Want to learn how to change things in your community?

Want to learn how to change
things in your community?
There’s a free* Introduction to Community
Action course to help you:
t understand how you can affect
decisions about where you live
t boost your confidence
t make a change in your
t earn an NVQ Level 1 qualification
*a £10 deposit is required, refundable at the end of the course
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Introduction to Community Action
is a free course to help you get
your point across and support your
community to raise important issues.
You don’t need to have any previous
qualifications or experience to do the course.
The course covers:
You could even gain a qualification
to help you get a job.
t Understanding your
t Different groups and needs
t Who makes the decisions
t Taking part in meetings
t Communicating with others
t Where to get help
t Support to work on your own
ideas for community action
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The course will be held in Oxford starting in May 2012
and you will need to commit to one session of three hours
per week for seven weeks and a tutorial.
We’ll pay your travel expenses to get to the course venue
and any child or other care costs while you are there.
Contact us for a chat to see if this is the right course for you:
If you live in Oxford, Banbury or Bicester contact Catrina Pickering on
email [email protected]
or telephone 01865 251946 or 07540 703366.
For the rest of Oxfordshire contact Beth Weston on
email [email protected] or telephone 01865 883488.
Visit www.ocva.org.uk/community-action for more information.
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