8GB, O/Bay HS 2.5in SATA/SAS, SR M5110, Multi-Burner, 550W p/s, Rack
7915E7G Express x3650 M4, Xeon 6C E5-2620v2 80W 2.1GHz/1600MHz/15MB, 1x8GB, O/Bay HS 2.5in SAS/SATA, SR M5110e, Multi-Burner, 550W p/s, Rack
5458E1G Express x3250 M5, Xeon 4C E3-1220v3 80W 3.1GHz/1600MHz/8MB, 1x4GB, O/Bay SS 3.5in SATA, SR C100, 300W p/s, Rack
7382E3G Express x3300 M4, Xeon 4C E5-2407 80W 2.2GHz/1066MHz/10MB, 1x 4GB, O/Bay HS 2.5in SAS/SATA, SR M1115, Multiburner, 550W p/s, Tower
If you have any questions about the ending of Windows Server 2003
please speak to your Azlan IBM Account Manager or contact:
Tel: 0845 356 3033 • Email: [email protected] • www.azlan.com
All orders that you place will be subject to acceptance in accordance with Tech Data’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Supply available
on its website (www.techdata.co.uk) or available on request. All 0871 calls cost 10p per minute plus network charges.
Newsflash 12.10.indd 49
05/12/2014 14:07
The ASUSPRO P Series ultraportable notebooks are designed for small and medium
businesses. Offering affordable reliability and durability, with a light and slim design
that starts at 1.75kg. Reinforced and proven by much higher standard testing than other
notebooks. Business-class security and manageability deliver greater productivity for
small and medium businesses.
Higher than standard reliability:
the underside and removes unneeded clutter with a stylish dark
Work with Peace of Mind
brushed-hairline finish. True-comfort keyboard provides better click
Small and medium businesses demand higher standards and
page down keys to increase efficiency when doing calculations and
greater reliability. ASUSPRO notebooks are strictly quality-tested to
much higher industry standards than mainstream notebooks. This
includes enhanced drop testing at more than double the standard
drop height. The ASUSPRO Notebooks ship with an anti-shock
hard drive that includes a G-sensor and hardware structure that
ratios and travel distance, and full numeric keypad with page up/
reading long documents. Touchpad is 47% bigger than touchpads
on similar notebooks, making it easier to use and more precise with
scroll, rotate and zoom. The anti-glare display has a matte screen
surface that prevents unwanted reflections and helps reduce
eye fatigue.
protects the hard drive should it drop or impact with another
surface. The spill-resistant keyboard repels higher volumes of
liquid compared with industry standards.
Streamlined productivity:
PC Management in One Package
Professional design:
Featuring ASUSPRO Business Centre, a simple, one-stop security
Style, Comfort and Productivity
and manageability solution specially designed for small businesses
The ASUSPRO P Series uses a one-piece build, creating a
scanning that takes data access authorization and protection to a
subtle and completely consistent look. The designs extend to
higher level.
without a managed IT environment. Incorporating fingerprint
For more information please contact the PC Systems team or visit the Asus portal at asus.techdata.co.uk
All orders that you place will be subject to acceptance in accordance with Tech Data’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Supply available
on its website (www.techdata.co.uk) or available on request. All 0871 calls cost 10p per minute plus network charges.
Newsflash 12.10.indd 50
05/12/2014 14:07
ASUS recommends Windows.
•Intel Core i3 (4th Gen)
• Windows 8 Professional • 4 GB RAM
• 500 GB HDD
• 15.6” LED backlight.
•Intel Core i5 (4th Gen)
• Windows 8 Professional • 4 GB RAM
• 500 GB HDD
• 15.6” LED backlight.
•Intel Core i3 (3rd Gen) • Windows 8 Professional • 4 GB RAM
• 500 GB HDD
• 15.6” LED backlight.
•Intel® Core™ i7 (4th Gen)
• Windows 8 Professional • 6 GB RAM
• 750 GB HDD
• 15.6” LED backlight PART CODE: 3115093
PART CODE: 3100893
PART CODE: 3100892
PART CODE: 3184063
Newsflash 12.10.indd 51
05/12/2014 14:07
UK Channel Community Meeting
On track to improve solution
providers’ businesses
On 5th November, CompTIA’s UK Channel Community Meeting brought together some 200 solution
providers, vendors, and distributors from across the UK. Its goal: demonstrate exactly how CompTIA’s
resources and tools are helping grow and improve their businesses. So did it deliver?
ecently in Newsflash, we announced details of
CompTIA’s UK Channel Community Meeting,
at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in
London, on 5th November.
With over 350 delegates in attendance at the venue,
the meeting focused on enabling solution providers
to understand more about the value of CompTIA
membership, and how to make effective use of the tools and
resources that it provides.
can access CompTIA’s 10-Week Guide to Transitioning to
Managed Services, which provides a structured, step-by-step
approach for actually launching a managed service offering.
The UK Managed Services Agreement Template then
provides a ready-made, contractual basis for immediate
engagement with the business’s new customers, plus
guidance on how to change the business, and practical
support to implement and benefit from that change.
One of the tracks at the meeting, in particular – Getting the
most out of CompTIA membership – tackled this head-on.
Solutions in scenarios
What made the track particularly effective was the role-play
scenarios that really captured the issues and challenges
facing solution providers across multiple vertical sectors,
and actively demonstrated how CompTIA membership
practically addresses them.
For example, a solution provider looking to grow and
improve their security offering can make use of CompTIA’s
resources both to gain trusted credentials in this field
(Security Trustmark+ accreditation) and to access business
tools, at no cost. These tools (including the IT Security
Assessment Wizard and the Marketing Toolkit) would
otherwise be very expensive to procure.
The solution provider therefore not only gains a better
understanding of both the market and their customers,
but, critically, benefits from tools that enable them to
distinguish themselves from their competitors.
In another scenario, a solution provider wanting to move
up the value chain from break-fix to managed services
Want to know more?
You can sign up as a CompTIA Registered User at www.comptia.org/registereduser, which gives
you access to many of CompTIA’s resources at no charge.
To learn more about CompTIA and the UK Channel Community, and to gain access to CompTIA’s full
range of tools and resources by becoming a CompTIA member, go to www.comptia.org/uk
You can also attend CompTIA’s next meeting at no cost, in Bristol, on 25th February 2015, and join
the optional networking dinner on the evening before. To reserve your place, contact:
Leanne Johnson | 0207 330 6066 | [email protected]
Kris Nagamootoo | 0207 330 6062 | [email protected]
You can see more about CompTIA and the UK Channel Community at www.comptia.org/uk
Flying Fox IT: a CompTIA
success story
But scenarios are hypothetical. It is the feedback from
members that best highlights the value of membership.
On this front, too, the track didn’t disappoint. CompTIA
member, and MD of Flying Fox IT, Jonathan Fox,
answered probing questions about how membership has
benefited his company. He cited the Staff Handbook, the
Quick Start Guides and the Client On-Boarding Template
as resources from CompTIA that have added particular
value to his efforts to grow and improve his business.
Vaughan Shayler, Director of Channel Strategies for
CompTIA, commented: ‘Providing resources and tools
is hugely important, but it is demonstrating exactly how
to find and utilise them, and showcasing their proven
value, that is key to actually enabling solution providers to
improve and grow their business.
‘Paid membership isn’t the only way to do this, though.
You can sign up as a Registered User, enabling you to access
the majority of CompTIA’s resources at no cost, to use and
share them within your business.’
CompTIA Premier Member, Mark Williams, Partners and
Alliances Director at Wavex, has told Shayler that he was
‘kicking himself ’ for not accessing CompTIA’s content
earlier, and speaks of ‘tools that could have saved me fees
galore over the years.’
Quality testimonials, generous insights, unstinting practical
detail. The meeting delivered.
Newsflash 12.10.indd 52
05/12/2014 14:07
U28D590D 28” 4K UHD Monitor
SD850 Series WQHD Business Monitors
The Samsung UHD monitor offers PC viewing, gaming and more
The SD850 series combines rich functionality with superior
with Ultra High Definition picture quality. A resolution four times
picture quality, all exquisitely designed to deliver the ultimate
higher than Full HD and an incredible one billion colours ensure
professional user experience. A Wide Quad High Definition
every image and detail is accurate, vivid and crystal clear. With a
resolution gives double the pixel density of Full HD, providing
superfast one-millisecond response time, great connectivity and
razor sharp images and detail. With ergonomic adjustment and
elegant minimalistic design, it’s ideal for work and play.
great connectivity, it is the ideal choice for business users and
graphic designers.
PART CODE: 3199157
DEALER PRICE • €436.07
27” • S27D850T
32” • S32D850T
PART CODE: 3229728
DEALER PRICE • €408.34
PART CODE: 3229729
DEALER PRICE • €465.05
For further information please call your account manager
or visit InTouch at www.techdata.co.uk
All orders that you place will be subject to acceptance in accordance with Tech Data’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Supply available
on its website (www.techdata.co.uk) or available on request. All 0871 calls cost 10p per minute plus network charges.
Newsflash 12.10.indd 53
05/12/2014 14:07
Ten reasons why
businesses are
turning to Lumia
Reason #1
Out of the box solution
Simple integration with your existing Microsoft
Ecosystem and back office systems with full
support throughout
Reason #2
Mobile Device Management
Easy access to corporate resources at any location but
at the same time monitor all activity with the necessary
configurations and policies
Reason #3
Apps that work across phones,
tablets and PCs
Microsoft Windows and the full range share
more than 80% of their APIs, which means
that making and deploying apps on the
Windows ecosystem has never been easier
Reason #4
Uncompromising business grade security
With inbuilt security designed specifically for business.
Features range from a bullet-proof secure boot process
and code signing, to full device encryption and unique
Information Rights Management capability
Don’t just imagine. Give it a try. Ask your Tech Data Mobile Account Manager today
why Lumia from Microsoft® should be part of your day-to-day business.
All orders that you place will be subject to acceptance in accordance with Tech Data’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Supply available
on its website (www.techdata.co.uk) or available on request. All 0871 calls cost 10p per minute plus network charges.
Newsflash 12.10.indd 54
05/12/2014 14:07
Tech Data recommends Microsoft® software.
Reason #5
Communication and
collaboration made simple
Lumia helps to boost productivity
and efficiency with tools that are both
familiar and easy to use. These include
not only Outlook Mobile, but People
Hub, calendar and task functionality
and Microsoft Lync
Reason #6
Reason #7
Windows Phone is the only platform
with Outlook Mobile and Office Mobile
with mobile optimised versions of Word,
Powerpoint and Excel built in as standard
LTE models, NFC functionality, high
performance processors and expandable
Mobile Office and Outlook
built in as standard
Hardware that works in
harmony with its software
Reason #8
Reason #9
Users can personalise their Start screen
and device to make their lives as easy as
Businesses also benefit from
300,000+ apps and growing,
including the exclusive HERE
navigation apps and MixRadio for
stress-free business travel.
Highly customisable to your
people and your business
Built for business.
Designed for life
Reason #10
A full range of models and price points
Not only do you get complete consistency across the
mobile device range (from entry level to power user) but
the Lumia comes in a range of models and price points
that allows you to align the type of phone you want to
deliver to different functions within the business.
© 2014 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows and
the Windows logo are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.
Newsflash 12.10.indd 55
05/12/2014 14:08
A closer look…
Is SDN the future of networking?
We talk to Curt Beckmann, Chief Technology Architect EMEA at Brocade, about
software defined networking (SDN) and the massive market potential for this new
approach to managing and scaling-out the data centre.
Q:What is SDN and why is it important?
Q:What are the benefits of SDN for
A:Software-defined networking (SDN) is a new approach
to how we manage, build and extend data centre
networks that offers considerable technological and
financial benefits. For organisations of any size and in
any sector, the right network is vital to their ability to
tap into technology innovations such as cloud, big data,
the internet of things (IoT), bring your own device
(BYOD) and seamless mobility.
Curt Beckmann: SDN gives
businesses far greater
control of their data and
However the majority of today’s networks are built on
legacy technology, based on principles first established
20 years ago when the Internet was young. Inflexible,
hard and costly to scale, and a nightmare to manage,
these networks are not suitable for the demands now
being placed on them and they are failing under the
combined pressures of exponential traffic growth
and increased server virtualisation. What’s needed
is a new IP network, one that is better aligned with
the evolution of the rest of IT. SDN will be a crucial
component in this new approach to IP networking.
A:SDN has the potential to deliver radical cost and
time saving benefits for businesses. One of its primary
advantages is the potential for automation. By using
programmatic controls to automate functions within
a network, SDN can significantly increase speed and
efficiency while reducing the risk of human error. The
business can then focus on innovation, rather than
operational tasks.
Q:What has to happen for SDN to become
Q:How does SDN work?
A:Essentially, SDN enables the separation of the part
A:SDN is still a developing technology. However, there is
already a real interest from enterprises that are keen to
see how deploying SDN in their own private or hybrid
cloud environments can deliver greater business agility
and to roll out innovative services faster and more
efficiently. According to recent research by Brocade,
40% of IT departments are planning to deploy SDN
within the next five years, with 30% of those likely to
do so in the next three years. With IT departments
becoming increasingly service-orientated, the ability to
support business units by quickly and easily deploying
new services through SDN will become hugely
of the network that is responsible for routing and
directing traffic (known as the control plane) from
the part that carries the traffic itself (known as the
data plane). The logical next step in virtualising
and automating the data centre, SDN enables the
redeployment or adoption of physical or virtualised
network resources to be simplified, centralised and
Reducing the time needed to manage the network and
deploy new resources or applications can also greatly
increase an organisation’s agility and the speed with
which new services can be deployed. For instance, if
an employee does not have to manually provision the
compute, storage and network resources needed to
deliver an application, businesses are able to get new
services up and running far quicker.
The goal is to allow organisations to respond rapidly to
changing business requirements. By simplifying how
network resources are deployed and managed, SDN
gives businesses far greater control of their data and
applications and makes network management simpler
and faster.
You can download a free trial of Brocade’s SDN solution at
If you’d like to find out more about Brocade’s approach to SDN, please get in touch
with your Azlan account manager – call 01256 864359 or email [email protected]
One thing that will be vital to the future of SDN
is the establishment of open standards. These are
crucial, since they guarantee that network products
will be interoperable regardless of which company
manufactured them; something which is a key factor
in enabling a more holistic approach to network
management. Fortunately, we are seeing a shift towards
open, more flexible, efficient, highly programmable
and elastic network infrastructure solutions with key
initiatives such as OpenStack and the Open Daylight
Project now very well supported.
Newsflash 12.10.indd 56
05/12/2014 14:08
Give your customers an all-round security solution that’s easy to install and works the way
it should. McAfee® Endpoint Protection Suites provide exactly what SMBs need – simple
installation, optimised CPU usage, and reliable security with excellent detection rates.
See what else McAfee products – now a part of Intel® Security –
can do for your sales. Visit www.mcafee.com/smb-emea-endpoint
For further information please call your account manager
or visit InTouch at www.techdata.co.uk
Intel and the Intel logo are registered trademarks of the Intel Corporation in the US and/or other countries. McAfee and the McAfee logo are registered trademarks
or trademarks of McAfee, Inc. or its subsidiaries in the US and other countries. Other marks and brands may be claimed as the property of others. The product plans,
specifications and descriptions herein are provided for information only and subject to change without notice, and are provided without warranty of any kind, express or
implied. Copyright © 2014 McAfee, Inc. 61438ad_endpoint-smb-CRN_1014_wh
All orders that you place will be subject to acceptance in accordance with Tech Data’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Supply available
on its website (www.techdata.co.uk) or available on request. All 0871 calls cost 10p per minute plus network charges.
Newsflash 12.10.indd 57
05/12/2014 14:08
Challenge Acer
products for reliability
Purchase a qualifying Acer business product before 31st December 2014 and
register within 30 days to be eligible to claim a 50% REFUND of the price
paid, if the product is repaired under warranty within the first year.
• Acer TravelMate P2 series
• Aspire Switch 10
• Acer Veriton 2 series (X, M, N, Z)
• Acer B6 Monitor series
• Acer TravelMate P4 series
• Aspire Switch 11
• Acer Veriton 4 series (L, X, M, N, S, Z)
• Acer P5 Projector series
• Acer TravelMate P6 series
• Iconia W4
• Acer Veriton 6 series (L, X, M)
• Acer TravelMate X3 series
Replace your fleet today!
Acer guarantees to protect your investment thanks
to Acer Reliability Promise.
Acer products feature best-in-class components to
deliver revolutionary performance, reliability, data
security and energy efficiency without compromises.
For more details visit acerpromise.com
For further information please
call your account manager or visit InTouch at
All orders that you place will be subject to acceptance in accordance with Tech Data’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Supply available
on its website (www.techdata.co.uk) or available on request. All 0871 calls cost 10p per minute plus network charges.
Newsflash 12.10.indd 58
Acer UK
© 2014 Acer Inc. All rights reserved.
05/12/2014 14:08
Acer TravelMate notebooks
and Veriton desktops
Acer TravelMate notebooks are put through a comprehensive,
end-to-end diagnostic and extensive, rigorous testing including
temperature, acoustic noise, vibration, shock, drop, spill and
humidity. Acer TravelMate is made to last and packs innovative
reliability features.
Acer Veriton desktops series with their top performance and
security features, are the ideal desktop PCs for running businesses
successfully. Acer Veriton desktops comply with environmental
industry standards, saving energy and reducing costs.
Acer Aspire Switch 2-in-1 and Iconia
Windows tablets
Acer Aspire Switch 2-in-1 and Iconia Windows tablets apply the
industry’s latest innovations and stylish designs to meet the
high standards of modern professionals. These devices feature
innovations such as the Snap Hinge™ connection, Zero Air Gap
technology, Gorilla Glass construction, plus Windows 8 Pro and TPM
TravelMate P256
Support for up to 3 independent displays
Equipped with Windows 8 Pro
Precision Touchpad (PTP) offers intuitive fingertip control
Acer ProShield secures data and accounts.
i3 • PART CODE: 3142908
i5 • PART CODE: 3142909
Acer Peripherals
The Acer B6 Monitor series combine the latest display technologies
with smart Eco features for long term quality viewing with reduced
cost of ownership. Acer strive to continuously reduce power
consumption whilst enhancing the user viewing experience.
The Acer P5 series is a Professional-Class Projector family that
delivers premium colour performance, superb clarity and exceptional
brightness even in large meeting rooms with bright ambient light.
Equipped with convenient utilities, Acer projectors are easy to set
up, while the advanced EcoProjection solution helps to save energy
reducing total cost of ownership.
Performance, security and reliability
Acer products are designed to meet the productivity needs of
today’s business people. Delivering dependable processing power,
long product life cycles, indispensable security solutions as well as
remote management capabilities, Acer products not only make it
easier to manage and control the IT infrastructure but help increase
Newsflash 12.10.indd 59
Veriton X2631G
Serious performance
With Windows 8 Pro you can get it all done
Compact and efficient
Premium manageability
Industrial Compliance.
PART CODE: 3142904
05/12/2014 14:08
Future Events
Azlan Citrix Webinars
FOR: All Resellers
REGISTER: www.techdata.co.uk/citrixwebinars
FOR: All Resellers
LOCATION: Hilton, Coventry
REGISTER: www.techdata.co.uk/pstenderingworkshop
Government ICT
FOR: All Resellers
LOCATION: QEII Conference Centre, London
REGISTER: www.techdata.co.uk/publicsector/events
Nutanix Casino Night
FOR: Nutanix Partners to bring their end users
LOCATION: The Hippodrome Casino, London
REGISTER: www.techdata.co.uk/nutanixcasinonight
BETT Show 2015
FOR: All Resellers
REGISTER: www.techdata.co.uk/publicsector/events
Microsoft Regional Showcase
Classroom Roadshows
FOR: All resellers
LOCATION: Centre for Alternative Technology, Aberystwyth
REGISTER: www.techdata.co.uk/publicsector/events
HP Gen9 Launch
Public Sector Tendering Workshop
FOR: All distie-lead resellers
REGISTER: [email protected]
Axis Communications Academy
FOR: All Resellers
REGISTER: www.axis.com/academy/uk
ZyXEL ZCNE Training
FOR: All Resellers
REGISTER: www.zyxel.com/uk/en/training/training.shtml
Newsflash 12.10.indd 60
05/12/2014 14:08
Government to spend £160
million on Digital Courtrooms
The Justice Minister has announced his intention to modernise
the Criminal Justice System. The move is hardly surprising as it
follows on from a similar move by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt
who plans to save millions and improve the health service by
digitising processes and benefit from storage savings.
The aim is to create a Criminal Prosecution Service (CPS) where:
• the design, introduction and use of the digital file will lead to
business processes that eliminate unnecessary process steps
and administration;
• the digital file is the basis of all casework preparation,
decision-making and presentation;
• working digitally is the normal way of working for all staff; the
receipt, processing and printing of paper will be an unusual
• staff are provided with the right tools to work effectively and
efficiently in a digital way supporting both the Civil Service
and CPS capability digital priority; and
• engagement with victims and witnesses and the public is
available through a digital medium.
Learn more at
Fujitsu is the UKs leading scanner manufacturer and with its class leading easy to use software included with
machines, users can easily be trained to scan, edit, store and retrieve documents. These documents can then
be accessed remotely at other sites, updated and then saved. This process alone saves users time and money
spent on paper, storage space and delivering documents to other sites.
To order or learn more about Public Sector supportive pricing on
Fujitsu Scanners contact your Tech Data account manager
All orders that you place will be subject to acceptance in accordance with Tech Data’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Supply available
on its website (www.techdata.co.uk) or available on request. All 0871 calls cost 10p per minute plus network charges.
Newsflash 12.10.indd 61
05/12/2014 14:08
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Newsflash 12.10.indd 62
05/12/2014 14:08
Each month we bring you the latest web links to what Tech Data and
our vendors are broadcasting around the World. Enjoy!
Canon Maxify: Professional business
printing for small and home office
Protect your ipad from scratches with
the Targus Versavu rotating case
Samsung Alpha: The next evolution of the
GALAXY smartphone is here
Do more on the go with the Toshiba
Tecra Z40
Kate McIntyre shows you
how to get the most from
Newsflash Interactive
24 hours of UK airspace
01256 788 000
Newsflash 12.10.indd 63
To view vendor films go to www.tdnewsflash.co.uk
05/12/2014 14:08
Adobe Acrobat subscription now
available on the Value Incentive Plan
Adobe Acrobat Standard and Acrobat Pro have been added to the Value
Incentive Plan (VIP) so you’ll have new ways to enable users to work from
anywhere, on any device.
Acrobat is packed with the tools needed to create and share PDF-format design layouts,
press-ready files, interactive PDF portfolios, and fillable PDF forms. With an Acrobat
subscription, users get access to online services, so they can convert, combine and export
PDFs from Android and iOS devices – or from any browser with no need to download or
install new software. Updates are included, so everyone gets the newest features as soon
as they’re available for no extra charge.
Adobe’s VIP programme is an easy way to buy and manage all subscription software
through one buying programme. Using a single administrator console, users can download,
deploy, count and manage seats, simplify version control and ensure licence compliance.
Adobe VIP Benefits:
No minimum purchase
Gain easy and immediate access
Flexibility and scalability
Centralised control
Evergreen membership
Hassle-free compliance
Budget predictability.
For more information, please contact Ricky McNamara
at [email protected]
Adobe, the Adobe logo and Acrobat are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the
United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
All orders that you place will be subject to acceptance in accordance with Tech Data’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Supply available
on its website (www.techdata.co.uk) or available on request. All 0871 calls cost 10p per minute plus network charges.
Newsflash 12.10.indd 64
05/12/2014 14:08